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Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy office is an outpatient physical therapy practice specializing in treating orthopedic and neurologic conditions across the entire lifespan. We have a 30-year history in our community helping our patients attain all of their rehabilitative and fitness goals. We provide individualized hands-on care to enhance your rehabilitation, as well as prescribe you specific exercises to improve your condition. We have a large array of exercise equipment and modalities to tailor to your specific needs. Whether you are trying to return to the playing field, get back to work, or just get through your day without pain, we can help you achieve your goal.

Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy has earned a great reputation with Huntington, Syosset and Plainview Hospitals, as well as our local schools including Walt Whitman High SchoolHuntington High SchoolCold Spring Harbor High School, and St. Anthony’s High School. We strive to serve our local public service professionals including the Huntington Community First Aid Squad, Huntington Fire Department, Huntington Manor Fire Department, Centerport Fire Department, Suffolk and Nassau Police Departments, FDNY and NYPD.

While capable of treating any orthopedic or neurological condition, our Huntington Physical Therapy Office specializes in:

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Jillian Beck, DPT – Director

Jillian Beck-Chevalier is the Director of ISPT Huntington and has been a member of the staff since 2013 after graduating as a doctor of Physical Therapy. She is a lifelong resident of Huntington, where she is an active member of the local community. She completed her doctorate at Stony Brook University after achieving a Bachelor of Science at Iona College. During her tenure at Iona, she was a member of the Division 1 women’s lacrosse team.

Jill’s interest and passion for physical therapy blossomed as a division one athlete; spending countless hours in the training room recovering from injuries, interning, and helping her fellow student athletes achieve their goal of returning to competition. She enjoys all aspects of orthopedic care and gravitates towards the athlete of high school or college age.

Outside of the clinic Jill enjoys spending time with her husband Jon and her two young children.  She is an avid runner and gym-goer, attending a boxing club for the last 7 years.



Back pain is very common and can develop in all types of people, whether their lifestyle requires a lot of labor or if they sit at a desk. Back pain can be avoidable and preventable with physical therapy. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer all types of treatments specific to each client’s needs. Physical therapy helps to relieve pain, promote healing, build strength, and restore function and movement. If you are looking for Huntington Physical Therapy, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Huntington Physical Therapy


The two most common forms of physical therapy are passive and active. Passive physical therapy includes the use of heating pads, ice packs, and electric stimulation. Active physical therapy includes specific exercises and stretches. For most lower back pain treatment, exercise is the focus of pain management, relief, and prevention.


The lumbar spine (lower back) is very dependant on the abdominal muscles and lower back musculature. So essentially, if the pain in the lower back isn’t treated properly, it can lead to pain in other muscles of the body. A physical therapy exercise program can reduce the chances of receiving the pain again and can help prevent future injuries and discomfort. Not only can it potentially help heal and reduce back pain, but it may even make those muscles stronger.


This is an important fact to remember when considering physical therapy. Every individual has different types of bodies, muscle movements and patterns, and also habits. Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy has the ability to monitor each patient in a unique fashion and cater themselves to their own specific needs. We specialize in treatments for children and adults, allowing us to expand our patient population.


Depending on the severity of the pain, surgery may be the only viable option for healing. Physical therapy is strongly recommended after surgery, but it can also be utilized before the surgery. This may significantly shorten the patient’s recovery time by providing strength and stability. Even if your back pain does not require surgery or does not seem too severe, physical therapy is still an option to reduce the discomfort and to avoid experiencing it again in the future. If you would like more information on our services and are looking for Huntington Physical Therapy, give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Physical Therapy to Relieve Shoulder Pain


You don’t realize how many instances you need to use your shoulder for until you’re suddenly dealing with shoulder pain. When this occurs, even the smallest daily actions can bring you pain and discomfort. Island Sports Physical Therapy offers premium Huntington Physical Therapy, so you don’t have to live another day with debilitating, untreated shoulder pain.


Though the shoulder looks straightforward from the outside, it’s actually a complex structure with a lot of different moving parts that need to work together. When one of those parts gets damaged, the whole mechanism can be disrupted. For you, this disruption means pain distracting you from the things you’d rather be filling your days with. Your shoulder pain might be caused by any of the following:

  • Tendonitis (a pinched, irritated, or inflamed tendon) in the rotator cuff or the bicep.
  • Arthritis, caused by wear and tear, causing a stiff, swollen, and aching shoulder.
  • Frozen shoulder, where you gradually lose mobility in the shoulder from any number of conditions.
  • Bursitis within the shoulder. This means that the bursa, which is a sac used to help all the components of your shoulder move smoothly, has been painfully pinched.
  • Shoulder fracture. Any number of the bones involved in the shoulder could have been fractured in an injury.


If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain, you might be feeling helpless right about now. Luckily, even before you come in for your appointment with us for Huntington Physical Therapy, there are a variety of strategies you can use to ease your discomfort. One of the simpler methods is to ice your shoulder regularly and be careful not to overuse it. Apply ice directly to the joint, and leave it there for about ten minutes. This should help the healing process. Naturally, you should also avoid heavy lifting so that you don’t worsen your injury.

Trying to sleep when dealing with a shoulder injury is often bothersome as well. You can get the restful night you need by placing a pillow beneath your underarm. This will keep your shoulder steady and comfortable through the morning! Stretching is another highly beneficial tactic you can undergo to find relief. While a lot of stretching can be painful, one useful technique you can utilize even before you start therapy is to simply stand up straight with your back against a wall, and squeeze your shoulder blades together.


Of course, there are plenty of other options you can explore on your own free time. For safe, long-lasting relief from shoulder pain, you’ll need to consult a professional and follow their careful treatment plan for your healing. Island Sports Physical Therapy provides impactful, results-driven Huntington Physical Therapy through the assistance of experienced and calming health care professionals.

After a period of rest to begin your healing process, your physical therapist will evaluate your shoulder to determine the best course of action for bringing you total relief and recovery. Under the care and supervision of your physical therapist, you’ll do exercises in our offices designed for your specific case. In addition, you will also be given a detailed plan for exercises to do at home. This way, you’re constantly keeping your shoulder engaged so that it heals as soon as possible. You deserve to live a life free from shoulder pain. Request an appointment today! The sooner you start healing, the sooner you can get back to doing the things that make you happy.

Exercises For Arthritis In Your Knees



Arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. The condition itself is often very uncomfortable and can be tricky to deal with. It can make just taking a step or walking to the bathroom extremely painful, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, with the help and guidance of Huntington physical therapy, you can learn how to minimize your pain and get back to your day to day life. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team is here to help you during your appointments as well as offer you tips and techniques to use while at home to treat your arthritis.


Typically the symptoms of arthritis will progress over time. The location of your arthritis in your body will determine which types of symptoms you have. No matter where you have it though, it is important to start treatment sooner rather than later. Some of the more common symptoms of knee arthritis may include:

  • Pain when doing activities
  • A small range of motion
  • Swelling or stiffness of joint
  • Tenderness in knee
  • Deformity of joint
  • Feeling that your knee is about to, “give out


One of the best ways to help reduce the pain of knee arthritis is to regularly stretch and engage in exercise. No matter how simple the exercise may be, the benefits will still be there. While at Huntington physical therapy, a PT may provide you with some of the following exercises to ease the pain of your symptoms:

  • Straight leg raise – helps build up muscle strength to assist with weak joints
  • Seated hip march – this will strengthen your hips/thigh muscles; which is beneficial for performing everyday tasks.
  • Pillow squeeze – will strengthen the inside of your legs which will help support your knees.
  • Sit to stand – will make standing easier on your knees.
  • One leg balance – this can help you bend over/help get in and out of cars easier.
  • Step-ups – will strengthen your legs so you can easily climb steps
  • Walking – this can ease your joint pain, strengthen your leg muscles, and improve your posture.
  • Swimming – will take the weight off painful joints.

Performing these exercises both at home and at Huntington physical therapy will help decrease your arthritis pain and get you back on your feet!


If you suffer from arthritis in your knee and are looking to relieve the pain, look no further. At Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy, our team can help you learn exercises to do in and out of therapy. We will examine your knee to determine how we can create a treatment plan that’ll lead you to success. So don’t suffer through the pain of arthritis and get back to living your life to the fullest! Contact us today to set up your first appointment.

Running Injuries


Running as a sport can put extreme stress on certain parts of the body. Most running injuries are caused by an individual trying to push their body too far. Some common running injuries include runner’s knee, stress fractures, shin splints, and pulled muscles. While all of these injuries are painful, they can also be easily treated through physical therapy. Injuries are common during any sport but it’s important to determine your injury as early on as possible so that treatment can begin. If you are suffering from a running injury, contact Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy today!


No one wants to be benched during their favorite sport or physical activity, so it’s important to catch injuries right as they begin. Some tips to prevent runners’ injuries include:

  • Listen to your body: Listen to any aching or soreness that your body has. Take a rest and ice that area of the body before it gets any worse.
  • Strength training: Strengthening the core and hip muscles can help increase your leg stability and help you avoid different knee injuries from occurring.
  • Stretching: Stretching before and after a run can help prevent muscle tears and strains.
  • Include rest days: Including rest days in your schedule can help your body recover and build muscle.

Physical therapy can make treatment for any common running injury extremely beneficial. The most common treatment runners will receive is a stretching and exercise regimen along with the instruction to rest and ice the affected area. The goal of this treatment is to heal and gain strength in the affected area in order to prevent future injury. If you have any questions about running injuries and how to prevent them, contact Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy  for more information.


Running injuries are extremely common, but they can be prevented. If you are injured while running, Island Sports Physical Therapy will be here to help you every step of the way. We know that every sports injury is different. That’s why we modify your treatment to fit the individual needs of your injury. Through our hands-on approach, we aim to have you back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you believe you could benefit from physical therapy for your runner’s injury, contact our Huntington Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment.

Exercise is not only beneficial for your body; it also helps to improve your mental health. Regular exercise is proven to relieve stress, improve energy levels and brain function, promote better sleep, and boost overall mood. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer various fitness programs that will help you reach your overall goals. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, make sure to give us a call today.


  • Sharper memory: Exercise helps to stimulate the growth of new brain cells while preventing any type of age-related decline.
  • Better sleep: Exercising in the morning or afternoon can help regulate sleeping patterns.
  • Better mood: Exercise can foster a sense of self-worth and achievement that will aid in improving your overall mood.
  • More energy: Increasing your heart rate regularly will help give you more energy and motivate you to get up and exercise regularly.
  • Stronger resilience: Exercise can help you cope with everyday problems in a much healthier way; in addition, exercise can help boost your immune system and reduce the impact of stress.


  • Focus on the activities you enjoy: One of the best ways to stay motivated is to participate in the activities you enjoy doing.
  • Set goals: Be specific about what you want to accomplish, and write down how much time you plan on exercising each day.
  • Reward yourself: Each time you reach one of your goals, reward yourself with something you enjoy.
  • Make exercise social: Consider exercising with a workout buddy who will also help to motivate or inspire you.


At Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will be able to evaluate your overall fitness levels and from there, teach you different exercises and muscle building techniques. It’s no secret that exercise can be very beneficial for your mental health as well as your overall mood. If you are looking for Huntington Physical Therapy, make an appointment with us today to start working towards becoming a better version of yourself!

Manual therapy is a form of Huntington Physical Therapy which treatment is delivered with the hands rather than any type of device or machine. During manual therapy, our physical therapist will use pressure to manipulate the joints in order to relieve pain caused by spasms, muscle tension, and joint dysfunction. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, one of our physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be able to offer you the care and assistance that you need.


  • Soft Tissue Mobilization- The goal of this type of therapy is to break up any inelastic or fibrous muscle tissue, move tissue fluids, and relax muscle tension. Some soft tissue injuries that this form of therapy can help with include:
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Stress injuries
  • Joint Mobilization – Joint mobilization is the careful use of skilled forces to move a joint in the desired direction. This technique involves loosening up restricted joints in order to increase their range of motion. Other benefits include:
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased muscle spasms & tension
  • Increased freedom of movement
  • Decreased pain


If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will be able to inform you of all of the various benefits of manual therapy such as:

  • Pain management with no need for medication
  • Avoiding surgery
  • Fall prevention
  • Improved balance
  • Recovery from injury
  • Improved physical function and mobility


At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we focus on providing our patients with the care they need in order to promote a quick and speedy recovery. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will be able to offer you manual therapy which involves restoring mobility, restoring the range of motion to stiff joints, and alleviating any pain you are suffering from. If you are interested in manual therapy as a treatment option for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Physical Therapy & Headaches

Headaches are a frequent occurrence and can be accumulated by stress, sickness, fatigue, or physical injury. Most of the time, a normal headache will either go away on its own or can be relieved by over the counter medicine. Naturally, a headache can occur anywhere in the head and the excruciating discomfort may spread to the neck area. What’s tricky about headaches is that they can be triggered by physical injury or even just by simply sitting at your desk, staring at your computer. If you’re experiencing a severe headache, physical therapy is a feasible treatment option. This will not only potentially reduce the pain but it may also decrease the risk of future injury or discomfort. Physical therapy can also help pinpoint where in the body the pain is originating from. If you are experiencing these symptoms and are looking for Huntington Physical Therapy, please continue reading and give us a call to set up an appointment today.

Huntington physical therapy


First, a physical therapist will go through multiple exams to determine the cause of your pain and the best way to treat it. This may include the therapist asking various questions and performing tests. They may also ask you if you’ve had a previous injury and where the pain is coming from. This can be followed by posture examination and measuring your range of motion in the painful area. Treating a severe headache at home could put you at risk for further injury or pain. It’s important to find the right therapist for your needs and we’re hoping through Huntington Physical Therapy, we can help reduce that achiness you’re suffering from.


Our physical therapists will work with you and set goals to relieve your pain. They may also teach you how to prevent this pain and what to do when you have it. The benefits from physical therapy for headaches include improved neck mobility, developing strength within your muscles, improving posture, and being an exclusive benefactor for your everyday lifestyle. Physical therapy treatment is specialized just for you because everyone has different bodies, muscles, and body habits. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we want you to be as comfortable as possible and we can do that for you by providing a specialized plan that’s designed specifically for your body.


It’s the fall sports season and football is well underway. Concussions are becoming more common with football-related injuries and physical therapy can help with that. It’s important to treat the injury as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid future problems and to help the healing time move faster. Our physical therapists in Huntington specialize in children and adult injuries, making us a viable choice for you and your family. If you believe you are in need of physical therapy for your headache or head-related injury, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for Huntington Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is one of the best ways to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. Over the course of a pregnancy, many consistent pains can arise, and finding a safe and effective way to relieve that pain is important to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, our physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be able to offer you the care you need in order to relieve your pain.


  • Back pain Around 50-70% of women will experience some type of back pain during the course of their pregnancy. Over time, poor alignment increases muscle tightness which creates increased stress on the back muscles.
  • Neck pain– In combination with back pain, neck pain is also very common during pregnancy. Putting stress on the back muscles also results in increased stress on the muscles of the neck.
  • Leg/foot pain– During pregnancy, there is an increase in fluid in the tissues of your body. The blood will tend to pool or remain in the leg and foot area rather than circulating throughout the entire body, causing pain and discomfort.


  • Change in hormones
  • Additional weight gain
  • Poor posture
  • Poor sitting position
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Swelling
  • Poor circulation


At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our therapists will be able to relieve your back or neck pain with spinal rehabilitation. Spinal rehabilitation will help to strengthen your supportive muscles and help improve physical function and mobility. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy and believe spinal rehabilitation may be the right choice for you, our physical therapists will be able to personalize a treatment plan that will fit each and every one of your needs.


  • Maintain a good posture
  • Apply ice or heat to areas of discomfort
  • Perform various exercises or stretches
  • Wear shoes with extra support

Physical therapy is a great option for relieving these pains during pregnancy. Our physical therapists will provide exercises and techniques to help you maintain better posture. We offer a wide variety of services that can not only ease your discomfort but also help keep your health and fitness levels up throughout your pregnancy. If you are seeking Huntington Physical Therapy, Island Sports Physical Therapy can help. Be sure to contact us today in order to make an appointment!

Physical Therapy After a Fall


Tripping and falling is an ordinary accident that seemingly happens to everyone. However, it tends to become more frequent and unfortunately more dangerous as we get older. In the United States alone, more than one-third of adults age 65 and older will fall every year and suffer moderate to severe injuries as a result. Learning how to prevent injuries in your daily life will likely help you avoid a potential trip to the hospital and keep your body strong. If you are looking to learn more about fall prevention, consider using Huntington Physical Therapy at Island Sports Physical Therapy as an applicable source for more information.


Ordinarily, you may not have considered falling down to be a pressing issue when you’re young and agile. But as you get older, falls can become an increasingly serious threat to your health. Medical conditions and physical changes as you get older typically augment your chances of experiencing a trip and fall. In order to better protect yourself, consider the following as viable options for preventing injury:

  • Physical activity: Doing physical activity will likely increase your strength and help decrease the likelihood of falls as you age.
  • Wear athletic shoes: Wearing proper athletic footwear can improve your balance and increase traction. Consider this option thoroughly if you’re planning on walking on a slippery surface.
  • Remove hazards: Take the time to analyze your home and move any objects that could potentially cause you to trip or lose your balance.
  • Use light: It sounds simple, but lighting up your living space can increase visibility and allow you to be more aware of your surroundings.

If you have any other questions about post-fracture care, contact one of our therapists and ask about what Huntington Physical Therapy can offer you.


It’s no secret that aging can increase your chances of suffering an injury from tripping and falling. Learning how to protect yourself from falls in the future can help you avoid any unnecessary pain that likely could have been prevented. When falls do happen, Island Sports Physical Therapy is here for your assistance. We know that pain can vary and be different for every individual. Tailoring ourselves to what’s specifically is ailing happens to be one of our premier services. When you visit, be sure to give us as much detail as possible regarding your injury. If you believe you could benefit from treatment, contact our representatives today and ask what Huntington Physical Therapy can offer for your injury.


Suffering a lifestyle altering injury along the lines of a fracture can be a strenuous recuperation process for the victim. Because of the severity of the injury, post-fracture rehabilitation is of the utmost importance regarding treatment and healing. Rehabilitation is essential for getting you back up and running, putting the injury behind you. Fractures typically are common among athletes, children, and geriatric patients. Experiencing a fracture can be a traumatizing moment for the victim and they should seek immediate medical attention after the injury occurs. Healing from a broken bone may take time, along with additional care to ensure the process is executed correctly. If you’re suffering from or are currently in the process of healing a broken bone, stop searching the web for “physical therapy near me” and consider utilizing Huntington Physical Therapy here at Island Sports Physical Therapy.


During the developing recovery timetable, it’s imperative that patients receive quality medical care. Physical therapy is typically known as a major asset for guiding your post-fracture recovery. A physical therapist can help return you to your normal range of motion, strength, and mobility post-injury, perhaps even making you feel better than you were previously. Other benefits of post-fracture rehabilitation can include the following:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Increased range in motion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength in the affected area

Thankfully, there are numerous options you can explore in order to help prevent fractures from ensuing. Common methods utilized to avoid future fractures can include the following:

  • Talking walks daily, this may strengthen your legs and make you less susceptible to suffering broken bones. It may also potentially improve your balance, lowering the likelihood of slipping and falling.
  • Lifting weights will also likely contribute to strengthening your body.
  • Increasing your calcium intake will make your bones sturdier and more capable of withstanding an injury.
  • Regularly consuming Vitamin D will also give you a similar effect to calcium.

If you have any other questions regarding post-fracture care, seek out Huntington Physical Therapy and contact a member of the ISPT staff today.


Fractures are unfortunately a highly common medical issue that individuals can fall victim to at just about any age. Post-fracture care can potentially help you recover faster and with less hassle. If you believe you could benefit from a specialized treatment plan, contact our team and ask about Huntington Physical Therapy.



Essentially, instability is known as the source of internal bone deficiencies found within patients. Typically, spinal instability tends to crop up as the most common variation of the disorder. Occasionally referred to as lumbar instability, it’s known as the inability of the spine to maintain its structure under standard usage conditions. An unstable spine is unable to provide support or even essential functions for the body. The spine provides structure and protection to the body’s internal organs which is why a healthy spine is pertinent for desiring a healthy lifestyle. Instability can also materialize itself within the joints. Joint instability can be extremely common in older individuals and is often characterized as a sharp, chronic pain that occurs during normal usage of the area. If you’re suffering from an instability issue, consider utilizing physical therapy in Huntington for treatment of the ailment.


Joint instability typically occurs when the joint becomes so weak that it can no longer hold bones properly within its structure. A prerequisite of joints is that they need to be flexible and strong, allowing them to function properly. Unfortunately, Joint instability has been known to populate in multiple places, potentially including the following:

  • Ankle
  • Big toe
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Neck

Instability in these areas can be triggered by several distinct factors and individuals of any age are susceptible to experiencing the complication. Potential risk factors that can formulate as a result of chronic instability can include the following:

  • Injury: Common accidents such as slipping and falling have the capability to dislocate the joint or even potentially create ligament tears.
  • Overuse: Repeated movements can periodically develop a “wear and tear” within the joint, creating unnecessary strain.

If you’re searching for answers regarding instability rehab, consider the highly skilled Island Sports Huntington Physical Therapy staff as an ideal method for getting the answers you need.


Sadly, instability issues affect millions of individuals around the world every day. Joint instability is an issue that physical therapists see and treat with regularity. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we know that pain can vary for every individual, so we believe in a specialized treatment plan that will target your specific location of pain. If you’re considering the potential benefits that can stem from treatment, contact our staff for Huntington Physical Therapy and schedule an appointment today.

What makes us unique:

Physical therapists only, no PTA’s

Every patient receives manual care/interaction with a PT

Not overcrowded/overbooked

Extremely prompt visit start time, flexible scheduling, evening/weekend/early a.m. appts available


Modalities: moist heat, ice, cryo cuff, electric stimulation, ultrasound, cervical traction

Manual Care: soft tissue massage, foot compression massage, manual cervical traction, joint mobilization/manipulation, range of motion, stretching all joints/extremities.

Exercise Prescription: vast array of equipment including Hoist, biodex, and Nautilus Resistance equipment. Matrix bikes, Nusteps, Precor Elliptical, Bioder upper body cycles, cybex isokinetic therapy, free weights, and resistance bands.

New stories…

Our Huntington Physical Therapy office is actively involved with local schools including Huntington High School, Cold Spring Harbor High School, Walt Whitman High School. Work closely with local public service professionals, including Huntington Community First Aid Squad, Huntington Fire Department, Huntington Manor Fire Department, Centerport Fire Department, FDNY and NYPD.

Frequently asked questions about back pain – Huntington Physical Therapy


What are some good stretches to help with my back pain?

As you get older your spine will begin to go through degenerative changes that may cause you some pain or discomfort. By making small lifestyle changes, like making extra time to stretch, can go a long way. A few you can try are a rotation stretch, sideways bending, and hamstring stretches.

How can I relive my back pain on my own?

One of the most effective ways to relieve your back pain come from applying heat and cold directly to an injury or possible strain.

What medications can I take for back pain?

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e. ibuprofen, Asprin, Naproxen, Ketorolac), Analgesic (i.e. acetaminophen), Muscle Relaxants, Narcotics can all be recommended for back pain relief.

What are the different types of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy can be broken down into six different areas. They include pediatric, geriatric, vestibular rehabilitation, neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular/pulmonary PT.

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy after Surgery?

After going through surgery, PT can help restore the normal movement in your joint(s), build up the strength in your joint(s) and muscles, bring pain relief, reduce swelling, and increase circulation.

How can physical therapy help?

Physical therapy is a noninvasive treatment that can be used to both evaluate and treat injuries, disabilities, diseases or conditions.

Patient Testimonials

Top notch PT, able to handle ALL types of injuries. I worked primarily with Jason, who made sure I understood each exercise and how it would help my knee recover from recent surgery. Thank You! You can tell the company has a rigorous selection process, the entire staff are pros from the front desk(Go Jackie), to everyone you work with in the spotless facility. In addition to Jason, I also worked with Adam, Katie, and Tanner, thanks again to all of you, stay healthy! – John S.

Great physical therapy place. Superb highly professional staff, tremendous teamwork, state of the art equipment. They do a careful evaluation, keep track of your progress and changes and make adjustments as needed. They really know their stuff. They consider the whole person. And they listen. Highest recommendation. – Ray B.

The entire team is amazing! They know how to read what motivates people to overcome the pain to push themselves to improve. They are professional and kind. Highly recommend this location for physical therapy! – J.P.

On March 31st I had total knee replacement and after 3 weeks of home therapy I began PT with Rob Ciani . During my first few sessions of stretching & flexing I couldn’t believe the pain and anguish I was experiencing but Rob constantly re-enforced me that things will get better and the more discomfort I felt – the better off I’d be in the long run. Well it’s now almost 4 months after surgery & thanks to Rob and the entire Island Sports team I am on my feet again (although far from a 100% recovery) I’m & looking forward to shortly playing golf again. – Jerry P.

This facility is the best of Long Island and the therapist all have great knowledge and compassion to help you through the exercises to get you back to full health and strength regardless of age and injury Headed by Keith May Brendan McCann , Jill, Katie Jason. – Michael S.

I found Island Sports Physical Therapy when I needed PT after a car accident left me with several fractures. I was able to progress from a wheelchair to walking in a fairly short time. The overall feel of the facility is spa like which is peaceful and therapeutic. All the equipment is clean, well maintained and new. The office is run very professionally and it is fairly easy to make appointments that will fit your schedule. Parking is available right at the building and is very convenient. Most importantly the therapists are caring and knowledgeable in treating patients. Recently I have sustained another injury and under Brendon’s knowledgeable and outstanding care, my chronic neck pain has improved immensely! He gave me his complete and personal attention and has helped me tremendously in reducing the pain and discomfort I have been experiencing. I would not hesitate to use this facility again should therapy be recommended in the future. I was very impressed with everything there and have recommended them to friends who have also been satisfied. – Linda R.

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