sports rehabilitation HuntingtonIf you are suffering from a sprained ankle, you should contact  sports rehabilitation Huntington. A sprained ankle, a common sports injury, causes more than forty thousand emergency-room visits each year. The injury often happens on the playing field or basketball court when a player lands awkwardly on an outstretched leg. More commonly, however, it occurs during everyday activities such as walking or running up stairs. Heel pain is usually the first symptom. 

        A sprain, the stretching or tearing of ligaments, frequently occurs when there is a sudden twisting or force on the ankle that “unbalances” it. The most common sprain a sports rehabilitation Huntington sees is in the outer ankle, where three strong ligaments join together to form a sturdy joint. It is estimated that 80 percent of sprained ankles are in the outer ankle.

        Injury to the feet is among the most common injuries that affect children and adolescents. Many foot problems can be diagnosed early by parents’ inspecting their child’s feet regularly, watching for any changes in skin coloration or shape, checking for surface irregularities, and observing whether shoes fit properly.

        Risk Factors

A yearly visit to a pediatrician is advisable. Our sports rehabilitation Huntington found that some common factors that predispose someone to a sprained ankle include obesity, loose ligamentous joints in the hip or knees, and weak ankles from being underweight or from loss of muscle tone during periods of prolonged bed rest. Ankle injuries most often occur in males between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

        Persons over the age of forty are more likely to have recurring sprains, while some people may have an inherited weakness in their ankle ligaments. Other risk factors include that a sports rehabilitation Huntington sees is the use of certain medications, including diuretics (“water pills”) and oral contraceptives; being overweight or physically inactive; poor alignment of the foot or ankle; and an existing disease or condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, or a vascular problem. In addition, women who are pregnant have an increased likelihood of spraining their ankles because of the changes in their hormones that loosen ligaments.

        A sports rehabilitation Huntington found that most often injuries to the outside of the ankle from a plantarflexion injury, in which the ankle is twisted so that the foot points down. Over eighty sports rehabilitation Huntingtonpercent of all ankle sprains are inversion injuries, in which the ankle rolls over so that the sole of the foot faces upward.sports rehabilitation Huntington

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