Gait Analysis and Correction

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“Gait” is the term that we use when describing the manner in which a person walks. Sometimes when a person has a gait abnormality, certain symptoms will show up like unsteadiness, balance difficulty, or even dizziness. These symptoms can be troubling, especially if you are experiencing frequent injuries.


If you have been experiencing these symptoms, Island Sports Physical Therapy offers gait analysis and correction. Make an appointment with us here for physical therapy in Nesconset.

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis often involves testing based on your coordination, balance, vision, and hearing. Sometimes, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is necessary to evaluate your brain and spinal cord to see what impact they may have on your abnormal gait. A gait analysis can be done by a physical therapist in Nesconset here.

physical therapist in NesconsetHow can abnormal gait be corrected?

Abnormal gait is treated in a variety of ways. If your symptoms are caused by a condition called Vertigo, then your physical therapist may teach you how to reposition your head. In most cases, gait can be corrected by engaging in certain exercises to improve your coordination and balance. For gait correction and analysis, contact us here for a physical therapist in Nesconset.


The five kinds of major walking abnormalities include:

  1. Spastic Gait: Dragging of the feet, appearing to walk in a stiff body position.
  2. Waddling Gait: Self-explanatory, this walking pattern causes people to waddle when they walk.
  3. Propulsive Gait: This type of gait is characterized by a person walking with their neck and head in a forward-thrust position, with a slouch in their posture.
  4. Steppage Gait: The person with this gait drags their toes on the ground, pointing their toes in a downwards position.
  5. Scissors Gait: The legs bend inwards toward each other to cause an awkward scissor-like movement.


If you think you may need gait analysis and correction, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us here for a physical therapist in Nesconset.


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