Is Shoulder Decompression Surgery Painful?



physical therapy in GreenlawnWhen someone tells you that you are going to need surgery, you might feel an immediate fear. In active adults, a doctor might recommend shoulder decompression surgery if shoulder pain does not go away with rest and physical therapy. This surgery is used to treat shoulder impingement, which occurs when there is impingement of tendons or bursa in the shoulder. For physical therapy in Greenlawn, Island Sports Physical Therapy can help with recovery. 


Impingement syndrome consists of daily pain that is persistent and affects everyday activities. Simple motions, such as reaching up to get dressed, may cause pain. Over time, it can lead to inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons and bursa. Without proper treatment, the rotator cuff tendons may thin and eventually tear. 


What Causes Shoulder Impingement Syndrome? 

Shoulder impingement happens when the top outer edge of your shoulder blade rubs against or “impinges on” your rotator cuff underneath it. When the rotator cuff is irritated or injured, it swells up. Since it is surrounded by bone, the swelling causes other difficulties. Since the rubbing of the rotator cuff tendons results in swelling, it narrows the space under the acromion, which becomes a vicious cycle of pain. 


Shoulder Impingement is most common in individuals who are involved in sports and activities that involve a lot of overhead rotational movements. It can also be the result of an injury. 


There are a few other causes of shoulder impingement. Your tendon may be torn or swollen from the repetitive activity of the shoulder or an injury. It can also be related to your bursa that is irritated or inflamed due to shoulder overuse or an injury. There can also be an acromion that is not flat due to age-related bone spurs or the way one is born. 

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What is Shoulder Decompression Surgery? 

The objective of this surgery is to create more space under the acromion, a large bony projection on the top of the shoulder blade, by removing some bone and tissue. The surgery is designed to release the tight ligament of the coracoacromial arch and shave away some of the undersurfaces of the acromion. This will raise the roof of the shoulder, allowing the rotator cuff tendons more room to move underneath. Once the tendon can move more freely, there will be less rubbing and swelling. 


Is Shoulder Decompression Surgery Painful? 

People who undergo shoulder decompression surgery tend to have less pain during the initial days after the procedure as well as faster recovery compared to those who have open decompression surgery. Physical therapy in Greenlawn can significantly reduce the pain and struggles that may come with recovery. 


How Long is Recovery? 

After shoulder decompression surgery, you can likely go home after the effects of the anesthetic have worn off. Your shoulder will likely feel sore and stiff afterward. To reduce swelling, you should use ice and anti-inflammatories. General recovery should last about one to two months. The sling should be discontinued after only a few days to reduce the risk of postoperative stiffness. 


It takes about four months to fully recover from this surgery. Physical therapy in Greenlawn and a physiotherapist will work with you to exercise and improve movement and strengthen your shoulder muscles. Physical therapy in Greenlawn states these exercises should be done regularly to relieve pain and prevent stiffness or recurrence. 


Long-term Impact of Surgery 

This type of surgery is known to produce good results. The majority of patients report a significant reduction in pain after surgery and physiotherapy. Physical therapy in Greenlawn can reduce any long-term side effects for this surgery. It is deemed a generally safe procedure. 

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This surgery is designed to relieve pain and get back your shoulder mobility. If you are getting ready to undergo shoulder decompression surgery, physical therapy in Greenlawn is available with Island Sports Physical Therapy to help your recovery experience.

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