How to Build Up Endurance

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How to build up endurance:

Building up your endurance is beneficial to your body’s strength and can help reduce the risk of injuries. Whether it’s doing simple weight lifting exercises or performing cardio, any type of physical activity does nothing but good for your health. For those who have sustained injuries like tearing ligaments or pulling muscles, building up endurance can help treat and reduce any pain you may experience. Island Sports Physical Therapy can help build up your endurance after an injury with their physical therapists in Huntington, East Northport, Nesconset, Coram, East Meadow, and Glen Cove.

What type of workouts can help me?

In order to build endurance, you should consistently make efforts to improve it through different exercises and habits:

  • Cardiovascular exercises – these types of exercises are best for building up aerobic stability. These exercises include jogging, hiking, swimming, or other workouts that steadily strengthen your endurance.
  • Using weights – weight exercises have the capability to not only improve your strength but also muscle endurance as well. Lifting weights two days a week, which includes utilizing every muscle group, can make a difference that you’ll certainly see.
  • Interval training – interval training includes short bouts of high-intensity training, followed by a longer workout with a lower level of intensity. A scholarly journal recording an example of interval training showed that cyclists who performed eight, 20 second, high-intensity workouts, followed by a 10-second rest, saw their endurance improved immensely, and the subjects’ anaerobic capacity increased by 28 percent.

How can these exercises benefit me?

Those who have experienced injuries in the past can certainly benefit from endurance exercises. Aside from building muscle, endurance training can help your body in other ways:

  • Bone density growth – proper diet and exercise can improve your health and in turn, keep your bones healthy and increase their density. Consistently training lets your body release hormones into your bloodstream that allows your bones to construct higher levels of density.
  • Increased immune system – endurance training helps create extra proteins that are responsible for producing white blood cells and antibodies, considerably improving your immune system
  • Boosted metabolism – the added benefits of endurance workouts is an increase in muscle mass which is responsible for calorie burning, using acids to break down any consumed calories. In addition, your body burns 70 calories for every pound of lean muscle you gain.
  • Diabetic assistance – for those who have diabetes, endurance training can result in the improvement of your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Because glucose is stored in your muscles, increasing muscle mass results in extra glucose storage, keeping your levels at a safe count.

Physical therapists in Huntington offer all rehabilitation treatments for those who have sustained injuries and can recommend the best workout to prevent any future damage. Endurance exercises positively affect physical health and can help promote a better lifestyle for yourself. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, we’re dedicated to your health and will do anything to speed up your recovery.

For more information on endurance training and how it can help with your improvement, contact us today!

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