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Sports Specific Therapy

Sports Specific Training

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Sports injuries are very common and occur for many reasons such as not having adequate strength or flexibility for your activity, overworking yourself and exceeding your bodies limitation, or even changes in your environment.

Common sports injuries include:

With each sport and each injury, there is a wide variety of treatment options available to you. Sports-specific therapy is focused on your personalized sports needs because we understand that with each sport comes the potential for different types of injuries as well athletic capabilities.

Whether you’re a gymnastics competitor or on a rowing crew team, we want to make sure that we understand exactly what you need. In order to do this, we will do an initial evaluation to design a specific rehabilitation plan to focus on the skills needed for your specific sport. Each sport requires the use of different muscles and skills, so our goal is to rehabilitate, facilitate, and grow these specific muscles back to where they need to be. We want to help retrieve mobility, relieve pain, and enable comfortable movement for you again so you can get back to competing.

We will develop exercises that are sport-specific. By sport-specific, this means that our therapy exercises will mimic the common movements that you would be doing during your specific sport. This will help strengthen the areas that you need to provide flexibility and rehabilitation to the areas that will be affected the most. We’ll develop a plan that is specific to you by evaluating your physical capabilities and helping you exceed your rehabilitation goals. It is important to understand your body so that we can find the best plan for you. We also want to focus on prevention to make sure that you remain healthy after therapy. We can do this by working out a comfortable plan for you so that you won’t need to only focus on your body when it’s injured but also help prevent future injuries from occurring and become a better athlete.

Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, we understand the physical demands that sports put on your body and want to make sure that you make a smooth recovery to return to play. We’ll educate you on the best way possible to make sure that not only do you recover, but also have the knowledge to prevent re-injury while obtaining your highest performance results. We have a number of convenient locations in both Nassau and Suffolk County. Contact us today to get started on your road to recovery.



Sports Specific Therapy February 13, 2015

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