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The knees are a very delicate and intriguing part of the body. We use our knees everyday for nearly every task as long as we aren’t sitting. Our knees give us the ability to walk, run, and jump the way we do. As sports and aging will do to a person, the knees take some damage and can begin to hurt over time. Sometimes, the worst happens and there can be an injury that may require surgery and/or physical therapy to fully repair and make you feel good as new. One major injury that happens to the knee is when there is a meniscus tear. The meniscus is 2 pieces of cartilage that provides cushion between the thigh and shin bones. The meniscus can be damaged in activities that put a lot of stress on the knees or involve sharp turning or twisting. Meniscus tears are a common injury in football.

When the meniscus is torn, there is general pain in the area and possible swelling. To repair the meniscal tear, there is traditionally arthroscopic knee surgery involved, although it isn’t always required. Meniscus repair surgery is usually successful, with 90% of patients being satisfied afterwards. After surgery, it is essential to get physical therapy. The physical therapy may involve small, easy exercises to get your leg muscles back to their original status. It involves exercises like quad sets, which require you to lay your leg straight on the floor and tighten the thigh muscles to get the back of the knee to touch the floor for about 5-10 seconds.

A physical therapist can be of great use for someone who needs to recover from meniscal surgery. Island Sports Physical Therapy has a total of four locations throughout Suffolk County and two locations throughout Nassau County. Give us a call to schedule your evaluation today.

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