Like adults, children are susceptible to injuries and conditions that can greatly impede their quality of life, if left untreated. As a parent, the last thing you want for your child is for them to experience pain that prevents them from living their life to the fullest. When you don’t know where to turn, you can put your trust in our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy to treat your child’s injury with quality care and service. We offer physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY as a treatment method for a wide variety of injuries and conditions that may be affecting your child.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a natural form of treatment that works to ease pain and improve the overall functionality and movement of the body. While it can be paired with other forms of treatment to achieve more optimal results, this form of treatment can also be the primary source of care depending on the injury or condition being treated. During a session of our physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY, your child will be taught a variety of exercises and stretches by one of our therapists. While first being done at our facility, some exercises and stretches can also be performed at home to expedite the healing process. The main goal of our staff at Island Sports Physical Therapy is to help your child regain strength and range of motion in the area of injury and we will work to develop a personalized plan to do so. 

Helping With Development:

While each child develops at their own pace, there are certain developmental milestones that should be achieved by a certain point in their lives. While being a month or two behind the average development curve can be completely natural, you should consider our physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY if your child is displaying any of the below developmental warning signs:

  • Unable to bear weight on their legs after 6 months.
  • Only able to turn their head to one side.
  • Walking only on their tiptoes for more than 6 months.
  • Unable to sit on their own after 8 months.
  • Not yet crawling after 12 months.
  • They have not begun to walk after 18 months.

Injuries and Conditions:

Whether your child is a developing infant or they are old enough to have started playing school sports, physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY may be necessary. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we are committed to doing everything in our power to help your child heal and develop properly. Our staff will develop a personalized care plan if your child is affected by any of the below injuries and conditions:

  • Delays in development.
  • Cerebral palsy.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Acute trauma.
  • Genetic conditions.
  • Effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure.
  • Limb deficiencies.
  • Muscle conditions.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy In Ronkonkoma NY:

As you already know, physical therapy helps to increase strength and range of motion in the affected area. However, there are additional benefits that are commonly associated with physical therapy in children, including:

  • Avoid and recovery from surgical operations.
  • Treat or prevent sports-related injuries.
  • Prevent injuries from reoccurring.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Increase balance to avoid slips and falls.
  • Adapt to an artificial limb.

Physical Therapy In Ronkonkoma NY

As a parent, you never want to see your child suffer from a debilitating injury or condition for an extended period. To help avoid this and improve your child’s quality of life, we offer physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY is an effective and natural form of treatment. When your child requires this type of care, make our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy your first call. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take every step possible to ensure that your child can remain happy, healthy, and pain-free!

Physical Therapy in East Meadow
Physical Therapy in East Meadow

Recovering From A Torn ACL

Your anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is an essential ligament that provides stability to the knee joint. This ligament is one of the most commonly injured areas of the knee, so proper care and precautions are vital for maintenance. Regardless of how you sustained a tear in your ACL, our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be there for you throughout the recovery process. We offer personalized treatment plans for a variety of sports-related injuries and other conditions. 

ACL Surgery:

Most commonly, an ACL tear requires surgery. For example, if your knee buckles when putting weight on it or if you are an athlete, your doctor will most likely determine that surgery is necessary for proper treatment. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the ligament and use a graft as a replacement. This graft will be comprised of tendon taken from another part of the body, usually the knee or hamstring. In most cases, you will be able to return home later that day, depending upon the severity and the preferences of yourself and the surgeon. Once the surgery has been completed, the next steps towards recovery will be to partake in physical therapy in East Meadow.   

Length Of Recovery:

Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery time will vary from patient to patient. For some, the typical recovery period is six to nine months after surgery. For others, it may take between eight months and a full year to make a complete recovery. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, you can undergo physical therapy in East Meadow to help expedite your recovery time and get you back to doing what you love.    

Treatment – Physical Therapy in East Meadow:

Taking part in physical therapy after surgery will help to restore strength and stability in the knee. The goals of physical therapy in East Meadow are divided into four phases, which are outlined below:

1. Helping To Heal the Knee: Phase one is all about protection and healing. The main goals are to start the process of restoring range of motion and regaining correct usage of your quadriceps muscles. You will learn to walk properly with your crutches and may even receive neuromuscular electrical stimulation to improve your ability to gently contract your knee.

2. Tossing the Crutches: The goal of this phase is to limit the use of crutches while still protecting the knee. During this phase, exercises to improve control of your quadriceps and increase the strength of your hips and hamstrings will be incorporated into your routine. Hopefully, performing these exercises will allow you to begin walking normally again. 

3. Getting Stronger: During this phase, the goal is to build up enough strength to begin walking or even lightly jogging. This will be the time where your physical therapist will test the integrity of the repaired knee. If you are pain-free and it is determined that your knee is stable, you may be allowed to begin jogging.

4. Almost Back To Normal: In this final phase of physical therapy, running and normal physical activity can slowly be incorporated back into your life. However, it is important to remember not to overdo this, as pushing too hard can often reverse any progress you have made.   

Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Meadow:

Throughout the rehabilitation and recovery process, it is important to listen to your body. Some patients may be ahead of schedule while recovering, while for others it may take longer than usual. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team will work to develop the perfect recovery plan to get you back on your feet. We can help you reach your recovery goals within a safe and appropriate timeframe. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us to begin your journey to recovery today!

physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY
Physical Therapy in Huntington Station

Physical Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

Whether it be affecting you or a loved one, Parkinson’s disease is a difficult disease to have to manage when it becomes a part of your life. Tight muscles, tremors, or difficulty balancing may be an everyday occurrence. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team of skilled physical therapists can help to improve the quality of life of those suffering from this condition. While it may not be the cure, our physical therapy in Huntington Station can help to manage any movement issues and face this disease head-on with a personalized plan of attack centered around the patient.     

How Can Physical Therapy in Huntington Station Help?

The main goal of physical therapy is to build strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Your physical therapist will execute an overall evaluation of your condition and determine the steps necessary to move forward for treatment. During your sessions, you may receive education on some of the following:

  • Avoid falls.
  • Get in and out of bed easier.
  • Go up and down stairs properly.
  • Stretch your muscles to improve range of motion.
  • Walk without shuffling.

Types of Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease:

At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer many different types of physical therapy in Huntington Station that can help to better manage Parkinson’s disease, including:

  • Amplitude Training: Since Parkinson’s disease causes movements to become progressively smaller, amplitude training may be done to combat this symptom. Training will consist of putting the body through a variety of exaggerated movements to open up any range of motion that may have been diminished due to this disease.    
  • Balance Work: Balance and coordination are some other things that Parkinson’s disease may affect and make difficult. Our team will introduce a variety of exercises to help in regaining this balance and allowing you to move around with more confidence and ease.
  • Strength Training: Both age and Parkinson’s disease can lead to a deterioration of strength. Physical therapy can be used as a means to regain any strength that has been washed away by this condition.
  • Stretching: Parkinson’s disease can cause muscles to tighten, making it difficult to walk and move around. A physical therapist can introduce a stretching regimen to help loosen these muscles and make movement a bit easier.     

Schedule an Appointment:

If you’re looking for help in managing Parkinson’s disease, the team at Island Sports Physical Therapy is here to help. Physical therapy is a great option when dealing with progressive disorders. By contacting us, you can take the first steps in managing this unfortunate condition today.  

physical therapist in East Northport
physical therapist in East Northport

Treating Sciatica During Pregnancy

Sciatica is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, a nerve that runs from the lower spine through the thigh. This irritation of the sciatic nerve can lead to a sharp pain in the buttocks and hips that travels down to the thighs. Sciatic pain is quite common during pregnancy. Roughly 50 to 80 percent of women experienced it at some point throughout their pregnancies. It is important to seek treatment for any type of pain experienced during pregnancy, including sciatic pain. If you are looking to find relief for your sciatic pain, our physical therapist in East Northport at Island Sports Physical Therapy is ready to help you today.

What Causes Sciatica During Pregnancy?

Sciatic pain is commonly caused by a bulging or herniated disc, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, or degenerative disc disease. However, sciatic pain experienced during pregnancy is rarely a result of any of these conditions. The most common catalysts for sciatica during pregnancy are usually pelvic bone pain, sacroiliac joint problems, or piriformis syndrome, a condition affecting one of the buttock muscles. These issues are often a result of an increase in hormones during pregnancy, specifically relaxin. Increased relaxin levels can cause ligaments to become stretched or loosened, particularly in the pelvic area. Additionally, the weight and positioning of the baby can put extra pressure on the hip joints, pelvis, and possibly the sciatic nerve. 

What Are The Symptoms?

There are several symptoms of sciatica during pregnancy that differ from woman to woman. Among the most commonly experienced symptoms are the following:

  • Trouble walking, standing, or even sitting.
  • Numbness or weakness in the leg or foot on the affected side.
  • Burning or shooting pain.
  • Pain along the back of the thigh through the foot, originating from the sciatic nerve.

How Can A Physical Therapist In East Northport Help? 

Because extra caution must be taken during pregnancy, some forms of treatment must be ruled out that may commonly be used to treat sciatica pain under normal circumstances. For example, electrical stimulation and ultrasound treatments can be potentially harmful to the unborn child and will not be utilized at our location for physical therapy in East Northport. Among the treatments that can be used on pregnant patients suffering from sciatica are the following:

  • Applying heat or ice.
  • Wearing a brace.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Massages.
  • Assistance with posture correction.
  • Performing exercises.

Contact Us Today!

If you are pregnant and suffering from sciatic pain, we can give you the help you need with physical therapy in East Northport at Island Sports Physical Therapy. Our skilled team of physical therapists will work to assess your pain and develop a course of treatment that both relieves your pain and keeps your baby safe. Contact us today to get started!

Physical Therapy in East Meadow
Physical Therapy in East Meadow

What Are The Different Types of Physical Therapy?

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the practice of using physical medicine to help improve a patient’s mobility and function. Physical therapists help patients prevent or manage their injuries, achieve function, restore ability, and maintain long-term benefits. Because physical therapists can treat such a wide range of people and conditions, it is broken down into specialties so that you can find the right medical professional that is experienced in handling your specific complication. If you are looking for physical therapy in East Meadow, our staff at Island Sports Physical Therapy is ready to help you start feeling better today. 

Different Types Of Physical Therapy:

The practice of physical therapy is broken down into many specialties, and even more sub-specialties. However, there are certain specialties of physical therapy that are often the main focus. These main specialties include the following:

  • Pediatric: This branch of physical therapy focuses on detecting, treating, and managing any issues, injuries, disorders, or diseases that affect the physical bodies of infants and children. This includes any problems associated with the muscles, bones, and joints of the patient. Pediatric physical therapists may also see adolescent patients as needed. Pediatric physical therapists help treat conditions such as cerebral palsy, torticollis, and spina bifida, as well as any acute injury a younger patient may be experiencing.
  • Geriatric: Physical therapists specializing in geriatric care focus on complications that arise as patients naturally age. Such complications typically include arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, hip and/or joint replacement and complications, and osteoporosis. These physical therapists create specialized therapy programs to help their patients regain mobility and reduce pain.
  • Orthopedic: Orthopedic physical therapists deal with complications within the musculoskeletal system. They manage and treat disorders and injuries, and they can assist with many surgical recoveries. If a patient has had complications or surgery affecting the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, or bones, then this type of physical therapy can assist. Examples of this include sports injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, and bursitis. 
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: These physical therapists deal with cardiopulmonary disorders and surgeries. The main goal of this type of physical therapy is to restore endurance and functional independence in patients. If you have recently had a heart attack or heart surgery, cardiovascular rehabilitation at our location for physical therapy in East Meadow can help expedite your recovery process. 
  • Neurological: Therapists in this specialty work with patients who have neurological complications. Some examples of these complications include ASL, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and/or stroke. These therapists work to reduce the effects of symptoms that may arise from these conditions, such as paralysis, loss of balance, and difficulty walking.
  • Sports: Sports physical therapists help athletes to recover from injuries sustained on the field. They work to analyze the cause of the injury and determine a treatment plan to help athletes return to their full potential after suffering from an injury. Common injuries treated by sports physical therapists include ACL injuries, tendon tears, and both simple and compound fractures.

Contact Us Today!

Physical therapists work to relieve many different types of ailments and symptoms experienced by a wide range of people. Because the field of physical therapy is so extensive and can benefit a large number of patients, physical therapists often specialize in treating specific issues or age groups to be able to better help their patients. If you require physical therapy in East Meadow, contact us us at Island Sports Physical Therapy and see how we can help you attain optimal wellness.  

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physical therapy in Ronkonkoma NY

Physical Therapy for Vestibular Conditions

Your vestibular system includes the parts of the brain and inner ear that help control both eye movements and balance. In a recent epidemiological study, it was found that approximately 69 million Americans have experienced a form of vestibular dysfunction. Essentially, your vestibular system is a central part of your functioning abilities. When damage or disease is infiltrating these areas, not only do you feel the effect it has on your body, but you will also experience difficulties when it comes to performing day-to-day tasks. If you or someone you know is suffering from a vestibular disorder, know there is a way you can ease your symptoms. With the help of physical therapy in Huntington, you can learn how to treat many of the negative symptoms yourself through exercise. 

Common Symptoms: 

The symptoms of vestibular disorders can be broken down depending on the type and severity of them. When visiting physical therapy in Huntington, make sure you fully describe the symptoms you are experiencing so they can help properly diagnose your disorder: 

  • Vertigo – If you are suffering from vertigo you likely feel dizzy, or that the world around you is spinning. You may also feel lightheaded or a rocking sensation while sitting still or with certain movements.
  • Balance and Spatial Orientation – You often feel an imbalance, have difficulty walking straight or even stumble frequently. You also may struggle with coordination or tend to hold onto something while standing. 
  • Vision Issues – If your experience symptoms involving your vision, you may feel discomfort in busy visual environments, have a sensitivity to light, poor depth perception, and have trouble focusing or tracking objects. 
  • Hearing Issues –  You may hear a ringing, roaring, or buzzing in your ear. It is also likely that you have a sensitivity to loud noises or environments. 

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, a physical therapist at Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can then devise a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. 

How can physical therapy in Huntington help?

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of therapy that will target both primary and secondary problems caused by vestibular disorders. Your physical therapist will create an exercise program that can incorporate the following:

  • Visual cues 
  • Somatosensory cues 
  • Stationary positions 
  • Dynamic movements
  • Coordinated movements 
    • Ones that target the ankles, hips, or both
  • Dual tasks 
    • Ones that involve balancing at the same time

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, we offer a variety of services, including vestibular therapy, to help patients manage pain and reduce the many symptoms that come along with vestibular disorders. To learn more about our services, or how you can get a personalized treatment program just for you, contact us today!


With the warm weather beginning to dissipate, those in the community may not be as willing to participate in exercise/outdoor activity. For patients, this could be an issue, as a lack of physical activity can lead to injury or deteriorations of health. One of the many national health observances that’s recognized throughout the month of October is National Physical Therapy Month. The goal of this observance is to help raise awareness in regards to physical therapy and the role these therapists play in helping patients find pain relief, improve mobility and functionality, and live an overall healthier life. If you have been considering physical therapy as a treatment option, then look no further than Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Meadow. For years, we have been treating patients with specialized methods and have provided comprehensive evaluations. Essentially, there is no better time to stop by then during October, as we encourage all of our patients and their families to get involved and partake in healthy activities this month. 

Benefits of physical therapy: 

Aside from serving as a potential alternative treatment method for surgery and medications, the following benefits also come along with physical therapy treatment: 

  • Pain management. 
  • Possibly avoiding surgery. 
  • Improved mobility. 
  • Improved movement. 
  • Injury recovery. 
  • Fall prevention. 
  • Stroke or Paralysis recovery. 
  • Improved balance. 
  • Proper management of age-related complications. 

Common conditions treated by physical therapy: 

A physical therapist can work directly with you and assist in any stage of the healing process. Whether you have just been diagnosed, or have recently started your recovery process, physical therapy in East Meadow can serve as your primary beneficiary. Depending on your reasoning for signing up, a physical therapist will construct an exercise-based treatment plan, along with self-management recommendations, that can help you succeed and attain the goals that you’re targeting. Someone who is seeking out physical therapy will typically suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • Cardiopulmonary Conditions 
    • ex): COPD, CF, or MI 
  • Hand Therapy 
    • ex): Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Trigger Finger 
  • Musculoskeletal Dysfunction 
    • ex): Back pain, rotator cuff tears, or TMJ 
  • Neurological Conditions 
    • ex): Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, injury to the spinal cord, MS, vestibular dysfunction, or traumatic brain injuries 
  • Pediatric Conditions 
    • ex): Developmental delays, CP, or muscular dystrophy
  • Sports-related Injuries 
    • ex): Concussion or Tennis Elbow
  • Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 
    • ex): urinary incontinence or lymphedema 

How can physical therapy in East Meadow help?

At Island Sports Physical Therapy, you can find the personalized care you deserve. If you suffer from any of the above conditions, or just want to work on managing your overall health, we can help! We offer a variety of services that can offer you the individualized treatment you need, including some of the following:

  • Orthopedic Care.
  • Spinal Rehabilitation. 
  • Sports Specific Therapy. 
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation. 
  • Children’s Injuries. 
  • Fitness Programming. 

For more information on how you can begin physical therapy in East Meadow, visit our website or give us a call to schedule your appointment!

Physical Therapy in Huntington for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. The condition itself is often very uncomfortable and can be tricky to deal with. It can make just taking a step or walking to the bathroom extremely painful, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, with the help and guidance of physical therapy in Huntington, you can learn how to minimize your pain and get back to your day to day life. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team is here to help you during your appointments as well as offer you tips and techniques to use while at home to treat your arthritis.


Typically the symptoms of arthritis will progress over time. The location of your arthritis in your body will determine which types of symptoms you have. No matter where you have it though, it is important to start treatment sooner rather than later. Some of the more common symptoms of knee arthritis may include: 

  • Pain when doing activities 
  • A small range of motion
  • Swelling or stiffness of joint 
  • Tenderness in knee 
  • Deformity of joint  
  • Feeling that your knee is about to, “give out


One of the best ways to help reduce the pain of knee arthritis is to regularly stretch and engage in exercise. No matter how simple the exercise may be, the benefits will still be there. While at physical therapy in Huntington, a PT may provide you with some of the following exercises to ease the pain of your symptoms:

  • Straight leg raise – helps build up muscle strength to assist with weak joints 
  • Seated hip march – this will strengthen your hips/thigh muscles; which is beneficial for performing everyday tasks.
  • Pillow squeeze – will strengthen the inside of your legs which will help support your knees.   
  • Sit to stand – will make standing easier on your knees.  
  • One leg balance – this can help you bend over/help get in and out of cars easier.  
  • Step-ups – will strengthen your legs so you can easily climb steps  
  • Walking – this can ease your joint pain, strengthen your leg muscles, and improve your posture.   
  • Swimming – will take the weight off painful joints. 

Performing these exercises both at home and at physical therapy in Huntington will help decrease your arthritis pain and get you back on your feet!

How can physical therapy in Huntington help?

If you suffer from arthritis in your knee and are looking to relieve the pain, look no further. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, our team can help you learn exercises to do in and out of therapy. We will examine your knee to determine how we can create a treatment plan that’ll lead you to success. So don’t suffer through the pain of arthritis and get back to living your life to the fullest! Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

Get ready because Wednesday, September 25th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day!  On this day, women of all ages are encouraged to be active and talk about how they can be physically active and healthy all year round.  Local events celebrating the day occur all across the U.S. to provide women of all ages a place to get together, be active, and have fun!  Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, we always want to encourage our clients to be active and healthy and National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is the perfect opportunity to talk about the best ways to be healthy and active regularly.  

How you can celebrate:

There are so many ways you can participate in National Women’s Health and Fitness Day!  Here are some suggestions we have to participate:

  • Make sure the women in your life know about the day – Tell your friends and family what is being celebrated and see if they want to join you in your activities.
  • Find a local event – Thousands of events will be held throughout the U.S. such as health workshops or group physical activities.  Look into what events your local areas are holding for the day.
  • Try something new – whether its a new sport, activity, or food, use the day to try something new that you may have been nervous about trying or haven’t thought of trying previously.
  • Exercise – Go to the gym, go for a run or participate in your favorite sport or activity.  Try to exercise for 30 minutes every day! 
  • Schedule a checkup with your doctor – Take this opportunity to schedule a regular checkup or any preventative screenings that you should be getting done depending on your age group to be sure that your body is healthy and happy.
  • Eat and drink healthy – Focus on what foods and drinks you are putting into your body and how good they are for you.  Avoid alcohol and focus on consuming whole nutrient-dense foods.
  • Stay hydrated – Pay attention to how much water you are drinking.  Try to drink at least eight cups of water a day however body weight and activity level will vary your optimal level. 
  • Take time to acknowledge and check on your mental health – Your mental health is so important and you deserve some time to make sure that your mental health is also being taken care of and get any help you may need.
  • Find small ways to be more active in your day to day schedule – Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator, go out for a walk during your lunch break, or park your car further away.
  • Get physical therapy if you are in pain – Get the proper help and treatment you need to alleviate pain and heal from and injury or surgery so that you can return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

However, you decide to participate in National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, use the day as a reminder of how important it is to be healthy and active and think about how you can incorporate new ways of being healthy and active into your daily routines.

Contact a Physical Therapist: 

Island Sports Physical Therapy can help you get back to an active and healthy lifestyle if pain or injury is holding you back.  If you need physical therapy, consider letting our experienced physical therapists create a personalized and effective plan to help you with your pain, mobility, or healing.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

As an athlete, one of the best assets you can bring to your team is your strength. In order to have that strength, it is essential to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you risk the chance of injury, which can be detrimental to your season. Over the summer months, we may not be regularly exercising or working out as much as we would be during the year. This can lead to a greater chance of injury once it comes time to get back on the field this fall. Rather than taking the risk, why not build yourself up instead to be the best player possible come game time? Luckily, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can help you out with that. While many of us think of physical therapy as a way to recover from injury, we often forget that it is helpful too when you just want to stay healthy! 

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

Below are some of the ways athletes can benefit from physical therapy in Huntington to stay game-ready this fall sports season: 

  • Injury Prevention – Everyone knows that physical therapy can be used to treat pain and discomfort, but did you know physical therapy can be used for prevention as well? By going to physical therapy in Huntington we can get an idea of what your current physical capabilities are, notice some areas in which they may be lacking, and improve them. 
  • Works your core – Your core is responsible for so many of the movements we make daily, especially in sports. By having a strong core, you will be less likely to get injured, you’ll look great on the field. and you’ll have better balance. Which altogether will make you a better athlete.
  • Stretches – As an athlete, your body works pretty hard to help you defeat your opponents. For that reason, it’s important to stretch your body. Stretching will allow your body to recover faster and put your mind at ease. Plus, stretching can improve your range of motion.
  • Education – In order to stay in shape, you have to work out. Although some workouts may be fairly easy, there are others in which bad form can put your body out of shape. Luckily, physical therapy in Huntington will teach and provide you with specific sports exercises and training equipment, along with guidelines on what works best for you and your athletic needs.

Schedule an appointment: 

It is important to remember that injury is never 100% preventable, but with the help of physical therapy, you can become smarter when it comes to your sport. If you’re interested in injury prevention or recovery services, contact us to set up an appointment to get started today!