How Can Physical Therapy Help With Neck Pain?

While it is unfortunate, neck pain is something that most people will have to face at least once in their lifetime. For some, this means a few hours of discomfort as the neck muscles loosen up throughout the day. For others, it can mean the inability to turn your head from side to side due to excruciating pain. If you find yourself leaning more towards the latter category, physical therapy should be in your future. Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team would like to discuss why this form of care can be so beneficial to treating neck pain.

Common Causes Of Neck Pain 

When it comes to neck pain, many culprits can be to blame for stimulating this discomfort. This should be expected, as everyone from athletes to stay-at-home parents can be subjected to the issue. However, no matter what the cause, our team will work diligently to correct the problem. Below are just some of the catalysts that can cause neck pain to develop:

  • Muscle strains.
  • Joint issues.
  • Nerve compression.
  • Experiencing trauma to the neck.
  • Conditions such as arthritis.

When To See A Doctor

As previously stated, sometimes neck pain will go away on its own. Just because you slept wrong the night before and woke up with pain, it doesn’t mean a trip to our facility is warranted. However, when you notice neck pain lasting longer and becoming a more regular part of your life, you shouldn’t wait to seek care. Getting treatment sooner rather than later will eliminate the chances of permanent damage taking place. Those dealing with any of the below symptoms should seriously consider scheduling an appointment with us for physical therapy right away:

  • Severe pain.
  • Pain that does not subside after days of rest.
  • Pain that begins to spread down your arms or legs.
  • Headaches, numbness, weakness, or tingling sensations accompany the pain.
  • Being unable to turn your head from side to side.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Due to physical therapy’s nature, many doctors will have patients receive this form of care as the first resort for treatment. Physical therapy is non-invasive and utilizes therapeutic stretches and strengthening exercises to promote healing in the affected area’s structural and supportive tissues. By working with our team, you can find your neck pain being relieved without the need for invasive treatments. It also increases the likelihood that neck pain does not become a recurring issue.

The Benefits Of Working With Island Sports Physical Therapy 

When faced with pain or an injury, patients should always seek out the treatment methods that offer the most benefits. That is one of the many reasons physical therapy is so popular. This form of treatment houses a plethora of benefits and can help patients dealing with all types of ailments get back to full strength. Should you decide to seek physical therapy for your neck pain, expect the below to take place:

  • Elimination of pain.
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion.
  • Regaining strength.
  • Increase the potential of avoiding surgery.
  • Preventing the injury or condition from recurring.   

Additional Modalities   

Although physical therapy is largely activity-based, other aspects go into the sessions. Our team will perform a full evaluation of your neck to determine which additional modalities will work best for you. Any of the below may also be utilized to complement the healing activities:

  • Massage therapy.
  • Heat and cold therapy.
  • Electronic muscle stimulation.
  • Ultrasound therapy.

Contact Our Team 

Constant and severe neck pain can quickly drag down one’s quality of life. To help prevent this from happening, consider working with our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy. Our expert staff will provide you with physical therapy sessions needed to help you make a full recovery. If you’d like to schedule your first appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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