Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

One of the best ways to relieve discomfort during pregnancy is through physical therapy. Over the course of a pregnancy, there can be a number of consistent pains that arise, and finding a safe and effective way to relieve that pain is important to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport, our physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be able to offer you the care you need in order to relieve your pain.

Common types of pain during pregnancy:

  • Back pain Around 50-70% of women will experience some type of back pain during the course of their pregnancy. Over time, poor alignment increases muscle tightness which creates increased stress on the back muscles.
  • Neck pain– In combination with back pain, neck pain is also very common during pregnancy. Putting stress on the back muscles also results in increased stress on the muscles of the neck.   
  • Leg/foot pain– During pregnancy, there is an increase in fluid in the tissues of your body. The blood will tend to pool or remain in the leg and foot area rather than circulating throughout the entire body, causing pain and discomfort.

Causes of pain:

  • Change in hormones
  • Additional weight gain
  • Poor posture
  • Poor sitting position
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Swelling
  • Poor circulation


At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our therapists will be able to relieve your back or neck pain with spinal rehabilitation. Spinal rehabilitation will help to strengthen your supportive muscles and help improve physical function and mobility. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport and believe spinal rehabilitation may be the right choice for you, our physical therapists will be able to personalize a treatment plan that will fit each and every one of your needs.

How to prevent pain on your own:

  • Maintain a good posture
  • Apply ice or heat to areas of discomfort
  • Perform various exercises or stretches
  • Wear shoes with extra support

Physical therapy is a great option for relieving these pains during pregnancy. Our physical therapists will provide you with exercises and techniques that can help you maintain better posture. We offer a wide variety of services that can not only ease your discomfort but also help to keep your health and fitness levels up over the course of your pregnancy. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport, Island Sports Physical Therapy can help. Be sure to contact us today in order to make an appointment!

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