Sports PT

With spring right on the horizon, athletes are preparing themselves for the upcoming spring sports season. Living a very active lifestyle can put a burden on your body at times, especially for those who play contact sports such as lacrosse. By making an appointment with Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY, our expert staff can provide you with fitness programming tailored to your specific sport. Physical therapy can be an outstanding resource for athletes who are looking to make sure that they’re ready for the upcoming season.

Benefits of Sports Specific PT

There are many benefits of visiting a physical therapist if you are an athlete. Even if you do not feel as though you are injured, it’s still a good plan to undergo an evaluation from your physical therapist. By doing so, you’ll be able to reassure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle for sports or even daily physical activities. Physical therapists work with patients who are healing from various injuries, which can be common for athletes. Most athletes understand the physical demands that sports require from them. With multiple practices throughout the week, and several games to follow, seeing a physical therapist will help you out immensely.

Looking at specific sports, spring sports in most districts tend to feature both lacrosse and baseball/softball. In the case of baseball, pitchers tend to suffer regular shoulder pain and soreness as a result of the unorthodox pitching motions they employ. Looking at lacrosse, running up and down the field constantly can undoubtedly have plenty of strain on the knees and other parts of the legs.

Why Choose PT?

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY, our staff can specialize our fitness programs to your specific sport and get you fully prepared for the upcoming season. Should you feel as though you’re nursing an injury, physical therapy can be even more prevalent for you. Don’t wait, take care of this issue immediately before it becomes a lingering problem. Injuries that are not reported can only become worse, instead, get yourself the right treatment. Our staff can recommend proper stretching techniques that will target the problem areas. As an athlete, this will help minimize pain and build up your endurance. Longevity and staying on the field is your responsibility as an athlete don’t allow yourself to struggle.

Consider Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY for answering any questions regarding your injury. Our team will work with you to build up your strength and decrease your chances of suffering a sports-related injury. Contact our office today for further information.

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