A sports hernia is an injury of the thin soft tissue and tendons in the groin area. These strains or tears are caused by impact, stress, or sudden twisting of the localized area. As is inferred by the name, a sports hernia is exceedingly common in athletes who participate in high energy sports. Most often, this injury occurs in sports where players may suddenly twist their hips or remain in a bent or hunched forward positions frequently such as in hockey, football, wrestling, and soccer. Activities that may further aggravate a present injury can include bending forward, running, and excessive coughing. 

While an injury is never 100% preventable, seeking out the help of physical therapy in Huntington can offer you the right tools to work through one. At Island Sports Physical Therapy our team will not only help you recover from injuries, such as a sports hernia, but also teach you how to prevent re-injury of any sort.


Thankfully, the symptoms of a sports hernia are relatively consistent and will be easily treated with physical therapy in Huntington. Patients will be suffering from a vague yet chronic groin pain that is dull or burning in nature and is localized above the inguinal ligament. Though this injury is more common in males, who will suffer from additional pain in the testicle, women can suffer from this injury with only that vague feeling. If these symptoms sound familiar to you, contact us for physical therapy in Huntington so that we might help you with your injury.

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis of a sports hernia is determined by your physical prowess and severity of the injury. Your doctor will usually order an MRI scan to determine a diagnosis of a sports hernia. You may also be asked to partake in possibly painful movements to rule out other possibilities. As this injury is severe, many cases may progress to surgery should the injury not resolve itself with time. 


Physical therapy in Huntington is the first step to avoiding a costly and invasive surgical procedure. Our physical therapists will work with you to create a personalized plan to improve strength within your inner thigh and abdominal muscles and work to maintain the same amounts of flexibility present pre-injury. Since a sports hernia can be devastating to an athlete, partaking in physical therapy in Huntington is the only way to recover the torn muscles of the groin area to the strength required of them without further aggravating or re-injuring the area. If the injury is severe enough to require surgery, whether by, traditional incision or endoscopy, your doctor will prescribe a physical rehabilitation plan for recovery. Our sports specific and general rehabilitation programs will be key to regaining ability post-surgery.

If you are interested in physical therapy in Huntington for sports hernia treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our six Long Island locations.

Ironically occurring during the fall, National Fall Prevention Day occurs on the first day of the fall season; this year being September 23. Initially falls and slips may not seem like a pressing issue, but as we age, they can become detrimental to our health. Being able to educate yourself on the primary stimulants for slipping and falling in people, as well as prevention tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe. If you have recently sustained an injury from a fall and are seeking treatment, physical therapy in Huntington can be a huge help here at Island Sports Physical Therapy. 

Why are we more likely to fall as we get older?

As we get older, we become more susceptible to falls and the risk of injury. While falls can happen by accident, it is important to remember that they often can be a common symptom or side effect of many health issues that come along with older age as well. These issues may include some of the following:

  • Chronic health conditions
    • For example, people who suffer from heart disease, dementia, or low blood pressure often experience side effects like dizziness, fatigue, or even fainting spells which can at times lead to a fall. 
  • Weak muscles 
  • Poor vision 
  • Suffering from an illness that affects your balance


Other causes: 

Aside from ordinary aging, or suffering from a medical condition, falls can unexpectedly occur just by going about your day-to-day business. These occurrences may include the following instances: 

  • Walking on a wet or recently polished floor. 
  • Being in a room with poor or dim lighting.
  • Rugs or carpets that are not properly secured or laid out on the ground.
  • Reaching up in high places that require you to jump or stand up on something.
  • Walking up or down the stairs.

Safety Tips: 

While National Fall Prevention awareness is celebrated only once a year, it is vital that you keep spreading the message to friends and loved ones. One of the ways we can do so is informing ourselves and others on prevention. Some safety tips that can help you prevent future falls include the following:

  • Regularly visiting your doctor – While visiting your primary care physician can help, you could also benefit from receiving physical therapy in Huntington. A physical therapist can help incorporate a fall prevention plan into your life and work towards ensuring a safer and healthier lifestyle at home or on the go.
  • Staying Active – Gentle exercises, such as walking or water workouts, can help keep you moving and feeling comfortable.
  • Wear more sensible shoes
  • Check your home for hazards – This can include removing clutter, securing loose rugs, repairing loose flooring or broken furniture, make sure to clean up any spilled food or liquids as soon as possible, and purchasing non-slip mats for your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Make sure your home has sufficient lighting 
  • Use assistive devices – This can be as simple as using the handrails while walking up or down the stairs or even adding a bar to your shower so you have something to hold onto while moving around.

How can Physical Therapy in Huntington help?

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, we have a variety of services, including geriatric rehabilitation, that can help work towards preventing falls. When you meet with one of our physical therapists they will work towards creating an exercise program that is conducive for you and will help limit your risk of falling. If you would like to learn more, schedule an appointment with us today! 

Physical Therapy in Huntington for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. The condition itself is often very uncomfortable and can be tricky to deal with. It can make just taking a step or walking to the bathroom extremely painful, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, with the help and guidance of physical therapy in Huntington, you can learn how to minimize your pain and get back to your day to day life. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team is here to help you during your appointments as well as offer you tips and techniques to use while at home to treat your arthritis.


Typically the symptoms of arthritis will progress over time. The location of your arthritis in your body will determine which types of symptoms you have. No matter where you have it though, it is important to start treatment sooner rather than later. Some of the more common symptoms of knee arthritis may include: 

  • Pain when doing activities 
  • A small range of motion
  • Swelling or stiffness of joint 
  • Tenderness in knee 
  • Deformity of joint  
  • Feeling that your knee is about to, “give out


One of the best ways to help reduce the pain of knee arthritis is to regularly stretch and engage in exercise. No matter how simple the exercise may be, the benefits will still be there. While at physical therapy in Huntington, a PT may provide you with some of the following exercises to ease the pain of your symptoms:

  • Straight leg raise – helps build up muscle strength to assist with weak joints 
  • Seated hip march – this will strengthen your hips/thigh muscles; which is beneficial for performing everyday tasks.
  • Pillow squeeze – will strengthen the inside of your legs which will help support your knees.   
  • Sit to stand – will make standing easier on your knees.  
  • One leg balance – this can help you bend over/help get in and out of cars easier.  
  • Step-ups – will strengthen your legs so you can easily climb steps  
  • Walking – this can ease your joint pain, strengthen your leg muscles, and improve your posture.   
  • Swimming – will take the weight off painful joints. 

Performing these exercises both at home and at physical therapy in Huntington will help decrease your arthritis pain and get you back on your feet!

How can physical therapy in Huntington help?

If you suffer from arthritis in your knee and are looking to relieve the pain, look no further. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, our team can help you learn exercises to do in and out of therapy. We will examine your knee to determine how we can create a treatment plan that’ll lead you to success. So don’t suffer through the pain of arthritis and get back to living your life to the fullest! Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

As an athlete, one of the best assets you can bring to your team is your strength. In order to have that strength, it is essential to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you risk the chance of injury, which can be detrimental to your season. Over the summer months, we may not be regularly exercising or working out as much as we would be during the year. This can lead to a greater chance of injury once it comes time to get back on the field this fall. Rather than taking the risk, why not build yourself up instead to be the best player possible come game time? Luckily, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can help you out with that. While many of us think of physical therapy as a way to recover from injury, we often forget that it is helpful too when you just want to stay healthy! 

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

Below are some of the ways athletes can benefit from physical therapy in Huntington to stay game-ready this fall sports season: 

  • Injury Prevention – Everyone knows that physical therapy can be used to treat pain and discomfort, but did you know physical therapy can be used for prevention as well? By going to physical therapy in Huntington we can get an idea of what your current physical capabilities are, notice some areas in which they may be lacking, and improve them. 
  • Works your core – Your core is responsible for so many of the movements we make daily, especially in sports. By having a strong core, you will be less likely to get injured, you’ll look great on the field. and you’ll have better balance. Which altogether will make you a better athlete.
  • Stretches – As an athlete, your body works pretty hard to help you defeat your opponents. For that reason, it’s important to stretch your body. Stretching will allow your body to recover faster and put your mind at ease. Plus, stretching can improve your range of motion.
  • Education – In order to stay in shape, you have to work out. Although some workouts may be fairly easy, there are others in which bad form can put your body out of shape. Luckily, physical therapy in Huntington will teach and provide you with specific sports exercises and training equipment, along with guidelines on what works best for you and your athletic needs.

Schedule an appointment: 

It is important to remember that injury is never 100% preventable, but with the help of physical therapy, you can become smarter when it comes to your sport. If you’re interested in injury prevention or recovery services, contact us to set up an appointment to get started today!

Are you looking to reduce fat, increase your muscle mass and efficiently burn calories? Well, you may want to begin looking into strength training. It can help you develop stronger bones, aid in weight management, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and even sharpen your thinking skills. This form of training can become a primary factor in maintaining one’s overall health. 

If you have decided to begin your fitness journey with weight training exercises, you’ll be pleased to know that it requires minimal equipment. Meaning you could even do these exercises in the comfort of your own home! If you are interested in starting a strength training routine but need some assistance on how to start, visit Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington. Our team can get you started with some simple instructions as well as teach you the proper ways to execute your workout.

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Have you ever experienced knee pain that just doesn’t seem to go away? It might be time for you to consider knee debridement. When the body experiences a severe wound or a deeply torn tissue, the healing process is interrupted. In order to help the healing process along, medical professionals have to remove the ineffective tissue, which is known as debridement. There are a few different types of debridement that doctors can use:

  • Surgical– A surgeon cleans the wound, examines the debris or dead tissue, and removes it
  • Mechanical– using dressings or water techniques to clean the wound
  • Autolytic– using the body’s own enzymes and moisture
  • Enzymatic– using chemical enzymes in a topical ointment to remove the ineffective tissue or debris  

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Multiple sclerosis is defined as the immune system attacking myelin in your body, which covers your nerve fibers. Multiple sclerosis can potentially create permanent damage to the nerves, which can cause you to develop a tremor, experience numbness in limbs, or have double vision. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure the debilitating disease, but there are multiple treatments that can be used to manage recovery time from flare-ups and keep the symptoms under control. If you are seeking physical therapy in Huntington, NY, Island Sports Physical Therapy can allow you to explore a number of different treatment options.  

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Are you a multi-sport athlete? Due to the immediate jumps from season to season, you’re likely going to experience an injury every so often. Thankfully, a key component of physical therapy is that it’s able to provide athletes with increased levels of injury prevention. In addition, other unique benefits of undergoing physical therapy in Huntington, NY can also be accommodated. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer several services for various different athletes who require assistance getting back on the field or court, including Sports Medicine Long Island. Contact us today to make an appointment to improve your health and strengthen your body, preparing you for the grueling stretch run.  


Benefits of Sports Medicine Long Island

If you’re an athlete that is always playing in long games and or constantly moving, it is important to make sure that everything in your musculoskeletal system is working properly. When it comes to sports, injuries are an unfortunate inevitability. Making sure you take care of your body and muscles through maintenance is crucial for any athlete. Fortunately, there are many benefits of visiting a physical therapist that is personally trained in sports medicine. Some of these benefits can include the following:

  • Pain reduction and the ability to protect the body from discomfort.
  • Promoting endurance through the use of building muscle.
  • Alternative to surgery (depending on the injury).
  • Enhanced mobility and movements skills (essential for any athlete).

With the help of physical therapy, patients can be provided with a concise plan of attack for their specific injury. Physical therapists specialize in many different techniques, allowing them to target areas of the body that have been experiencing discomfort. Athletes who endure symptoms related to chronic pain may find relief with the help of a physical therapist. Naturally, attempting to participate in any sport-related activity can be made an arduous task if you’re consistently feeling uncomfortable and in pain.



For physical therapy in Huntington, NY, ISPT offers a multitude of services for patients of all sports and most age groups. Sports medicine has become an essential aspect of our practice, allowing us to make sure that each patient’s health is the top priority. Some of the services that are offered at Island Sports Therapy include:

  • Orthopedics.
  • Spinal Rehabilitation.
  • Sports Specific Therapy.
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation.
  • Children’s Injuries.
  • Fitness Programming.
  • Sports Medicine Long Island

Our practice prides itself on our ability to help athletes maintain a strong foundation and enhance their ability to prevent injuries. Sports injuries are quite common for the average athlete. With the help of our therapy program, we can factor in what sport you play and what areas of the body undergo the most stress as a result of the muscle groups that are used. In other words, we can develop an entirely customized routine for whatever athletes walk through our doors.


Sports Injuries Treated With Sports Medicine Long Island

The unfortunate truth is that the competitor within ourselves can force us to play through, and experience, an injury. While playing sports, or even engaging in any physical activity, you need to make sure that you are aware of what you are doing to your body. External factors such as the environment in which you’re playing also need to be taken into consideration. For a list of some of the most common sports injuries, please consider the following:

  • Sprained Ankle.
  • Strained Hamstring.
  • Pulled Groin.
  • Shin Splints.
  • Knee Injuries.

A common theme with these lower-body injuries is that they can be experienced after engaging in sharp turns or a sudden change of motion. Think of a running back in football making an awkward cut to avoid a defender. For some athletes, this can feel as though it’s an unnatural movement. With the help of sports medicine, we can provide you with stretching techniques that allow your knees and other joints to be more flexible, thus promoting injury prevention.

Sports Medicine Long Island

If you are experiencing any of these injuries, it is important to make sure you receive quality physical therapy in Huntington, NY here at Island Sports Physical Therapy. Getting back into the game, pain-free is our primary goal as a practice.

With spring right on the horizon, athletes are preparing themselves for the upcoming spring sports season. Living a very active lifestyle can put a burden on your body at times, especially for those who play contact sports such as lacrosse. By making an appointment with Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY, our expert staff can provide you with fitness programming tailored to your specific sport. Physical therapy can be an outstanding resource for athletes who are looking to make sure that they’re ready for the upcoming season.

Benefits of Sports Specific PT

There are many benefits of visiting a physical therapist if you are an athlete. Even if you do not feel as though you are injured, it’s still a good plan to undergo an evaluation from your physical therapist. By doing so, you’ll be able to reassure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle for sports or even daily physical activities. Physical therapists work with patients who are healing from various injuries, which can be common for athletes. Most athletes understand the physical demands that sports require from them. With multiple practices throughout the week, and several games to follow, seeing a physical therapist will help you out immensely.

Looking at specific sports, spring sports in most districts tend to feature both lacrosse and baseball/softball. In the case of baseball, pitchers tend to suffer regular shoulder pain and soreness as a result of the unorthodox pitching motions they employ. Looking at lacrosse, running up and down the field constantly can undoubtedly have plenty of strain on the knees and other parts of the legs.

Why Choose PT?

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY, our staff can specialize our fitness programs to your specific sport and get you fully prepared for the upcoming season. Should you feel as though you’re nursing an injury, physical therapy can be even more prevalent for you. Don’t wait, take care of this issue immediately before it becomes a lingering problem. Injuries that are not reported can only become worse, instead, get yourself the right treatment. Our staff can recommend proper stretching techniques that will target the problem areas. As an athlete, this will help minimize pain and build up your endurance. Longevity and staying on the field is your responsibility as an athlete don’t allow yourself to struggle.

Consider Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, NY for answering any questions regarding your injury. Our team will work with you to build up your strength and decrease your chances of suffering a sports-related injury. Contact our office today for further information.


Physical Therapy in Huntington Station, NY

Often, patients are fixated on the possibility of building strong and lean muscle mass in the upper body. Naturally, this could be due to the desire to develop strength, prepare for an athletic competition, or improve balance and agility to help prevent injury. Physical therapy can play a critical role in the promotion of muscle mass. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, offering physical therapy in Huntington Station, NY, our therapists are here to help you reach your individual fitness goals and muscular potential. There are several initiatives you can take to build muscle mass in an effective and maximizing manner.  

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