Why Do I Need A Labral Repair?

physical therapy in Locust ValleyAre you having pain in your hip or your shoulder? If so, you might have torn your labrum. Luckily, physical therapy in Locust Valley can treat most torn labrums, however, a full labrum repair might be necessary. With proper treatment from Island Sports Physical Therapy, physical therapy in Locust Valley,  your hip or shoulder will be able to return to normal function within a year. 


What Are Labrum Tears?

It is common for individuals to tear their labrum in their hip or shoulder. Our hips and shoulders are ball and socket joints. This means that the top of our shoulder and hip bone fits into a socket, allowing our range of motion. The labrum is cartilage that lines the outside rim of the shoulder and hip sockets. Its purpose is to keep the ball of the bone from moving smoothly through the socket. When the labrum becomes injured, it will cause pain to move the hip and shoulder. 


physical therapy in Locust ValleyShoulder Labral Tears

There are different types of shoulder labrum tears: a SLAP tear or lesion, bankart tear, and posterior labrum tear. All of these types of labral tears usually occur with shoulder injuries. 

  • Symptoms: A labral tear is painful. You will feel that your shoulder joint is catching, locking, popping, or grinding. You may also feel a decrease in your range of motion, instability, loss of strength, and pain while doing daily activities. 
  • Causes: Traumatic injuries and wear and tear of the upper arm are the main causes of labrum tears. There are some specific causes, including a fall on an outstretched arm, sudden tug of the arm, violent blow while reaching overhead, or a direct hit to the shoulder. 
  • Labral Repair: While labral tears can sometimes be treated by physical therapy in Locust Valley, rest, and over-the-counter medications, surgery may be necessary. During a labral repair, a surgeon removes the labrum’s damaged part that prevents a proper range of motion


Hip Labral Tears

A hip labral tear is similar to a shoulder labral tear. 

  • Symptoms: A hip labral tear symptoms are similar to that of a groin strain, snapping hip syndrome, or other athletic injuries. The typical symptoms of a hip labral tear include groin pain, clicking and snapping sensations of the hip, and limited motion in the hip joint. 
  • Causes: Hip labral tears are usually caused by a sports injury, fall, or accident. When individuals dislocate their hip or experience joint subluxation, hip labral tears become more common. Lastly, they are associated with twisting motions that cause immediate pain in the hip. 
  • Labral Repair: Similar to shoulder labrum tears, hip labrum tears can be treated with physical therapy in Locust Valley, rest, and over-the-counter medications. However, in some instances, the labrum is repaired through surgery. This is called hip arthroscopy which is a new procedure for most surgeons and is still being developed. 


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