What Is The Goal Of A Fracture Fixation


physical therapy near Port JeffersonWhenever a bone is fractured (or broken), and the pieces are sufficiently out of alignment or unstable, they need to be repositioned and stabilized. Resetting the bones at physical therapy near Port Jefferson is sometimes referred to as “resetting” by patients. For orthopedic surgeons, a “reduction” is the correct term to use. This can be accomplished by “closed” means (which does not require an incision) or by “open” means (which does require an incision). It is important to consult with a health professional if you are concerned with your fracture fixation. If you are looking for physical therapy near Port Jefferson, contact ISPT today! At ISPT, our goal is that our patients don’t just recover, but they prevent future re-injury and obtain the maximum performance possible.

The Basic Goal of A Fracture Fixation

Fracture fixation aims at stabilizing fractured bones, facilitating fast healing of the injured bones, and restoring early mobility and full function of the injured limb. Several fracture treatment options are available, including external and internal fixation. An alternative treatment option that physical therapy near Port Jefferson is closed reduction, which aligns the bones. After stabilizing the injury with traction or external splinting, the person is then placed in a sling, a cast, or a splint. Joints are limited in their range of motion using braces. By splinting fractures, external fixators provide fixation. Standard uniplanar fixators, ring fixators, and hybrid fixators are the three basic types of external fixators. Internal fixation devices can be categorized into four major categories: wires, pins and screws, plates, and intramedullary nails or rods. Occasionally, osteotomies or fractures are fixed with staples and clamps. Many types of bone defects can be treated with autogenous bone grafts, allografts, and bone substitutes. Antibiotic beads are commonly used to treat fractures that are infected as well as bone infections.

Types of Fracture Fixation Used At Physical Therapy Near Port Jefferson physical therapy near Port Jefferson

Most of us are probably familiar with the use of splints and casts for temporarily immobilizing broken bones so that the body can heal itself. Are you aware that casts and splints are medically known as “closed” fracture fixation? External fixators generally fall into three categories: standard uniplanar fixator, ring fixator, and hybrid fixator. All of these appear as metal structures outside the body and surround the fractured leg or arm, providing protection.

An open fracture fixation surgery is recommended if the fracture is too complicated for closed fracture fixation to be successful.


 fracture stabilization is referred to as “open reduction internal fixation (ORIF).” This procedure is much more invasive and requires surgical intervention in order to properly stabilize the fracture, allowing optimal healing. As part of the “open” fracture fixation, implants are often used, which include metal screws to nails that fit inside the central portion of the bone. Unlike traditional implants, these ones can stay in the body for an indefinite period of time.

The operative procedures for open fracture fixation at physical therapy near Port Jefferson have become increasingly minimally invasive in the last decade to reduce the overall “trauma” to the injured area, protecting the local skin and muscles to a greater extent.


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The goal of any fracture treatment at physical therapy near Port Jefferson is simple: to create an environment that enables fast healing of the injured bone and to return the injured person to full mobility and function. If you are in search of physical therapy near Port Jefferson, contact ISPT today! At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we believe patients deserve education along with their advanced sports medicine science and treatment. Just having the equipment does not make people better. We achieve success by intelligently utilizing education, exercise, and home program development based on each individual’s needs.

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