Physical Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Physical Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder, is a condition in which the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) tissue becomes inflamed. This results in difficulty of motion, and chronic pain in the shoulder area. While the cause of frozen shoulder is unclear to orthopedists and physical therapists, there are a variety of treatment options used by physical therapists to treat this condition.

The condition of frozen shoulder is often classified into three phases:

  • Stage one is “freezing.” – This is when pain in the shoulder becomes more severe, and motion is slowly lost.
  • Stage two is “frozen.” – At this point, the pain may decrease, but the shoulder is still very stiff.
  • Stage three is “thawing.”At this stage, movement in the affected area slowly improves.

While anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to relieve the pain and swelling caused by this condition, the incorporation of joint mobilization techniques can help get the shoulder moving again. Joint mobilization is a type of physical therapy that applies specific force to the affected joint, in order to restore normal range of motion. This technique utilizes five levels of mobilization, depending on the condition the patient is in.

Island Sports Physical Therapy are the experts in joint mobilization techniques. If you are experiencing frozen shoulder, or any other type of restricted motion in your shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, hips or neck, consider coming to Island Sports Physical Therapy for an examination. With six convenient locations throughout both Nassau and Suffolk counties, Island Sports Physical Therapy is able to serve the entire Long Island Community.

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Treatment for Children's Injury in Suffolk County

Treatment for Children's Injury in Suffolk County

Physical Therapy for Child Injuries on Long Island

As children are constantly developing and growing, their delicate frames are prone to many kinds of injuries. While this is expected during stages of development, it is important for them to learn how to care for their muscles and bones for proper growth and healthy stability. Both parents and children play vital roles in practicing and enforcing healthy habits and an active lifestyle. However, physical therapy is an extremely beneficial tool for teaching your child important strengthening stretches, and designing great personal exercise routines that they can carry out on their own. Physical therapy is an imperative aide, but especially advantageous to prevent injuries before they happen.

With their development comes risky changes to their body’s structure, including growth spurts and undersized bone support that can cause balance shifts and likely injury occurrences. Sports and high physical activity can add to these circumstances, and strengthening routines are used to support muscle health so that they can avoid injury more easily. Yoga practice is a specific example that can help a child’s bone and muscle masses to extend for full potential and provide healthy blood circulation. The same benefits are achieved if a child experiences an injury, and our therapists know how to design personalized recovery routines for sustainable results and fast transitions back into active lifestyles.

Sports injuries are a common occurrence amongst developing children and the right care will nurture them back to an active lifestyle. A physical therapist can employ balance and strength training for proper rehabilitation, and help educate children on proper tips to keep their muscles in ample support. For sports orientated physical therapy look into Island Sports Physical Therapy at six different locations in New York. ISPT offers rehabilitation services specifically for children, so if you have a child involved in a sport make sure to check out the ISPT location nearest to you.

Suffolk County Physical Therapy

Suffolk County Physical Therapy


Each year, the American Physical Therapy Association wants you to focus on your long-term health. The #ChoosePT movement was designed to show patients why physical therapy should be their first choice for pain management. While opioids and surgery can help prevent discomfort, physical therapy has been shown to produce similar results with less downside.    

Despite helping individuals no longer feel pain, opioids do not fully treat the problem. The reason why you are no longer in physical distress when taking opioids is because they prevent the brain from receiving pain signals. Physical therapy is not only effective in treating the ailment, but can help you prevent this from happening again. Opioids can still be useful in pain management, but not on their own. The CDC recommends patients to use both medication (at a low dosage) and physical therapy for relief.

Despite surgery being a necessary step in the recovery process, there is evidence supporting physical therapy as not only being equally effective, but also cheaper as well. Using physical therapy to recover from injuries such as spinal stenosis and rotator cuff tears has been documented to be just as successful as surgery. Another benefit is the hands-on role you have in your own recovery. Your physical therapist will provide you with exercises and the knowledge to treat the issue and learn how to prevent it from happening again.

If you think you can benefit from this form of treatment, consider seeing Island Sports Physical Therapy. Along with treatment, Island Sports Physical Therapy believes every patient should be properly equipped with the education to assist in their own recovery. After all, you may need to continue to do exercises at home after you no longer need to come in. Together, we can help you get off the sidelines and back to the life you had before this condition.    

Glen Cove Physical Therapist

Glen Cove Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

There is no assured preventative measure for participating in sports, this is not to say that the copious amount of methods to prevent sports injuries are completely useless. All of these methods are general routines made to counteract limitless ways of getting hurt while out playing a sport competitively or otherwise; the pre-game stretch routine will not completely hold you against a slide tackle or concussion. Nearly every sport requires the player to be well invested in action in order to excel and with the intentions of excelling you are likely to push your body to limits.

Physical therapy is a means to rehabilitate injuries and prevent injuries before they become crippling, as even after pain resides, injuries can still worsen without proper care. Rushing to a hospital due to a torn ACL or ruptured disc is one means of handling an injury, but surgery can be painful and expensive. Physical therapy at our Glen Cove location has been shown to be able to treat even severe injuries that usually require surgery. Methods to suppress pain are also often employed by physical therapy in addition to rehabilitation services.

Contrary to what most believe: a referral from a physician is not necessary in New York to visit a physical therapist. Physical therapists can conduct their own examinations, so there is no need to use your physician as a middle-man. In fact very few states in the U.S. have limited access to physical therapy. For physical therapy in Glen Cove, Island Sports Physical Therapy is a sports orientated physical therapy clinic offering specialized sports therapy in addition to this they also have other therapeutic services.

Long Island Physical Therapist

Long Island Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy for Post-fractures

Recuperating from a bone fracture requires more care than simply waiting for the pain to subside. Realignment and proper healing of the bone are the foremost issues involved with treating bone fractures. Typically, a hospital will treat and realign broken bones by having a patient wear a cast then assign a patient to physical therapy to assist the patient with regaining their former mobility.

Fractures themselves are caused by impact, stress, or bone disease with the most frequent among these being stress fractures. A stress fracture is caused by frequent stress being put on a bone, typically athletes are more likely to be affected by this type of fracture. For athletes, completely avoiding stress fractures requires moderating training routines and avoiding putting too much emphasis on a body part. For a competitive athlete stress fractures are an unfortunate reality and the rule of thumb “stop if you begin to feel a problem” is largely intuitive. The only recommendations for properly avoiding fractures is to train through increments rather than crash training. Also, paying attention to the quality of your footwear can be important in avoiding a stress fracture. Cross training can also be a viable option. Using various training routines to improve proficiency in a sport without putting too much burden on a singular area of your body.

The issue with fractures is not the initial fracture, but the fact that you become more susceptible to future injuries where the fracture occurred. After a fracture, has occurred make sure that you seek help from a physical therapist to treat the initial fracture and gain knowledge and training on how to avoid future injuries.

For physical therapy on Long Island, visit Island Sports Physical Therapy! We have six different locations and offer rehabilitation services tailored specifically for athletes.

Long Island Physical Therapy for Development Syndrome Disorder

Long Island Physical Therapy for Development Syndrome Disorder

Physical Therapy for Development Coordination Syndrome

Development Coordination Syndrome (DCD) is a  condition that is also referred to as dyspraxia, disorder of attention and motor perception, sensory integration disorder, and a myriad of other appellations describing the same symptom: clumsiness. Since DCD is a mesh between child psychology and pediatrics the frequent name changing that psychology is known for is brought to a condition that is physical. While DCD is often attributed to attention disorders such as ADHD there are differences in each condition.

The symptoms relating to DCD are entirely based within a child’s (or adult’s) motor capabilities. For example: tying shoes, climbing stairs, or poor penmanship are typical symptoms of DCD; however ADHD is usually determined by tests of retention, like having a child read a paragraph and recite what they had read. While children with ADHD seem uncoordinated due to hyperactivity they usually have control over their motor functions, this is what causes the two conditions to be equated to one another.

DCD is often a permanent condition, but physical therapy has been shown to subdue it by improving muscle strength and balance. Simple gait training and other physical therapy techniques can prevent the disorder from becoming far too overbearing  Before assuming that you or your child has DCD check in with a physician and have them perform an examinations as the symptoms of DCD do often overlap with other developmental issues.

On Long Island, Island Sports Physical Therapy is offering assistance for children and adults with DCD. Island Sports Physical Therapy has six locations with an extensive list of available services.

Long Island Physical Therapist

Long Island Physical Therapist

October is National Physical Therapy Month

National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM) was originally started in 1981 by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). While it used to occur in June, the date was moved to October in 1992 so it would not interfere with APTA’s yearly conference. With a new theme each year, the one for 2016 is #ChoosePT. The goal of #ChoosePT is to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy as the preferred way to manage pain.

While using opioids is a common treatment for pain management, APTA argues that it may not be the most successful. According to the CDC, one in four individuals who use opioids for a lengthy period of time for pain management will struggle with addiction. By choosing physical therapy, you will be able to effectively treat the affected area and resume your daily routine as a safer alternative. This campaign wants to inform those who are looking to manage their pain that have a choice in how they are treated.

In addition to avoiding the negative side effects of opioids, choosing physical therapy first will not only speed up your recovery time but is the most cost effective. In some cases, choosing this form of treatment can be cheaper than the combination of surgery and pain medication while being equally as effective. For more information on #ChoosePT, you can visit their website as well as view any of their social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

If you reside on Long Island and are considering physical therapy, Island Sports Physical Therapy may be able to help. In addition to treating your injury, your physical therapist will provide you with the necessary information to stay healthy and know what to do if this problem happens again. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, they are committed to providing you with the most effective treatments to help you live a healthy and active life.

Long Island Soccer

Long Island Soccer

Fall Sport Injury Prevention

Staying competitive in sports and not getting injured may seem like an oxymoron, while some join a sports team to feel like they are part of something, others genuinely enjoy the competitive aspects of sports. The conflict with wanting to remain competitive and trying to stay safe is apparent, since avoiding taking risks is not going to give anyone an edge over the competition. Even when avoiding risks there is still some probable chance of injury, so the question remains: is there any consistent way to prevent injuries?

The basic admonishment against over-training is in preventing “burn out”, or to put it in more understandable terms not allowing for recovery periods between training sessions. Not to promote mutiny within sports teams, but your coach is not you and cannot vouch for your physical well being better than you can. if you say nothing, your coach will assume that you can handle it. Being reliable is what most aspiring competitive athletes want, they want their position on the team to remain intact and refuse the notion of admitting pain, thus leading to degrading performance. In regards to training when you put a strain on your muscles they become damaged then reform as new proteins which increase in thickness, this is why people become stronger as they train. There is a recuperation period for the muscles to reform, however, if one continues to tear at their muscles relentlessly they could incur serious injury with no option of time for your body to properly form new muscles.

Plenty of fear mongering so far, right? American training ethos is primarily based on masking pain and stacking on heavier training, that’s what separates the great from the meek. Whining to your coach may get you time to recuperate, but it’s not earning you any favors. The sad reality is that if you are competitive you will probably sustain an injury. The best way to make sure an injury does not get the better of you is through physical therapy and if you live on Long Island,  New York and think you need to sift through red-tape to receive a referral from your physician you would be wrong.

There are sports orientated physical therapists in Long Island and Island Sports Physical Therapy has six locations in Nesconset, Glen Cove, Coram, Huntington, East Northport, and East Meadow. Island Sports Physical Therapy offers special training programs for injured athletes so that they may continue their training upkeep despite having injuries. Of course there are rehabilitation services offered for more severe injuries, but for those who cannot afford to let their game up the special training is certainly worth a look into.  

physical therapist in suffolk county physical therapist in nassau county physical therapist in east northport physical therapist in huntington physical therapist in smithtown physical therapist in nesconset physical therapist in east meadow physical therapist in glen cove physical therapist in coram

shutterstock_155601284Every parent in the world wants the best for their children. They want to keep their child safe and free from illness or injury. Like most things in life, things are completely out of anyone’s control, no matter how safe we try to be. Children encounter injuries from the time they take their first steps. It is not something parents can prevent. Injuries are a part of life for both adults and children. Some are caused by illnesses that are present from birth, others are through activities such as sports.

Children are curious creatures, they bravely decide to do things without really seeing a consequence. The most common cause of injury are from falls. Falls from playground equipment, windows, bikes, running, the potentials for falls are everywhere. Injuries from falls can be treated without medication with the help of a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help your child go back to physical activity, or treatment of physical disabilities. Island Sports Physical Therapy, offers many different forms of therapy that will provide the best care and rehabilitation for your child. Physical therapy professionals can implement treatment programs that are designed to treat the injury your child is experiencing. These treatments speed up the rehabilitation process,can ease pain and restore movement skills and proper functioning .

Therapist can guide them through strength/flexibility exercise routines and aerobic activities. They can also give your child balance training to improve standing, walking and sitting balance. Balance training will most importantly help prevent future injuries. Unfortunately some are born with illness and disorders, they can be treated through various methods. The method of treatment you decide to go with is important. Many different medical conditions can affect the mobility of young children. Common diseases or conditions that create movement problems include cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscle diseases, respiratory conditions, genetic disorders, and limb deficiencies. Sessions can aid children in overcoming these conditions. They can gain proper movement abilities that will allow them to safely and successfully perform daily tasks. Common techniques used include balance and coordination activities, heat and cold therapies, aquatic water therapies, and crawling or walking exercises.

Long Island Physical Therapy for facial nerve issues

Long Island Physical Therapy for facial nerve issues

Physical Therapy for Nerve Problems

Island Sports Physical Therapy has serviced Long Island since 1985 and offers a multitude of services to help treat your pain. One of the services offered is facial nerve problems. There are many different facial nerve conditions that cause facial pain that we can treats.

There are many reasons why someone would suffer from dull or acute facial pain. Some of the reasons might be trigeminal neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, tumors, bell’s palsy, or other underlying conditions. All of these conditions can limit the function of your facial nerves causing facial pain. Going and receiving treatment once you notice facial pain in important because damaged facial nerves can affect your facial movements. Physical Therapy can help you to regain facial muscle movement.

From your physical therapist you should expect an assessment of your facial pain to make sure they fully understand your symptoms and conditions. Next, they will start to discuss with you various treatment options and exercises that you can do daily at home to continue improving. Some of the exercises that you may do together are stretching, massages, and relearning of the basic facial movements. Not all exercises are acceptable for every condition so you must consult your PT before adding to any physical regimen.

With 6 convenient locations, Island Sports Physical Therapy and treats many conditions including facial nerve pain.