Rehab Exercises for a Strained Hamstring

Although it is a very common injury (especially among athletes), not everyone understands the full details when you strain your hamstring. Your hamstring is composed of three muscle groups on the back of your leg that allows you to bend your knee. When these muscles become strained, the body experiences muscle overload which is usually caused by muscle contraction or shortening.

Not all hamstring strains are the same. One of the most painful hamstring strains is called an avulsion tear or a tear in which the tendon is no longer attached to the bone. Although essentially all hamstring strains are painful, physical therapy can help! Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Meadow offers sports specific therapy to help you get back on your feet.


Although a doctor should diagnose this injury, there are a few different symptoms that may alert you on an issue with the hamstring:

  • Bruising on the back of the thigh.
  • Pain that may be accompanied by an uncomfortable snapping or popping.
  • Muscle fatigue in your hamstring.

What are the causes?

In order to prevent this injury from occurring or recurring, it is important to understand the causes that lead to hamstring strain:

  • Not warming up before long exercises.
  • Tightening of the muscles.
  • An imbalance within your muscles. 
  • The intensity of the sport you play.
  • Poor movement or resistance training.

If you believe that you have a strained hamstring, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Diagnosing the type of tear you have right away can help with treatment options and shorten recovery time. Although there are many treatment options, physical therapy is critical. With physical therapy in East Meadow, trained professionals can teach you a variety of personalized stretches and exercises to fix your muscle overload. Some of these stretches/exercises include the following: 

  • Standing hamstring stretch – Hold onto something while standing up, elevate the injured leg, and bend your opposite knee.
  • Prone hip extension – Lay on your stomach and rest your head on your arms, tighten your glutes, and lift your leg up 5-8 inches.
  • Chair lifts – Lay on your back, elevate your feet on a chair and do hip raises.

These stretches will help extend your hamstring enough to relieve some of the pain, while the exercises will work to restore your hamstring back to full strength. 

How can Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Meadow Help?

Island Sports Physical Therapy understands that every injury and person is different and they work with their patients to ensure that they get the best injury-specific treatment. They offer services such as exercise and at-home program development. Book an appointment for physical therapy in East Meadow today!

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