Running in Snow

Running in Snow

Spring Sports

With winter upon us, several athletes may be looking to take a bit of a step back as they prepare for the upcoming spring sports season. Unfortunately, the cold weather limits an athletes’ ability to get outside and engage in outdoor activities, thus preventing them from staying in top-tier shape. While relaxation certainly has its own benefits, abstaining from training and preparation all together is proven to be more detrimental than beneficial. However, due to the frigid temperatures, training options may be limited. Fortunately, our physical therapy in East Northport specializes in sports specific therapy and can assist athletes in injury prevention along with recommended training regimens. As an added bonus, Island Sports PT’s indoor facilities will be sure to keep you warm as well.

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physical therapy in east northport

Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

One of the best ways to relieve discomfort during pregnancy is through physical therapy. Over the course of a pregnancy, there can be a number of consistent pains that arise, and finding a safe and effective way to relieve that pain is important to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport, our physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be able to offer you the care you need in order to relieve your pain.

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Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

One of the best ways to relieve discomfort during pregnancy is through physical therapy. Over the course of a pregnancy, there can be a number of consistent pains that arise, and finding a safe and effective way to relieve that pain is important to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport, our physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy will be able to offer you the care you need in order to relieve your pain.

Common types of pain during pregnancy:

  • Back pain Around 50-70% of women will experience some type of back pain during the course of their pregnancy. Over time, poor alignment increases muscle tightness which creates increased stress on the back muscles.
  • Neck pain– In combination with back pain, neck pain is also very common during pregnancy. Putting stress on the back muscles also results in increased stress on the muscles of the neck.   
  • Leg/foot pain– During pregnancy, there is an increase in fluid in the tissues of your body. The blood will tend to pool or remain in the leg and foot area rather than circulating throughout the entire body, causing pain and discomfort.

Causes of pain:

  • Change in hormones
  • Additional weight gain
  • Poor posture
  • Poor sitting position
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Swelling
  • Poor circulation


At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our therapists will be able to relieve your back or neck pain with spinal rehabilitation. Spinal rehabilitation will help to strengthen your supportive muscles and help improve physical function and mobility. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport and believe spinal rehabilitation may be the right choice for you, our physical therapists will be able to personalize a treatment plan that will fit each and every one of your needs.

How to prevent pain on your own:

  • Maintain a good posture
  • Apply ice or heat to areas of discomfort
  • Perform various exercises or stretches
  • Wear shoes with extra support

Physical therapy is a great option for relieving these pains during pregnancy. Our physical therapists will provide you with exercises and techniques that can help you maintain better posture. We offer a wide variety of services that can not only ease your discomfort but also help to keep your health and fitness levels up over the course of your pregnancy. If you are seeking physical therapy in East Northport, Island Sports Physical Therapy can help. Be sure to contact us today in order to make an appointment!

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Muscle Injury in Athletes

The core muscles consist of abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, and many other muscles. These muscles help to protect internal organs such as organs of the digestive system. They are responsible for keeping your upper body upright and flexible.

Injuries in the core muscles happen because of tearing and weakening of the abdominal walls, making athletes especially susceptible. Usually occurring during sudden twisting, muscles tearing and weakening can happen slowly over a period of several years or all of a sudden. Football and soccer players, track runners receive the most core injuries. Core muscle injuries can happen to high school athletes also affecting many people all over the island in towns like East Northport, Huntington, Nesconset, etc. To learn about core muscle and other sports injuries click here. Continue reading Core Muscle Injury Often Occurs in Athletes

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Playing sports in the summer is really fun especially because of the beautiful weather that comes along with it! Summer sports like Volleyball, Tennis, and Golf are all enjoyable sports to practice and play throughout the summer but safety must necessarily come along with them.

Of course, injuries are common for those that frequently play sports, but there are many ways to avoid injuries from happening. Aside from Volleyball, Tennis, and Golf, in general, it is important to keep hydrated, be aware of heat exposure, stretch, and read up on safe workout and exercise tips.  At Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Northport, we know the risks that come with Summer activity and can help you avoid injury to stay active all summer long.

For those who play Tennis avidly, there are several common risks associated with the sport. Many people who regularly play tennis experience “tennis elbow” or wrist injuries. Tennis elbow is a very common injury and is caused by overusing certain muscles that extend the wrist or bend it backward. Stretching and strengthening your arms and wrists muscles before playing tennis can help increase strong performance and decrease injuries.

Golf, on the other hand, doesn’t require much as running around but it is still a very common sport that is played during the summer by East Northport residents.  Maintaining proper posture, avoiding overswing with the club, and staying smooth in your movements are all great ways to prevent summer injuries. Taking lessons is highly recommended and will reduce the risk of injuries.

Universally, when it comes to playing sports during the summer, warming up, building up your endurance, focusing on becoming flexible, strengthening your muscles, and using the correct equipment and techniques are all extremely necessary when it comes to preventing injuries.

Island Sports Physical Therapy has years of experience and offers significant quality care for all of our patients. If you live near East Northport and have experienced any injuries while playing a sport, please give Island Sports Physical Therapy a call today!

Long Island Soccer

Long Island Soccer

Fall Sport Injury Prevention

Staying competitive in sports and not getting injured may seem like an oxymoron, while some join a sports team to feel like they are part of something, others genuinely enjoy the competitive aspects of sports. The conflict with wanting to remain competitive and trying to stay safe is apparent, since avoiding taking risks is not going to give anyone an edge over the competition. Even when avoiding risks there is still some probable chance of injury, so the question remains: is there any consistent way to prevent injuries?

The basic admonishment against over-training is in preventing “burn out”, or to put it in more understandable terms not allowing for recovery periods between training sessions. Not to promote mutiny within sports teams, but your coach is not you and cannot vouch for your physical well being better than you can. if you say nothing, your coach will assume that you can handle it. Being reliable is what most aspiring competitive athletes want, they want their position on the team to remain intact and refuse the notion of admitting pain, thus leading to degrading performance. In regards to training when you put a strain on your muscles they become damaged then reform as new proteins which increase in thickness, this is why people become stronger as they train. There is a recuperation period for the muscles to reform, however, if one continues to tear at their muscles relentlessly they could incur serious injury with no option of time for your body to properly form new muscles.

Plenty of fear mongering so far, right? American training ethos is primarily based on masking pain and stacking on heavier training, that’s what separates the great from the meek. Whining to your coach may get you time to recuperate, but it’s not earning you any favors. The sad reality is that if you are competitive you will probably sustain an injury. The best way to make sure an injury does not get the better of you is through physical therapy and if you live on Long Island,  New York and think you need to sift through red-tape to receive a referral from your physician you would be wrong.

There are sports orientated physical therapists in Long Island and Island Sports Physical Therapy has six locations in Nesconset, Glen Cove, Coram, Huntington, East Northport, and East Meadow. Island Sports Physical Therapy offers special training programs for injured athletes so that they may continue their training upkeep despite having injuries. Of course there are rehabilitation services offered for more severe injuries, but for those who cannot afford to let their game up the special training is certainly worth a look into.  

Physical Therapy in Nassau County and Suffolk County

Physical Therapy in Nassau County and Suffolk County

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Compartment Syndrome is a very rare condition, which sees less than 20,000 cases in the United States per year. Compartment Syndrome can be very dangerous and very painful. It happens when there is pressure buildup from internal bleeding or swelling of the tissues. A deeper look into what happens is that blood or fluid fills a compartment where a wall of tissue called the fascia struggles to expand because it isn’t meant to. In emergency situations, surgery is required to relieve the pressure buildup. Compartment Syndrome may be caused by a broken arm or leg or by the actual treatment of the fracture, whether it be the casting or the surgery itself.

Whether there is surgery involved or not, a physical therapist will play an important role. They will help you to regain your range of motions in your arm, leg, knee, or whatever else it is that has compartment syndrome. The physical therapist may help you gain strength in your core so that you are better stabilized as your arms and legs are in motion. The physical therapist may also use techniques such as massaging and may also use tools like ultrasound to help improve the flexibility of tissue and speed recovery.

If you are looking for a physical therapist on Long Island who can help you recover from your compartment syndrome, using Island Sports Physical Therapy is the right choice. Island Sports Physical Therapy has six locations in total, making it easier than ever to get to one of the branches. They have one located in each of Nesconset, Coram, East Northport, Huntington, East Meadow, and Glen Cove. The physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy are top notch and will do everything they can to help you properly recover and excel after compartment syndrome surgery.

Long Islanders over 65

Long Islanders over 65

Usually, when someone thinks of physical therapy, they think of people addressing injuries they may have suffered through playing sports or people rebuilding muscle tone after surgery. However, people ages 65 and older are starting to participate in physical therapy just to stay in shape, prevent diseases, and other medical ailments like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or to simply enhance balance and strength.

Geriatric Rehabilitation is booming as it is recommended by many to “fight aging”. Although no one can literally fight to age, geriatric rehabilitation definitely helps to make older people feel more nimble. It is said that by the age of 65, just about everyone has arthritis in their spine, it’s just a matter of whether they experience symptoms or not. With geriatric rehabilitation, seniors can combat this arthritis with the assistance of a trained professional, rather than medicinal methods which can be harmful to your body. Rehabilitation’s main focus is to allow the elderly to gain and maintain their independence as they are able to get around unassisted and can take care of themselves. Life expectancy around the world is increasing due to geriatric rehabilitation. This is because it directly affects a person’s frailty, speed, and ability to live independently, which are all important factors in life expectancy, especially as one gets older.

The physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy can help with geriatric rehabilitation, as they address the unique physical and medical problems associated with aging. The geriatric rehabilitation offered at Island Sports Physical Therapy helps blood-pressure control, diabetes control, enhancing muscle strength, enhancing balance, and the prevention of osteoporosis. Choosing Island Sports Physical Therapy would be a wise choice as they not only direct the geriatric rehabilitation, but they also incorporate aspects of teaching, prevention, fitness, and wellness into the geriatric rehabilitation program.

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Knee Injuries

One of the most common types of knee pain in athletes, active teenagers, older adults, and people who perform physical labor is patellofemoral pain syndrome. Patellofemoral pain occurs at the front of the knee, in and around the kneecap. Physical therapy is one option that can be customized to fit any person’s situation to help fix and prevent future knee pain.

The first step in determining which type of treatment would be most effective is the evaluation of the patient. After the evaluation, the physical therapist analyzes the results and finds what would be the most successful exercise and rehabilitation program specific for each patient. The strengthening exercises that are used for the knee are targeted at the hip, knee and the ankle.

The physical therapist will continue to work with each patient to keep them active and to maintain their fitness level necessary for their recovery. If it appears that the knee pain is being caused by the alignment and position of a patient’s foot or arch, shoe inserts called orthosis may be an option. The orthosis can lessen the stress to the knee that is caused by excessive rotation as well as the impact that occurs during walking or running.

Two common treatments that may be suggested by the physical therapist to help protect the knees are strength training and functional exercises and electrical stimulation of the knee. Strength training and functional exercises are designed to increase the strength, endurance, and function of the leg muscle as well as support the knee and reduce the stress to the knee joint. Electrical stimulation of the knee is used to increase the strength of the leg muscles and to reduce knee pain. This is done through electrical impulses generated by a device and delivered through electrodes to stimulate the quadriceps femoris; the primary muscle that supports the knee.

Although there are other options to protect the knees from injury, physical therapy is a cost-effective treatment that improves flexibility and relieves pain. Physical therapy reduces the need for surgery and prescription drugs and gives patients the opportunity to partake in a recovery plan that is modified to their needs.

Physical Therapy in East Meadow

It is an unfortunate reality that we are all bound to face an injury or experience pain at some point in our life. While the goal should be to prevent or avoid injury altogether, sometimes it may not be the simplest thing to do. If you are faced with pain or injury that is affecting your everyday life, it may be in your best interest to seek out the help of a physical therapist. Physical therapy uses exercise as a means of treatment as they are specifically designed to how your body is able to react with them while taking your fitness level and severity of your pain into account.

Physical therapy is often overlooked as patients tend to seek medication or surgery right away before weighing all of their options. Physical therapy is the most beneficial form of treatment simply because it provides a long term goal and targets all areas of the body while medication only provides short term relief. Surgery may not always be needed with a majority of injuries but it can provide a quick fix, and even if you go in for surgery, you will need postoperative rehabilitation to get the injured area back to normal.

Your physical well-being is very important to us and we will assist you in reaching your full physical potential at Island Sports Physical Therapy. If we imagine that our body is a machine, once we hit a point where one function is not at its best, the machine begins to slow. If we are plagued with an injury, our body is not up to its best as much of the energy is diverged into carrying out basic functions.

Island Sports Physical Therapy is a great place if you are an athlete as we specifically focus on helping you recover quickly in order to get back to the sport without ever skipping a beat. There may be a cause for concern if you find yourself experiencing pain that is frequently coming back after an extended period of time. The best advice we can give you is to stop prolonging the recovery process and visit Island Sports Physical Therapy so our world-class physical therapists can get you back doing what you do best!