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Maintaining Flexibility

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Maintaining Flexibility

An essential aspect of overall health and wellness that is sometimes underappreciated is the importance of maintaining strong flexibility. As we age, keeping ourselves flexible can become a daunting task that requires a strict routine. Fortunately, physical therapy in Nesconset at Island Sports Physical Therapy is an outstanding source for giving yourself added flexibility and improving upon other health benefits.   

How Physical Therapy In Nesconset Can Benefit Flexibility

Physical therapists are trained professionals who have copious amounts of experience in stretching techniques and other methods for improving a patient’s flexibility. With the help of physical therapy in Nesconset, you’ll be feeling more comfortable in no time. Common stretching techniques that physical therapists may apply can include the following parts of the body:

  • The lower back and spine, an area that typically experiences discomfort.
  • Shoulders and arms, especially for athletes such as pitchers who constantly use these body parts.
  • The legs and hips, specifically targeting areas such as the hamstrings or calves.

Understanding the importance of using stretching techniques with physical therapy in Nesconset is essential for maintaining an ordinary/healthy lifestyle. Certain patients are more prone to requiring the need of stretching to maintain flexibility, such as the following individuals:

  • Athletes – It’s no secret that flexibility has become increasingly more important for today’s modern athletes. Without question, each sport requires unique/specified stretches that will target areas of the body that are needed for that specific sport. Fortunately, ISPT works closely with a variety of athletes and can provide you with assistance based upon the sport that you’re currently involved in.
  • Geriatric Patients – Unfortunately, most of us tend to lose flexibility with age as our muscles become tighter. With physical therapy in Nesconset, you’ll be given a personalized workout plan with the capability to help maintain your flexibility, even at an older age. This can help you feel better and potentially even give you an added boost of energy.
  • Blue Collar Workers – Working with your hands and constantly being on your feet can be quite strenuous on the body. Because of the nature of a blue collared worker, workers may tend to lose flexibility through the repetitive motions of the job. With physical therapy in Nesconset, your physical therapist will be able to target the specific muscle groups that are in the most need of stretching techniques. This can make these muscles much more durable and help them to withstand any sort of repetitive movements.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of maintaining your flexibility, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Nesconset for an appointment and consultation.

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