Joint Replacement

Have you recently undergone joint replacement surgery? Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, we specialize in joint replacement therapy. Joint replacement surgery is an intense type of surgery that involves plenty of exercise and rehabilitation time to aid in the healing process. If you’re looking for an East Northport physical therapist who specializes in joint replacement therapy, make an appointment with us today.


How can I prepare for my joint replacement surgery?

Before your surgery, your doctor might recommend exercise to stay in shape which helps reduce recovery time and the risk of complications. Make sure to take these additional steps in preparation for the big day:

  • Research physical therapy for joint replacement rehabilitation so that you can smoothly transition into the recovery process.
  • Consider hiring a home health care aide or plan to have a family member assist you in the days after surgery.
  • Install handicap rails, and/or buy a shower chair for your bathroom to ensure ease while using the bathroom.


What should I expect post-surgery?

As with any surgery, you may expect to experience some pain and tenderness in the area that was worked on. In joint replacement surgery, patients often feel pain due to the healing surrounding tissue for the first few months.

Your doctor may recommend specific exercises to improve recovery and rehabilitation. If you are looking for an East Northport physical therapist, we can provide you with qualified physical therapists to ease your recovery.


How long does rehabilitation take?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of joint replacement you have had. If it is a knee replacement, full rehabilitation can take anywhere from three to twelve months. For a hip replacement, rehab can take anywhere from three to six months.


If you or someone that you know is scheduled for joint replacement surgery, make an appointment with us today for an East Northport physical therapist.

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