Building Upper Body Muscle

Building Upper Body Muscle

Physical Therapy in Huntington Station, NY

Often, patients are fixated on the possibility of building strong and lean muscle mass in the upper body. Naturally, this could be due to the desire to develop strength, prepare for an athletic competition, or improve balance and agility to help prevent injury. Physical therapy can play a critical role in the promotion of muscle mass. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, offering physical therapy in Huntington Station, NY, our therapists are here to help you reach your individual fitness goals and muscular potential. There are several initiatives you can take to build muscle mass in an effective and maximizing manner.  

How to Build Upper Body Muscle Mass

  • Eat plenty of protein – this includes fish, nuts, chicken, and lentils. Typically, you will need 1 gram of protein per one pound of body weight. You can also supplement your diet with protein shakes and muscle-building protein powder.
  • Perform compound exercises, repetitively – Compound exercises include using more than one joint at a time, such as shoulder presses, squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. You can boost muscle fiber growth by using more than one joint at a time.
  • Use heavyweights Do repetitions of up to 12 three times in a row with 10-15 minute rest periods in between. The weight should be as high as you can handle while still being able to maintain proper form. Make sure to take a 48-hour break between weight-lifting sessions.   
  • Schedule Stick to a strict plan of 4 days per week for 4-6 months. Remain steady and don’t give up, it will take some time to see results.

Exercises That Help Increase Upper Body Mass

The following are exercises that have proven to be useful when it comes to the development of strong muscle in the upper body:

  • Bench-press.
  • Bent-over row.
  • Chin-up.
  • Incline flye.
  • Diamond press-up.
  • Back squat.

Physical therapy in addition to exercise plays a crucial role in increasing upper chest muscle mass. If you are looking for physical therapy in Huntington Station, NY, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy. We offer state of the art fitness equipment and expert therapists that can help you understand the proper posture, weight bearing techniques, and mobilization tips.  

How Physical Therapy in Huntington Station, NY Helps Where Exercise Alone Fails

  • Balance! Many patients feel the need to thrust over-bearing weight upon themselves immediately, thus leading to potential muscle tear and joint deterioration. Physical therapists can help you assess your initial fitness level and joint health. We will then work with you to appropriately advise the proper balance of activity best suited for your body and fitness goals.
  • Support! Working out alone can do more harm than good. Our experts can help you to maneuver equipment properly, reach weight goals, and give you the diet input you need to meet your intentions.
  • Safety! Physical therapy can educate you on proper running form, lifting techniques, and movements/maneuverability. These actions help to make sure you do not risk muscle sprain and strain during strenuous activity.

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