Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Setauket is a friendly and caring professional practice that provides an encouraging environment for all of our patients.  We use a flexible approach, utilizing a blend of manual therapy, modalities and therapeutic exercise – all tailored to each patient’s specific needs.  We take your therapy goals seriously, and work hard to help you achieve them.

Island Sports has earned a great reputation with Stony Brook University Hospital, Huntington Hospital, St. Catherine’s, St Charles, Good Samaritan, South Shore University Hospital and Mather Hospital.  We work closely with all local high school athletes from Ward Melville HS, Port Jefferson HS, Comsewogue HS, Mount Sinai HS, and many others.  We proudly provide care for NYFD, NYPD, SCPD, NCPD members, as well as our local Volunteer Fire Departments and local EMS workers. 

The East Setauket Location Specializes in:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Acute and Chronic Orthopedic Conditions 
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Geriatric Conditions
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Osteoporosis Programs
  • Podiatric Conditions
  • Hand Rehab
  • Joint Replacement
  • Gait Analysis
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Balance Programs
  • Postural Re-education Programs
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Fitness Programming
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Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station

As the temperatures continue to climb, more of us are eager to spend more time outdoors. While spending time outdoors is good for your health, an increase in physical activity can lead to an increase in the risk of sustaining an injury. Our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, wants our patients to enjoy a pain-free summer. We want to share ten helpful tips for preventing common summertime injuries. 

  1. Warm-Up or Stretch Before Activities – Summer weather makes us want to get outside and go for a bike ride or head to the tennis courts. If you haven’t participated in these activities for a while, a few light stretches and warm-ups can prevent any new aches and pains from forming. 
  2. Stay Hydrated – Dehydration can quickly derail your summer fun. While it’s important to hydrate all year round, it’s crucial during the summer months. Drinking plenty of water can help you experience less fatigue and stress on your muscles and will keep your energy levels steady all summer long. 
  3. Wear Protective Gear – Another important tip for preventing injuries is to wear protective gear appropriate to your activity. Wearing helmets, knee pads, gloves, and properly fitting shoes can help you avoid scrapes, ligament tears, and even broken bones. 
  4. Wear Sunscreen – While wearing sunscreen won’t keep you from orthopedic injuries, it will keep you safe from sunburn and dangerous skin damage. 
  5. Exercise caution when using equipment – Using the proper body mechanics as you use equipment or perform certain activities can prevent injury. Our expert physical therapists can show you how to use different muscle groups when lifting and carrying heavy objects. 
  6. Strengthen your core – Strengthening your core can help you prevent injuries. Exercises like crunches, leg raises, and other rotational movements can help strengthen these muscles. Our team can provide you with workouts to improve your core strength and prevent back, hip, and knee injuries. 
  7. Train gradually for summer sports – Jumping back into your sport after a hiatus can lead to injuries. Get back in the game slowly and increase your training as you go to avoid getting hurt. 
  8. Stay fit during your sports off-season – When the season is over, it shouldn’t mean that you should stop training. Implement a consistent workout regimen that will keep your muscles and joints strong and healthy so you’re prepared for when the next season starts. 
  9. Eat a balanced diet – A balanced diet is only one component of an injury prevention plan, but it plays an important role. A healthy diet can help your body withstand strenuous activities. 
  10. Wear reliable shoes – Don’t overlook your footwear! Wearing the right shoes can help reduce the risk of gradually injuring different areas of the body. Don’t miss out on the summer fun with a foot injury!

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One bonus tip for preventing injuries this summer is to visit us here at Island Sports Physical Therapy! Our team can help you create an effective injury prevention plan and provide quality Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station should you become injured. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment! 

Physical Therapy For Elbow Tendonitis

Tennis elbow is a fairly common injury that, despite its name, can occur in individuals who do not play the sport of tennis. It is a very painful condition that typically results in a decrease in your range of motion and can cause pain in the elbow, forearm, and even the wrist. 

The name Tennis Elbow causes a misconception that the injury occurs solely in athletes or players of tennis. However, many people experience the painful symptoms of the tennis elbow in non-athletic overuse and overloading of the elbow joint. 

Certain professions are highly prone to overusing the elbow joint. Painters, butchers, plumbers, and construction works are prominent victims of this highly painful condition. Though “elbow” is in the name, the condition also commonly transfers to the forearm and the wrist. This is because as the elbow is overloaded with pressure, tension and overuse, we become more reliant on these other parts of the body in order to pick up the slack. 

Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson StationThe actual condition occurs at the connecting tendon between a bony “bump” in your elbow to your forearm. 

Simple tasks might become difficult when the pain of the tennis elbow is present. These tasks may include gripping the handle of a coffee cup, writing with a pen for an extended period of time, or opening and closing doors with a doorknob that requires a twisting motion of the wrist and elbow. 

Because this condition can be highly impactful on the day-to-day activities of a person, it is best practice to do everything you can to avoid the pain and diagnosis, to begin with. If you do, however, find yourself suffering from this condition and are in need of Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, Island Sports Physical Therapy can help you get back to your healthy self.

For more information on the symptoms of tennis elbow, click here.


So, Can Wearing a Brace Help My Tennis Elbow?

If you are experiencing the beginning symptoms of tennis elbow, a brace can be a highly effective and beneficial way to help alleviate the pain you’re experiencing. A physical therapist can also provide you with the guidance and insight you need to understand your condition and recommend a treatment method that works for your individual needs. If in need of Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, we at Island Sports Physical Therapy understand the importance of competence and compassion when it comes to each patient’s health journey!

Wearing a brace on your elbow or your forearm can alleviate the tension that occurs in the tendons of your arm that typically causes the pain you’re experiencing. Talk to your physical therapist if you are considering this non-invasive approach to treatment, as they can guide you in finding a brace or splint that is appropriate for you.


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Find trusted Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station. We offer comprehensive care with a hands-on approach that prioritizes your needs while helping to educate you on your condition so as to avoid injury or similar circumstances down the road. Our goal is to work with you, creating a patient-to-therapist relationship that you can trust—looking for Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station? Contact our office at 631-462-9595 or visit our website for more information on our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can Physical Therapy Improve Running Ability?

Do you want to improve your running skills and get in better shape than you were before? There are a ton of different exercises out there that can improve your running. Running alone is not the best thing for your joints like your knees but doing the right exercises can better your chances to avoid such injuries. At Island Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, they offer fitness programs that get you moving and moving in the right direction to be stronger and healthier.

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What exercises can help me run better?

Strength is key to becoming stronger and helping with your running. Strong legs are essential to be a better runner. Simple exercises that can be accomplished with just body weight can help you make changes to becoming a stronger runner. Some of those exercises include:

  • Standard Planks – strengthens core and lower back
  • Back Extensions – helps with lower back and glutes, shoulders
  • Squats – increase leg strength and tighten glutes
  • Lunges (with or without extra weight) – Tightens glutes, hamstrings, and core
  • Regular push-ups and sit-ups
  • Leg Raises – Strengthens hip flexors which help your knees when running, tightness lower abdomen

It is also important to make sure you learn how to do these exercises before attempting them. It is easy to injure yourself if you aren’t familiar with a new workout routine. Also, it is important to stretch out your body before doing any kind of workout. This also will help prevent you from an injury.

Can physical therapy help with my running?

Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station provides fitness programs that can benefit you if you’re either trying to recover from an injury or just looking to build muscle strength. During physical therapy, your physical therapist is there to support you through your journey from whichever route you are taking. Learning how to properly stretch out your muscles before and after a run is essential to improving your running and skills and in physical therapy, you will be shown how to do this the right way. Physical therapy will also help improve your mobility, help prevent injuries in the future, and it will help improve your balance along with many other things.

Island Sports Physical Therapy has a knowledgeable team that is willing to meet all your needs. For runners, they have a program that aims specifically at that area in which they provide you with the care you may need. They work with you and the specific muscle groups to help gain the proper muscle and mobility your legs need in order to improve your running.

What will I gain from physical therapy? 

Physical therapists are almost like experts when it comes to sports and all physical activity like running. They want you to be safe and comfortable during it all. They can be a lifesaver for you and give you the best tips you are going to need when you want to see improvements in running. They are not only there to support you but to motivate you as well in all the exercises you are doing. Before you know it, you will improve in no time,

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Island Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station can be a great benefit to you if you are looking to make improvements in your running. We strive to help our patients become stronger in those areas they wish to improve. We will be there to help you along the way and support you. Coming in clutch with the best equipment and treatment on Long island! Be sure to check out our website for more information and call us today!

Treatment For Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic joint pain? Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station may be able to help you. If you suffer from joint pains, arthritis, and stiffness then moving around and staying active can feel like an impossible task for you. The pain that comes along with these complications can make being active a difficult task.

But staying active when you suffer from joint pain and stiffness and arthritis is an important part of managing these complications and the symptoms that are derived from them. Staying active is key to managing these symptoms because exercising can increase the strength, flexibility, and functionality of your joints.

How Can Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station Help?

Even moderate to light exercise can improve your symptoms, reduce joint pain, and fend off fatigue. Light exercise like walking outdoors might be all you need to improve your health and lifestyle. In our current situation, with gyms being hard to access, moderate walking can help your body cope and provide the exercise you need.

To participate in Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, and learn more about what you can do to stay active, reach out to us at Island Sports Physical Therapy and see how we can help you.

How Can Exercise Help?

While it can seem counterproductive to stay active while you are suffering from joint pain or arthritis, it is a lack of exercise that intensifies and exasperates joint pains and stiffness. Exercise helps maintain and strengthen the surrounding muscles of your joints, which help support and strengthen your joints. Exercise can benefit you and your joints as it helps:

  • Maintain bone strength
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Control your weight
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve all aspects of your life

These benefits are linked to all kinds of exercise. Even if high-intensity exercises are not possible for you, you can still gain these benefits with moderate to low-intensity exercises such as walking. If you want to learn more about how walking can improve your lifestyle, see how Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station can help with Island Sports Physical Therapy.

How Walking Can Be Your First Steps to Recovery

If exercise seems out of your grasp, then you might want to look more into how walking can help you. Walking is a low-intensity exercise that most people can do and will greatly improve your life. Some of the key advantages of walking include:

  • It is free and easy. You can head to any park or just walk around your block with no special gear required besides a pair of supportive shoes!
  • It is low impact. It doesn’t put much strain or stress on your joints and can get you moving and active again.
  • It uses the whole body. It can strengthen your whole body and help parts of your body that aren’t directly related to your joint pains.
  • It manages your weight, strengthens your muscles, and can even help manage your mood.

These are just some of the key benefits the simple exercises of walking can bring you. Especially in times where getting to a gym can be difficult, walking is something that most people can start right away! Before you jump into walking, it can be helpful to speak with your doctor first. To learn how Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station can help and see what walking can offer you, contact us at Island Sports Physical Therapy!

Tips on Starting a Walking Exercise Routine

If you are just about to start a walking exercise routine, or if it can seem daunting, here are a few tips to help you get started!

  • Start slowly. Starting slowly and gradually can help get you into a walking routine. It can be as short as five minutes when you start, and with a routine that your doctor and physical therapist set up, build up over time.
  • Warm-up. Move gently and relaxed to warm up your joints and muscles.
  • Adjust your routine and stop if you feel sudden pains. If you develop pain it is best to stop and take a break to contact your physical therapist.
  • Include stretching to keep your body flexible and nimble.

Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station

Before starting any routine, speak with a physical therapist first. For Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, reach out to us at Island Sports Physical Therapy and get the help to start today!