Physical Therapy in Huntington

A stress fracture occurs when tiny cracks become visible in your bones. These cracks can appear from performing repetitive movements where force is significantly placed on a single bone as well as sudden increases in intensity. In other words, sports such as track and field, tennis, gymnastics, and basketball will put more pressure on the affected area. This type of fracture typically occurs in the lower extremities, from the pelvis down, with the most occurring stress fractures repeating on the foot.

The most significant signs of a stress factor is a pain when performing a movement and ease of pain when at rest. To be positive with your self-diagnosis, the doctors at Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can take x-rays of the area where the pain is experienced and will easily determine the cause of your pain.

If the doctors determine a stress fracture, do not fret, there are treatment options available for you. The most important step is to cease performing the activity/movement that gave you the stress fracture in the first place. Typical rest periods due to stress fractures require rest periods of 6 to 8 weeks. If you return to activity too soon, the stress fracture could be worsened, therefore, making the recovery time longer.

If you experienced a stress fracture in the past, live near Huntington NY, and are interested in preventing future stress fractures, contact Long Island Sports care. Our wide range of physical therapy options can help you prevent those painful fractures. Improving diet, modifying the level of activity, and special equipment, such as orthopedic inserts or shock absorbing shoes, can be used to prevent stress fractures. For more tips about preventing stress fractures, click this link.

If you are interested in physical therapy for a stress fracture contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Suffolk County today! We look forward to hearing from you!