Frozen Shoulder

What Is Frozen Shoulder?  

Frozen shoulder is a condition that is described as stiffness and pain in the capsule that encompasses the bones, ligaments, and tendons that make up your shoulder joint. An individual with frozen shoulder may find it difficult to complete day-to-day tasks. If you believe you could be suffering from frozen shoulder and wish to seek help, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Nesconset today.


Frozen shoulder typically develops in three gradual stages:

  1. Freezing stage – This stage involves pain with any sort of movement to the shoulder. Limited range of motion also starts to become an issue.
  2. Frozen stage – During this stage, the pain you were experiencing in stage one will start to diminish. Although, the stiffness starts to worsen making it harder to use it day in and day out.
  3. Thawing stage – This stage includes when the range of motion in your shoulder starts to get better.


Frozen shoulder usually occurs when scar tissue forms in the shoulder, leading to less room for movement within the joint. That results in the characteristic stiffness that is associated with frozen shoulder. One of the most common ways someone develops frozen shoulder is when undergoing long periods of immobility. Usually, the immobility is occuring the first place is due to recovery from a shoulder injury, broken bone, or a stroke. If you’ve had an injury that makes it difficult to move your shoulder, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Nesconset today so that we can provide you with exercises you can do to maintain the range of motion in your shoulder joint.

How We Can Help

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