What is a Meniscus Repair?

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When it comes to physical activity and sports, knee injuries are commonly an athlete’s worst nightmare. Knee injuries, when more severe, can require surgery, months of rehabilitation and are subject to reinjury in the future. For these reasons, knee injuries are some of the most frustrating and debilitating injuries an athlete can sustain. 

You may have heard of a meniscus tear, as it is a more common knee injury that occurs during physical activity and sports—the meniscus tears when the knee twists forcefully, causing certain tissues in the knee to tear. When someone tears their meniscus, they often experience immediate pain in the affected area. They will also commonly experience swelling, stiffness, and loss of range of motion in the knee. If you do tear your meniscus, you may be curious as to what treatment methods and means of repair exist to fix the damage. If you’ve experienced a meniscus tear and are in need of physical therapy in Dix Hills, NY, contact us at Island Sports Physical Therapy for the most trusted and professional care you can receive. 


What is a Meniscus Repair?


physical therapy in Dix HillsMeniscus tears vary in severity, type, and treatment methods. Not all tears are exactly the same, and neither are the people who experience them. While some meniscus tears have the ability to heal on their own with rest and rehabilitation, others require medical intervention. Some meniscus tears will require surgery in order to ensure that the healing occurs properly and in a way that will allow for the athlete to continue physical activities and prevent future injury. 

During a surgical meniscus repair, the surgeon will open up the affected area surgically to assess the extent of the damage to the cartilage. One method the surgeon may take is to actually sew the pieces of torn cartilage back together in order to promote the healthy healing process after the surgery. This method reinforces the healing process and supports the body’s natural healing process. They may also decide to remove the damaged pieces that are no longer viable for healthy knee function. 

There are many benefits to having your knee surgically repaired after an injury to your meniscus. The repair can help ensure that you can regain the strength and stability to continue to perform in the physical activities you engage in, whether it be work or sports. The surgery can help to reduce pain, improve your range of motion, and slow down the process of arthritis should it begin to develop in your knee post-injury. After a period of rest and physical therapy in Dix Hills, patients are likely to make a full recovery. For more information on meniscus tears and the repair process, click here


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At Island Sports Physical Therapy, physical therapy in Dix Hills, it is important to us that our patients are properly taken care of and experience a rehabilitation process that they are comfortable with and helps them achieve their personal goals. Should you sustain an injury such as a meniscus tear, you may be in search of physical therapy in Dix Hills, NY. At ISPT, we understand the importance of physical activity to athletes. Your physical abilities are directly related to your overall happiness, satisfaction in life, and health. That is why we commit ourselves to treat every patient with the attentiveness and care that they deserve. Should you tear your meniscus and find yourself in need of physical therapy in Dix Hills, please contact us at Island Sports Physical Therapy. Visit our website to find out more information on the services that we provide, and read testimonials from our countless happy clients.

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