Essentially, instability is known as the source of internal bone deficiencies found within patients. Typically, spinal instability tends to crop up as the most common variation of the disorder. Occasionally referred to as lumbar instability, it’s known as the inability of the spine to maintain its structure under standard usage conditions. An unstable spine is unable to provide support or even essential functions for the body. The spine provides structure and protection to the body’s internal organs which is why a healthy spine is pertinent for desiring a healthy lifestyle. Instability can also materialize itself within the joints. Joint instability can be extremely common in older individuals and is often characterized as a sharp, chronic pain that occurs during normal usage of the area. If you’re suffering from an instability issue, consider utilizing physical therapy in East Meadow for treatment of the ailment.  

Types and Causes  

Joint instability typically occurs when the joint becomes so weak that it can no longer hold bones properly within its structure. A prerequisite of joints is that they need to be flexible and strong, allowing them to function properly. Unfortunately, Joint instability has been known to populate in multiple places, potentially including the following:

  • Ankle
  • Big toe
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Neck

Instability in these areas can be triggered by several distinct factors and individuals of any age are susceptible to experiencing the complication. Potential risk factors that can formulate as a result of chronic instability can include the following:

  • Injury: Common accidents such as slipping and falling have the capability to dislocate the joint or even potentially create ligament tears.
  • Overuse: Repeated movements can periodically develop a “wear and tear” within the joint, creating unnecessary strain.

If you’re searching for answers regarding instability, consider physical therapy in East Meadow as an ideal method for getting the answers you need.

How We Can Help

Sadly, instability issues affect millions of individuals around the world every day. Joint instability is an issue that physical therapists see and treat with regularity. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we know that pain can vary for every individual which is why we believe in a specialized treatment plan that will target your specific location of pain. If you’re considering the potential benefits that can stem from treatment, contact our staff for physical therapy in East Meadow and schedule an appointment today.

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