Common Running Injuries

Running Injuries

Running as a sport can put extreme stress on certain parts of the body. Most running injuries are caused by an individual trying to push their body too far. Some common running injuries include runner’s knee, stress fractures, shin splints, and pulled muscles. While all of these injuries are painful, they can also be easily treated through physical therapy. Injuries are common during any sport but it’s important to determine your injury as early on as possible so that treatment can begin. If you are suffering from a running injury, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington today!

Prevention and Treatment

No one wants to be benched during their favorite sport or physical activity, so it’s important to catch injuries right as they begin. Some tips to prevent runners’ injuries include:

  • Listen to your body: Listen to any aching or soreness that your body has. Take a rest and ice that area of the body before it gets any worse.
  • Strength training: Strengthening the core and hip muscles can help increase your leg stability and help you avoid different knee injuries from occurring.
  • Stretching: Stretching before and after a run can help prevent muscle tears and strains.
  • Include rest days: Including rest days in your schedule can help your body recover and build muscle.

Physical therapy can make treatment for any common running injury extremely beneficial. The most common treatment runners will receive is a stretching and exercise regimen along with the instruction to rest and ice the affected area. The goal of this treatment is to heal and gain strength in the affected area in order to prevent future injury. If you have any questions about running injuries and how to prevent them, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington for more information.

How We Can Help You

Running injuries are extremely common, but they can be prevented. If you are injured while running, Island Sports Physical Therapy will be here to help you every step of the way. We know that every sports injury is different. That’s why we modify your treatment to fit the individual needs of your injury. Through our hands-on approach, we aim to have you back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you believe you could benefit from physical therapy for your runner’s injury, contact our physical therapy in Huntington to schedule an appointment.

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