Suffering a lifestyle altering injury along the lines of a fracture can be a strenuous recuperation process for the victim. Because of the severity of the injury, post-fracture rehabilitation is of the utmost importance regarding treatment and healing. Rehabilitation is essential for getting you back up and running, putting the injury behind you. Fractures typically are common among athletes, children, and geriatric patients. Experiencing a fracture can be a traumatizing moment for the victim and they should seek immediate medical attention after the injury occurs. Healing from a broken bone may take time, along with additional care to ensure the process is executed correctly. If you’re suffering from or are currently in the process of healing a broken bone, consider utilizing physical therapy in Huntington here at Island Sports Physical Therapy.

Importance and Prevention   

During the developing recovery timetable, it’s imperative that patients receive quality medical care. Physical therapy is typically known as a major asset for guiding your post-fracture recovery. A physical therapist can help return you to your normal range of motion, strength, and mobility post-injury, perhaps even making you feel better than you were previously. Other benefits of post-fracture rehabilitation can include the following:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Increased range in motion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength in the affected area

Thankfully, there are numerous options you can explore in order to help prevent fractures from ensuing. Common methods utilized to avoid future fractures can include the following:

  • Talking walks daily, this may strengthen your legs and make you less susceptible to suffering broken bones. It may also potentially improve your balance, lowering the likelihood of slipping and falling.
  • Lifting weights will also likely contribute to strengthening your body.  
  • Increasing your calcium intake will make your bones sturdier and more capable of withstanding an injury.
  • Regularly consuming Vitamin D will also give you a similar effect to calcium.

If you have any other questions regarding post-fracture care, seek out physical therapy in Huntington and contact a member of the ISPT staff today.

How We Can Help

Fractures are unfortunately a highly common medical issue that individuals can fall victim to at just about any age. Post-fracture care can potentially help you recover faster and with less hassle. If you believe you could benefit from a specialized treatment plan, contact our team and ask about physical therapy in Huntington.

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