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We will develop exercises that are sport-specific. By sport-specific, this means that our therapy exercises will mimic the common movements that you would be doing during your specific sport. This will help strengthen the areas that you need to provide flexibility and rehabilitation to the areas that will be affected the most. We’ll develop a plan that is specific to you by evaluating your physical capabilities and helping you exceed your rehabilitation goals. It is important to understand your body so that we can find the best plan for you. We also want to focus on prevention to make sure that you remain healthy after therapy. We can do this by working out a comfortable plan for you so that you won’t need to only focus on your body when it’s injured but also help prevent future injuries from occurring and become a better athlete.

Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy near port jefferson station we understand the physical demands that sports put on your body and want to make sure that you make a smooth recovery to return to play. We’ll educate you on the best way possible to make sure that not only do you recover, but also have the knowledge to prevent re-injury while obtaining your highest performance results. We have a number of convenient locations in both Nassau and Suffolk County. Contact us today to get started on your road to recovery.

Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station

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Meet Brendan McCann, MSPT, Director

Brendan graduated Northeastern University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Science as well as a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy.  He began his time with Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington in 2009, and quickly was promoted to Clinic Director, a role which he held for 13 years.  In January 2022, Brendan opened Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Setauket to bring our PT model to the Three Village area.   While Brendan enjoys the variety of treating all orthopedic and neurological conditions for patients of all ages, he has a special interest in treating the overhead athlete. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at island sports physical therapy near port jefferson station today!

Island Sports Physical Therapy

Island Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station is a friendly and caring professional practice that provides an encouraging environment for all of our patients.  We use a flexible approach, utilizing a blend of manual therapy, modalities and therapeutic exercise – all tailored to each patient’s specific needs.  We take your therapy goals seriously, and work hard to help you achieve them.

Island Sports has earned a great reputation with Stony Brook University Hospital, Huntington Hospital, St. Catherine’s, St Charles, Good Samaritan, South Shore University Hospital and Mather Hospital.  We work closely with all local high school athletes from Ward Melville HS, Port Jefferson HS, Comsewogue HS, Mount Sinai HS, and many others.  We proudly provide care for NYFD, NYPD, SCPD, NCPD members, as well as our local Volunteer Fire Departments and local EMS workers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at island sports physical therapy near port jefferson station today!

The East Setauket Location Specializes in:sports physical therapy near Port Jefferson Station

  • Sports Medicine
  • Acute and Chronic Orthopedic Conditions
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Geriatric Conditions
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Osteoporosis Programs
  • Podiatric Conditions
  • Hand Rehab
  • Joint Replacement
  • Gait Analysis
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Balance Programs
  • Postural Re-education Programs
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Fitness Programming

Avoiding Surgery After A Sports Injury

One of the things dreaded most by athletes is having to miss games due to an injury. All that time spent honing your craft and earning your spot as a starting player can be wiped away as a result of one unfortunate play. To make matters worse, you may be under the impression that a long, painful surgery is required to treat the injury. Luckily, our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy, a top Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, can help you avoid going under the knife by providing top-notch physical therapy services to help get you back with your team in no time!


Common Sports Injuries:

Throughout the regular grind of a sports season, it can become almost impossible to avoid injury. The staff at our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station understands this and can treat patients dealing with some of the most common injuries that can occur during the season. Such injuries include:

  • Sprains.
  • Strains.
  • Ligamentous injuries.
  • Swollen muscles.
  • Fractures.
  • Dislocations.


Reducing Inflammation:

Swelling and inflammation are symptoms that tend to occur almost immediately following an injury. These symptoms can cause large amounts of pain and discomfort for athletes. While you may think surgery is required to correct the issue that is causing these symptoms, that is not always the case. Physical therapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the affected area, without needing to go under the knife. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at island sports physical therapy near port jefferson station today!


Regaining Your Strength:

Whether it be in the muscles or joints, regaining strength is necessary before returning to your game. Physical therapy near port jefferson station allows the body to heal from the inside, as opposed to internal surgical methods. By performing strengthening exercises with our physical therapist, the injured areas can begin to heal themselves without the aid of foreign objects. To help start the process of regaining your strength, you may be instructed to perform the following exercises, depending on your injury:

  • Pilates crunches.
  • Forearm planks.
  • Knee extensions.
  • Heel raises.
  • Shoulder swings.
  • Chest expansions.

Strengthening the portions of your body around the injury may also help you avoid surgery. Different parts of the body rely on one another for movement and support.  When one becomes injured, strengthening the surrounding area can help pick up the slack. During a visit to our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, you will do just that.


Improving Range of Motion:

Having a full range of motion is an essential part of excelling at a sport, and certain injuries can impede the ability to move freely. One of the main goals of physical therapy, however, is to return range of motion to the levels they were at before suffering from an injury. This can be done through different stretches and exercises carefully planned out by our physical therapists. With the help of Island Sports Physical Therapy near port jefferson station, you can get back to moving without the need for a surgical procedure.


Eliminating Your Pain:

When the body is affected by weakness, inflammation, and limited range of motion, pain is never far behind. Playing through pain may seem like a viable option, but it can diminish your athletic output in the long run. This may be a reason why so many athletes opt to undergo surgery; they want the pain to go away. However, surgery isn’t always the best option. Because of the reasons mentioned above, physical therapy is an excellent way to alleviate your pain if you have suffered a sports injury. 

At Island Sports Physical Therapy, the talented staff at our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station can help relieve your pain by reducing inflammation, regaining strength, and increasing range of motion!


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Unfortunately, injuries are just a part of life. Regardless of how prepared you are or how safely you play, being an athlete puts you at an increased risk of suffering a wide variety of injuries. If you have recently suffered an injury while playing your sport, surgery may not be the only option for you. 

Contact us at Island Sports Physical Therapy near port jefferson station to see how our services can help you avoid the long, painful process of getting surgery. We will work to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan to help you avoid surgery and get you back in the game as soon as possible!

What Is a Sports Hernia?

A sports hernia occurs after making a sudden, body twisting motion. The injury itself is a strain and tear to your obliques or tendons (or both) in the upper thighs. This complication is most commonly experienced by athletes, especially goalies in sports like hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. Depending on the severity, your condition may be a slight pull or damaged strain that can lead to temporary immobility. Visit Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station!

There are many identifying symptoms that point to a sports hernia and it is important to be aware and educated on this type of injury as most athletes are highly susceptible. If you have been in search of Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station and believe you may be suffering from a sports hernia, do not hesitate to contact Island Sports Physical Therapy. Our team of physical therapists will provide you with unique and individualized care to get you back in the game. 



In order to identify whether you have a sports hernia, it is important to identify key symptoms:

  • Feeling pain in your lower abdomen. 
  • Feeling pain in your groin. 
  • Feeling pain in your testicles. 

If the injury is very minor, one may experience gradual pain that worsens over time. Typically, those that are injured feel intense groin pain almost immediately. You may notice when you are engaged in action during a game that the pain may disappear, but once you become sedentary, the pain develops. This is why Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station at Island Sports Physical Therapy is critical when on the road to recovery. Pain can spread to the thighs and lower abdomen. 


Treating a Sports Hernia

The best way to determine the cause, condition, and treatment of your pain is by visiting a doctor. Depending on the severity of your case, your doctor may request x-rays or a bone scan. Surgery may not be necessary depending upon the severity, as most physicians will advocate for a non-invasive treatment plan such as physical therapy. This plan can include elements such as the following:

  • Scheduled time for rest. 
  • At-home exercises. 
  • Stretching techniques. 
  • Hot and cold therapy. 
  • Exercises routines and workout regimens. 


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In addition to these steps, it is important to get back on your feet and start moving those muscles again. In order to strengthen the area, it’s recommended to start with small light exercises to gradually loosen the muscles. 

At Island Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, our team provides individualized treatment and personalized attention. Our specialists will provide you with a specific rehabilitation plan to get you back on your feet. Schedule an appointment today and relieve your pain and discomfort. 

Preventing Adolescent Sports Injuries

Playing sports and being active is a big part of many children’s lives. While most children are very prone to injuries as it is, playing a sport only increases the risk of injuries occurring. Whether it be from poor warmups, improper gear, or foul play, there are many opportunities for injury to strike. Luckily, some precautions can be taken to help prevent your child from suffering a painful sports injury. The team Island Sports Physical Therapy, a Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station , is here to provide you with helpful tips and habits that you can instill in your child to hopefully prevent a sports injury this upcoming spring season. 


Common Sports Injuries at Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station

Depending on the sport being played, several different sports injuries can affect your child. If your child is suffering from a sports injury, you should halt their participation in that sport until a full recovery is made. Some of the most common children’s sports injuries treated at our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, include:

Prevention of Sports Injuries

While there are many sports injuries that children may suffer from, there are also things that can be done to help prevent and limit them. Many sports injuries are caused by poor training practices, improper gear, not warming up, or foul play. With this in mind, here are some steps you can take to help prevent your child from suffering a sports injury here at sports physical therapy near Port Jefferson Station:

  • Warm-Up – Warming up and stretching properly is an important practice for playing sports and staying active. Warming up makes the muscles more flexible and ready to perform quick movements, making injury less likely.
  • Practice proper technique – Learning proper movements and techniques can help prevent injuries. Even small changes in position and posture can prevent injuries entirely.
  • Take time to heal – If your child does suffer a sports injury, they must take time off to properly heal. Doing so will promote a quicker recovery and prevent a more serious injury from occurring.
  • Cool-Down – After any athletic activity, it is a good idea to promote a proper cool down in your child. This can include similar low-intensity exercises and stretches used during the warm-up.

By taking preemptive measures like the ones above you can take a large step to avoid injuries. If your child is playing sports, make sure they are doing the things listed above so they can enjoy playing their sport safely. Contact Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station today!


How Our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, Can Help

If your child has suffered from a sports injury, you should bring them to our Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station, right away for treatment. The most notable way to recover from a sports injury is through hands-on therapy. This involves therapies like manual manipulation, combined with specific stretches and exercises to reduce pain, heal the injuries, and bring back mobility and strength to the areas that were injured.

 Functional training can also help your child strengthen and improve specific muscles and parts of the body that are most useful for their sport, as well as athletic screening to identify biomechanical factors that your child can build on to prevent injuries before they happen. Be sure to contact us to get your child the care they need for their sports injury here at Sports Physical Therapy near Port Jefferson Station!

Patient Testimonials

Great experience! Brendan was attentive to my needs and resolved my hip pain quickly to get me running again! New facility is open, clean, with a beautiful gym. I’m left very satisfied and would not hesitate to return for my future therapy needs. – Coleen M.

As a nurse for over 40 years I have had chronic back pain. After a comprehensive evaluation, education and a few treatments with Brendan I have better mobility and no pain!! Brendan is professional, knowledgeable and office is friendly, accommodating with comfortable atmosphere. Great experience and highly recommend!! – Elizabeth C.

Great experience! New facility is clean with a great gym. Attentive staff who clearly know their stuff. Their director Brendan is hands on and involved. Highly recommend. – Terry S.

As an artist, sitting in a chair for long periods of time is never great! Gotta remember to get up and move and stretch! Upon arrival you’re greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Brendan was very kind and professional and overall made the PT session fun! The best part I left feeling so much better. – Will

31 years old and was working out and tweaked something in my neck and shoulder. Serious muscular and nerve pain. Went in for one session and left without any pain.. Brandon is a magician. Highly recommended. – Joseph E.