Throughout our daily lives, we all randomly experience reduced power and tiredness. The reason being is potentially due to fatigue. While many people might overlook this factor, it typically is caused by muscle weakness. Muscle weakness occurs from reduced strength in one or more muscles. Pain regarding muscle weakness can range from mild to very severe. Island Sports Physical Therapy located in Huntington has a sufficient amount of experience in treating muscle weakness and is guaranteed to guide you on your way to a successful recovery.  

A few common causes of muscle weakness include:

  • Not using your muscles frequently. This is when fibers in your muscles turn into fat
  • Lack of physical activity, also known as a sedentary lifestyle
  • Aging
  • An unhealthy diet

However, muscle diseases, poisoning, metabolic disease, and neurologic diseases are also conditions that can cause and lead to muscle weakness.

Physical therapy is highly recommended when it comes to treating muscle weakness. With the help of professionals and their guidance, you will discover which treatment is best for you. Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington has a variety of physical therapists that have a knowledgeable understanding of how to treat muscle weakness.

Physical Therapy for muscle weakness can help:

  • Guide you on the correct daily exercises
  • Teach you ways to minimize the effects of muscle treatment
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Develop an exercise program that meets your ability
  • Help you use your muscles correctly to avoid injury and allow you to move with less pain

It is essential that you learn the right steps in treating muscle weakness. Physical therapy will help teach you safe ideas on how to move, lift, and will also provide information regarding muscle weakness.

If you live in Huntington and are suffering from muscle weakness, Island Sports Physical Therapy will help accommodate your needs in order to reach your goal towards a safe recovery. With the help of our experts and their knowledge towards muscle weakness, we can guarantee that you will receive all the help you need. Please contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you!