Improving Your Balance With Physical Therapy


physical therapy in ElwoodWhen it comes to simple everyday activities, whether walking or going up and down the stairs, having good balance is important. Balancing is a skill, and like any other skill, the more you practice the better you get. You can practice building strength and stability by working with our physical therapy in Elwood at Island Sports Physical Therapy. 

Who is at Risk of Balance Problems?

Suppose you feel unsteady while standing or walking. In that case, you may have a balance problem. If you are on medication, have an infection, are experiencing an inner ear problem, or are recovering from a head injury, you are at risk of balance problems. You may also be at risk if you are 65 years or older and have arthritis or low or high blood pressure. Having an ear infection or travel

ing on a boat may cause balance issues but usually goes away in time with treatment such as medications. Some balance problems though become long-term, chronic conditions. In these cases, it is good to start working with a physical therapist to improve your balance and get to the root of the problem. 

How Can Physical Therapy Help

By performing physical therapy exercises to improve your balance, you can maintain your independence when it comes to walking, standing from a chair, or any other daily activities without risking a fall and getting injured. Our therapists at physical therapy in Elwood are experts when it comes to movement. They will be able to help you improve your strength and mobility. Your doctor might recommend you start physical therapy in Elwood if: 

  • You are having difficulty moving independently and safely
  • You have gotten hurt from falling or have a history of falling
  • You have had a stroke causing you to have difficulty balancing 
  • You are an athlete recovering from a sports injury 
  • You have recently had surgery 
  • You have vertigo 

When you first attend physical therapy in Elwood, a therapist will likely assess your balance to see which movement, in particular, poses the greatest challenge. Then, they will help you create a routine to enhance your balance, safety, and independence. 

Balance Exercises at Physical Therapy in Elwood

It is important to do these exercises with the help of a physical therapist. Some of these exercises may be too difficult to perform on your own. Having a physical therapist will ensure that you are performing balancing exercises safely and properly. Below are four simple balancing exercises a physical therapist can help you with to help improve your balance

physical therapy in Elwood


  1. Single Leg Stance: A simple leg lift enhances balance by engaging your legs and abdomen muscles. It is important to have this skill because it helps 
  2. with any movements that involve shifting weight from one leg to another, such as turning a corner or stopping yourself from falling. 
  3. Tandem Walking: This exercise tests your balance and your body’s movement pattern while you are walking. By performing this exercise, you are strengthening your connection between your visual and proprioceptive systems. The ultimate goal in this exercise is to be able to walk without any spaces between each foot. 
  4. Walking with Different Head Motions: This exercise strengthens your connection with all three balance systems. It trains these systems to react quickly when your focus abruptly changes. This is a very beneficial exercise for feeling stable and confident in a crowded environment or busy workplace. 
  5. Walking with a Different Visual Field: This exercise strengthens your connection between the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Practicing this will help you in cases where your surroundings are disorienting. 

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At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our staff is committed to helping build strength and mobility by focusing on your specific goals and needs. Our physical therapy in Elwood ensures that you are receiving treatment in a safe environment. If you want to improve your balance to prevent falls that can be life-threatening, schedule an appointment with us today!

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