How to Deal with Tennis Elbow

How to Deal with Tennis Elbow

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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a form of tendinitis. Tendinitis is the swelling of the tendons, which in this form, causes pain in the arm and elbow. Despite its name, there is a small group of people diagnosed with Tennis Elbow that actually play Tennis. If you are straining the muscles around the elbow over and over again during any activity, it could happen. If you are looking for physical therapy in Nesconset, Island Sports Physical Therapy will help you not only feel better, but we will educate you on the injury in hopes to prevent future re-injury of Tennis Elbow.



1. Upper Forearm Pain

This is a very common symptom of Tennis Elbow. On the outer arm, right below the elbow is where this “burning pain” commonly occurs.

2. Is Rest Bringing You Relief? 

If you are looking for physical therapy in Nesconset, rest is not bringing you relief and you cannot move your elbow or are even losing feeling in it, contact us for quality care.

3. Pain Variations Throughout Your Day

The morning is usually the time where you will experience the most pain. The stiffness and aching lessen throughout the day but will still continue at some level.

4. Too Much Activity Hurts!

If you have Tennis Elbow, common activities and tasks such as lifting your fork or holding a pen may hurt. Moving your wrist forcefully such as twisting your arm to open a heavy door or repetitive computer mouse use will also cause you pain.


Treatment at our Physical Therapy Practice in Nesconset

  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Rest
  • Reducing Pain
  • Ongoing Rehabilitation
    • Exercise and other physical therapy treatments to increase your range-of-motion and decrease pain at the same time.
    • Bracing/Compression by wearing a counterforce brace for Tennis Elbow. The strap used will spread pressure throughout your arm, instead of putting it all on your tendon causing your pain.
    • Working with an expert here at Island Sports Physical Therapy to fit your individual needs.


How Physical Therapy Could Help

DON’T WAIT! The longer you wait to see a physical therapist and perform strenuous activities, the longer rehabilitation will take. Ongoing activity to the tendon can cause damage and could someday require surgery.


How Physical Therapy in Nesconset Could Help

  • We will correctly diagnose you
  • We will give you “hands-on” care
  • We will educate you
  • We will give you home remedies that fit your individual need
  • We will maximize your performance

Working with one of our experts here at Island Sports Physical Therapy will help specify your injury to know the exact treatments that need to be done. We promise to educate you and give you the best care possible while giving you the information you need about Tennis Elbow and give you ways to prevent this injury from happening again in the future.

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