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Children’s Injuries

Children’s Injuries

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At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team of therapists are well trained and capable to treat children and young adults. Physical therapy can assist in your child going back to physical activity, or treatment of physical disabilities. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our integration of many different forms of physical therapy will provide the best care and rehabilitation for your child.

Just as adults, children need physical therapy as well. A common, treatable affliction among young children is called Torticollis, which is when the neck becomes stiff and difficult to turn, as well as the head being in a fixed position with a limited range of motion. This condition can be improved with physical therapy. Young adults experience many injuries that are treatable by physical therapy also. Sports injuries are common among minors, caused by participation on sports teams or just being active. Physical therapy is effective in treating these injuries, which limits the amount of time a child is unable to participate in physical activity.

Children’s Injuries February 13, 2015

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