Weightlifting Tips

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Weightlifting Tips

Are you looking to expand beyond your typical cardio routine at the gym? Well, weightlifting might be just what you are looking for. It offers the same, if not more, benefits than your usual cardio sweat session on the treadmill. This form of resistance training can often seem challenging to someone new, but with some of these helpful tips, you can do it yourself! If you have been searching for physical therapy in East Meadow, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy. We have trained physical therapists available to help tailor a weightlifting routine that’s right for you. They can also assist you in getting more comfortable with performing these types of exercises. Continue reading to learn some useful tips for weightlifting:


Some helpful tips

Often, the overall goal when it comes to weight loss is to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Weight training allows for you not only to lose fat while sustaining your muscle but it also helps to improve your metabolism as well. This combo makes weightlifting not only optimal for those looking to get super fit but also to lose weight.

Here are some helpful tips to know before you start implementing a weightlifting routine:

  • Don’t go too heavy – Meaning, don’t pick up weights that are causing you pain while trying to complete a full set. Try to start lighter and work your way up to a higher weight as you become stronger over time.
  • Balance is key – Make sure not to repeat the same weightlifting routine too often on a certain body part. Try scheduling a workout routine to keep your weightlifting balanced.
  • Warm up – Don’t just jump right into your weightlifting routine without a proper warm up. A five-minute warm-up will help allow your muscles to loosen up and perform better during your weight training.
  • Don’t let momentum take over – It’s easy to allow momentum to propel your lifts. This can defeat the whole purpose of weightlifting, making it too easy on your muscles. Try holding your lift for at least one to two seconds and then take a full two seconds to return to your starting position.
  • Keep mixing it up – Keep challenging yourself by changing your repetitions/sets, weights, or movements. This will help to shock your body and push it to its fullest capability.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t always have to spend that much time lifting weights to see results! It’s more about challenging yourself when lifting the proper weights that’ll help you build strength in your muscles. When you start physical therapy in East Meadow, our staff will be able to work with you to perfect your technique and make sure you’re executing your routine correctly.


How can Physical Therapy in East Meadow help me?

If you are interested in implementing a weightlifting routine and aren’t quite sure where to start, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy. We offer physical therapy in East Meadow, making it convenient to meet with and get the proper guidance from our trained physical therapists. We can also help advise you on how to prevent injuries that can occur while weightlifting. Don’t wait, contact us today to make an appointment!

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