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Fitness Programming

Fitness Programming

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Physical therapists are well trained in all forms physical activity. Going to the gym to work out is a large part of being healthy, but working out under the supervision of a trained physical therapist is the best way to assure that you will perform an exercise session correctly, without injury.

Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, we can evaluate your physical capabilities and help you plan a healthy fitness program, designed to help you reach your goals. With our exercise equipment and team of capable and highly educated Physical Therapists, we can provide you with the best fitness plan available.

We at Island Sports Physical Therapy are very aware of the vast range of benefits of exercise for the older person, including blood-pressure control, diabetes control, enhancing muscle strength and balance, and prevention of osteoporosis, just to name a few.

Island Sports Physical Therapy has a multi-disciplinary team of physical therapists and assistants. Our facilities boast balance training and fall prevention. All of our physical therapists address the unique medical and functional problems associated with aging. They incorporate aspects of teaching, prevention, fitness and wellness in all their rehabilitative programs.

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Fitness Programming February 13, 2015

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