Tennis Elbow

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Tennis elbow is a common condition developed as a result of overuse and repetition of the same arm motions. It is seen in some tennis players, however tennis elbow can happen to any athlete or people that use repetitive arm movements in daily life. The inflammation caused by overuse can cause a lot of pain, but treatment is simple with help from a physical therapist in Suffolk County at Island Sports Physical Therapy. With Suffolk County locations in East Northport, Huntington, Nesconset, and Coram as well as Nassau County locations in Glen Cove and East Meadow, we are conveniently located to serve your needs.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Weakening of forearm muscles that help stabilize the wrist can lead to tears in the tendons attached to the elbow. Repetitive motions of the wrist and arm are what cause these tendons to degenerate over time. Participating in certain activities or working in certain professions may put you at risk for developing tennis elbow. Some of them including:

  • Playing tennis or other racket sports
  • Chopping ingredients, especially meat
  • Plumbing, painting, or carpentry
  • Weight lifting
  • Repetitive or excessive computer use

You may participate in one or several of these types of activities, however this condition will only occur after an extended period of strain, not just from occasional use. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, a physical therapist in Suffolk County, we specialize in sports specific therapy as well as orthopedic injuries in order to provide you with the best treatment plan for your tennis elbow.

Do I Have Tennis Elbow?

Below are some symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • Pain or burning around the elbow
  • Weakened grip
  • Shaky hands
  • Weakened strength of the wrist and arm
  • Difficulty with everyday tasks such as turning a doorknob, holding a cup of coffee, etc.

These symptoms may be consistent with other injuries or conditions as well, so be sure to consult with your physical therapist in Suffolk County at Island Sports Physical Therapy for a full evaluation and diagnosis.

Treatment Options

Tennis elbow is a very common condition and treatment is almost always non-surgical. Physical therapy is the most effective option for treating tennis elbow pain, reducing inflammation, and preventing future injury of the tendons.

At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we will provide you with a physical therapy treatment plan that is sport-specific. By customizing the exercises and modalities we use for each individual’s sport and lifestyle, our physical therapists in Suffolk County are able to more accurately treat your condition and get you back to the activities you love.

Even if your tennis elbow is not as a result of playing a sport, our experts understand the way muscles interact during motioning. The overall goal of our physical therapy plan is to rehabilitate and strengthen your weakened muscles in order to relieve your pain and increase mobility. We will also teach you the best ways to move your body to prevent future damage.

If you believe you are suffering from tennis elbow, do not hesitate. Make an appointment with a physical therapist in Suffolk County at Island Physical Therapy today to get you back to living your normal, pain-free, active life!

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