Overuse injuries tend to occur over time due to repetitive microtraumas to the bone, joints, and tendons. Injuries such as tennis elbow, swimmers shoulder, and runners knee are all examples of overuse injuries. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, our team can help prevent and treat overuse injuries.

What causes an overuse injury?

  • Training errors: By increasing the frequency or intensity of an exercise too quickly, the body can be pushed too hard. Many times, this occurs in athletes just returning to their sport, as they push themselves to try and make up for lost time.
  • Improper technique: By doing an exercise or activity improperly, the body may be pushed in ways it isn’t accustomed to. This can lead to pain and overuse.
  • Body alignment: Biological factors such as knock knees, flat feet, or unequal legs can cause a higher risk for overuse injuries.
  • Flexibility and strength: Imbalances in strength and flexibility can lead to overuse injuries. If one is trained significantly more than the other, the body will not be able to cope properly.
  • Equipment: Using the proper equipment is imperative to a safe work out. By wearing the right shoes and using the right machines, you can help reduce your risk of injury.

What are the symptoms of overuse?

  • Pain after physical activity
  • Pain during physical activity
  • Pain restricting physical activity
  • Chronic pain at rest

How can you prevent overuse?

  • Prepare: Always make sure to prepare for your workouts. Stretch, warm up, and prepare the right equipment.
  • Don’t overwork: You need to be careful to not push yourself too hard. Be smart and listen to your body’s limits.
  • Get rest: Always take at least one day a week to rest and recover.
  • Training: Train with a gradual increase to give your body time to catch up and adjust to new workouts.

How do you treat overuse?

  • Set limits: Cut back on your intensity and frequency of workouts. Set reasonable limits and goals for yourself.
  • Use ice and heat: Attend physical therapy in Glen Cove to learn the proper way to treat your overuse. Different injuries call for different treatment, such as heat or ice to decrease inflammation.
  • Let us help: Let our skilled professionals at Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove help you with your overuse injury today. We will create a detailed and personalized plan just for you! Contact us today!