A sports hernia is an injury of the thin soft tissue and tendons in the groin area. These strains or tears are caused by impact, stress, or sudden twisting of the localized area. As is inferred by the name, a sports hernia is exceedingly common in athletes who participate in high energy sports. Most often, this injury occurs in sports where players may suddenly twist their hips or remain in a bent or hunched forward positions frequently such as in hockey, football, wrestling, and soccer. Activities that may further aggravate a present injury can include bending forward, running, and excessive coughing. 

While an injury is never 100% preventable, seeking out the help of physical therapy in Huntington can offer you the right tools to work through one. At Island Sports Physical Therapy our team will not only help you recover from injuries, such as a sports hernia, but also teach you how to prevent re-injury of any sort.


Thankfully, the symptoms of a sports hernia are relatively consistent and will be easily treated with physical therapy in Huntington. Patients will be suffering from a vague yet chronic groin pain that is dull or burning in nature and is localized above the inguinal ligament. Though this injury is more common in males, who will suffer from additional pain in the testicle, women can suffer from this injury with only that vague feeling. If these symptoms sound familiar to you, contact us for physical therapy in Huntington so that we might help you with your injury.

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis of a sports hernia is determined by your physical prowess and severity of the injury. Your doctor will usually order an MRI scan to determine a diagnosis of a sports hernia. You may also be asked to partake in possibly painful movements to rule out other possibilities. As this injury is severe, many cases may progress to surgery should the injury not resolve itself with time. 


Physical therapy in Huntington is the first step to avoiding a costly and invasive surgical procedure. Our physical therapists will work with you to create a personalized plan to improve strength within your inner thigh and abdominal muscles and work to maintain the same amounts of flexibility present pre-injury. Since a sports hernia can be devastating to an athlete, partaking in physical therapy in Huntington is the only way to recover the torn muscles of the groin area to the strength required of them without further aggravating or re-injuring the area. If the injury is severe enough to require surgery, whether by, traditional incision or endoscopy, your doctor will prescribe a physical rehabilitation plan for recovery. Our sports specific and general rehabilitation programs will be key to regaining ability post-surgery.

If you are interested in physical therapy in Huntington for sports hernia treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our six Long Island locations.

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If you are interested in physical therapy in Huntington for sports hernia treatment, schedule an appointment at our Huntington location today.