Post-Stroke Physical Therapy

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Post-Stroke Physical Therapy

Did you know that more than 795,000 Americans suffer from a stroke each year? Well, recovering from a stroke can be just as daunting as that number sounds. Rehabilitation after a stroke can often be a lengthy process. Most stroke patients are trying to recover parts of their brain that have been impaired. It can affect not only their speech but also their cognitive, sensory, and motor skills, as well. Putting in the work is vital for stroke patients, but also having the right support can make a huge difference. If you have been searching for physical therapy in East Meadow, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy. We offer a wide range of services, as well as rehabilitation physical therapy for stroke patients. This can make a huge difference in your recovery process.


How does the brain recover after a stroke?

There are several possible ways that stroke patients can regain function in their brain:

  • Changing the way certain tasks are performed and completed.
  • If blood flow were restored to certain parts of the brain, cells would be able to begin functioning the same way, again, over time.
  • Certain parts of the brain may step in and provide support for the areas that were affected or damaged by a stroke.


The skills you can recover

The overall goal of rehabilitation is to regain the normal function that a patient had before the event of a stroke. Some of the skills you can work to achieve through rehab include:


  • Speech Skills – Strokes can often cause a language impairment called Aphasia. This condition affects how one speaks and formulates sentences. Aphasia can also make physically speaking very difficult.
  • Speech and language therapists can help those suffering from aphasia regain control of their muscles. This can, in turn, help them be able to talk more clearly and coherently.
  • Cognitive Skills – Stroke patients can also experience loss of judgment, impaired thinking and reasoning abilities, and memory loss.
  • It can also alter some of an individual’s personality traits. Patients recovering from a stroke can seem more withdrawn or quiet than their usual self, or vice-versa.
  • With the loss of judgment comes the ability to act more careless or recklessly. This poses a safety hazard to both themselves and others. Physical therapy and occupational therapists can help stroke patients regain their cognitive abilities through specific exercises and repetition.
  • Motor Skills – After undergoing a stroke, it can cause certain muscles on one side of the body to be affected. This can make an individual’s sense of coordination weak and even make it difficult for them to perform simple functions, such as walking.
  • Physical therapy can help strengthen these muscles, therefore increasing overall balance and coordination.
  • Sensory Skills – Sensory inputs can also be affected after a stroke such as the ability to feel hot/cold surfaces or pressure. This can also pose a safety hazard, making physical therapy extremely helpful. Therapists can work with you to help you adjust to the changes and increase your sensory function.  


How can Physical Therapy in East Meadow help me?

If you or someone you know needs physical therapy in East Meadow, post-stroke, Island Sports Physical Therapy might be the place for you. We offer services ranging from post-stroke physical therapy to education and fitness plans to help get you acclimated back to your old self. Contact us today to see how Island Sports Physical Therapy can help you!

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