Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

physical therapy in glen cove

Experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis can make ordinary tasks much more challenging. Patients who are forced to put up with chronic pain typically tend to worry that the discomfort may never subside. For the thousands of working Americans that experience chronic pain, it can complicate simple tasks and inhibit their ability to focus. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, we are focused on making our patients feel pain-free with low-risk solutions. For chronic pain, surgery may become an inevitable requirement, but it can take weeks to recover from and can give you hefty bills that take years to pay back. Physical therapy is a more sensible solution and can be much more price efficient.

Having a job while enduring chronic pain is highly strenuous and can undoubtedly become bothersome to deal with. In some cases, patients chose to work at home if they experience such pain because going to an average desk job can be too much of a challenge. Research has suggested that 1 in 4 working people experience work-related pains. Naturally, 9 out of 10 of those people choose to commute to work rather than stay at home. Continue reading for some tips to improve your chronic pain and make the best of your working life:

Talk To Your Boss

Instead of suffering in silence, make sure to tell your boss what you’re feeling. Taking an extra 10-minute break or leaving the office for a couple of minutes can be simple solutions to make you more comfortable at work. They’ll understand if your discomfort has become unbearable, and will be willing to work with you to make sure your situation is optimal.

Customize Your Workspace

Equipping your desk with supplies to make you feel more at-home is an essential part in decreasing your chronic pain. If you are a person experiencing back pain, you might find it helpful to leave a seat cushion at your desk. Other items such as stress balls, small massagers, and heating packs can all be easily hidden and kept away from other people.

Go To Physical Therapy

Medications can be addictive and dangerous, whereas physical therapy is a low-risk solution to chronic pain. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, we create customized treatments to help clients receive a method that’s right for them. Our physical therapists can show you stretches to help improve movement and reduce your pain.

Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove is dedicated to helping our patients live a pain-free life. Physical Therapy is an excellent option for people seeking a customized treatment plan with minimal risk involved. Contact our office today to make an appointment or to learn more about how we can help improve your quality of life.

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Spring is right around the corner and if you or your child participates in spring sports, it is important to be physically prepared. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, we offer fitness programming for all kinds of spring sports, including baseball, softball, and lacrosse, to prepare you physically for the season.

As you get back in the swing of things, it is important to remember is to start off slowly, especially if you have neglected to maintain your conditioning schedule these past few months Whether it is gradually increasing your speed on the treadmill each day or lifting heavier weights each week, the more you ease into it, the better. If you try and work too hard too soon, you are putting yourself at greater risk for injury. A common injury is muscle soreness due to overactivity. Should this happen to you, remember the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate) method.

Also, whatever sport you or your kid plays, be wary of concussions, as these can happen in any sport. Important to note for children or young adults, the brain does not stop growing until age 25 increasing susceptibility to a concussion injury. Concussions can be very serious and often lead to more severe issues later in life. Should a concussion occur, listen to your doctor regarding how much time is needed for the injury to heal. As this can vary from person to person, taking precaution is always important.

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, we can give you a physical evaluation, to make sure that you or your child is physically prepared for your favorite athletic activity. Depending on your initial condition, we can provide you with a fitness plan suitable for your needs and goals. Contact us today!

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove
Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

It’s that time of the year when we start breaking out the eggnog and building snowmen. Unfortunately, winter also comes with cold weather and snow, which contribute to injuries from activities like shoveling or possibly slipping on the ice. Colder temperatures also result in the weakening of your immune system, leading to the likelihood of getting a cold or the flu.
Thankfully, here are some different steps you can take to assuring your winter is merry and bright, and not sad and dull:
  • Prepare your home – activities including cleaning out gutters and roof leaks, insulating water lines and other options can ensure your home is warm and safe. Along with this, checking your heating system, fireplace and carbon monoxide alarms are also important for a safe winter.
  • Outdoor precautions – the most important thing to realize when doing an arduous activity, like shoveling or working on icy platforms, is to work slowly. Working too hard can result in stressing muscles or slipping and seriously injuring yourself. When working, it’s important to always carry your cell phone and to bring an emergency kit.
With the cold weather approaching, being safe this season not only makes your life easier but prevents the possibility of possible injury. If you’re in need of proper recovery from your injuries, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove is able to get you feeling good as new and can let you get back to building snowmen.
Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove is getting itself prepared for an important fall season. With many autumn sports occurring as of late, and the changing weather patterns, people may be more prone to injuries and falls. If you or your child has suffered an injury, you may think the first thing to do is to try painkillers in order to heal the pain. The physical therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy are here to tell you why you should choose physical therapy, instead of turning to painkillers. Continue reading National Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Ways to get back in the game in time for School Sports

School sports season is right around the corner and there is a lot to look forward to! We at Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove are here with a friendly reminder to get you prepared for the first day of the season.

At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove, we want nothing more than for you to be in the best athletic shape possible when it finally does come time to race down the track, take to the court for a volleyball game, or assume your position on the football field. That is why we are proud to be offering complimentary back-to-school screenings to all student-athletes.

The most common sports injuries that affect student-athletes can be classified as either acute or chronic. Acute sports injuries are blunt-force trauma injuries, which include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains  
  • Fractures
  • and Concussions

Chronic injuries are those that arise as a result of overuse, such as:

  • Swollen muscles
  • Ligament damage
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shin splints

Our team of physical therapists will put their years of experience providing sport-specific care to patients in order to:

  • Assess your risk of injury while participating in school sports
  • Provide you with a customized exercise program that will help you get in shape for a specific sport
  • Provide you with tips on preventing injuries

School will be in session soon! Don’t miss out on your chance to prove yourself as a standout member of the team for any of your favorite fall sports. Visit us at Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove for your complimentary back-to-school screening today!

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Muscle Injury in Athletes

The core muscles consist of abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, and many other muscles. These muscles help to protect internal organs such as organs of the digestive system. They are responsible for keeping your upper body upright and flexible.

Injuries in the core muscles happen because of tearing and weakening of the abdominal walls, making athletes especially susceptible. Usually occurring during sudden twisting, muscles tearing and weakening can happen slowly over a period of several years or all of a sudden. Football and soccer players, track runners receive the most core injuries. Core muscle injuries can happen to high school athletes also affecting many people all over the island in towns like East Northport, Huntington, Nesconset, etc. To learn about core muscle and other sports injuries click here. Continue reading Core Muscle Injury Often Occurs in Athletes

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shutterstock_155601284Every parent in the world wants the best for their children. They want to keep their child safe and free from illness or injury. Like most things in life, things are completely out of anyone’s control, no matter how safe we try to be. Children encounter injuries from the time they take their first steps. It is not something parents can prevent. Injuries are a part of life for both adults and children. Some are caused by illnesses that are present from birth, others are through activities such as sports.

Children are curious creatures, they bravely decide to do things without really seeing a consequence. The most common cause of injury are from falls. Falls from playground equipment, windows, bikes, running, the potentials for falls are everywhere. Injuries from falls can be treated without medication with the help of a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help your child go back to physical activity, or treatment of physical disabilities. Island Sports Physical Therapy, offers many different forms of therapy that will provide the best care and rehabilitation for your child. Physical therapy professionals can implement treatment programs that are designed to treat the injury your child is experiencing. These treatments speed up the rehabilitation process,can ease pain and restore movement skills and proper functioning .

Therapist can guide them through strength/flexibility exercise routines and aerobic activities. They can also give your child balance training to improve standing, walking and sitting balance. Balance training will most importantly help prevent future injuries. Unfortunately some are born with illness and disorders, they can be treated through various methods. The method of treatment you decide to go with is important. Many different medical conditions can affect the mobility of young children. Common diseases or conditions that create movement problems include cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscle diseases, respiratory conditions, genetic disorders, and limb deficiencies. Sessions can aid children in overcoming these conditions. They can gain proper movement abilities that will allow them to safely and successfully perform daily tasks. Common techniques used include balance and coordination activities, heat and cold therapies, aquatic water therapies, and crawling or walking exercises.

Long Island Geriatric Rehabilitation

Long Island Geriatric Rehabilitation

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

As we get older, our minds and body’s age with us. As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to perform the everyday activities all of us take for granted, such as walking. With age, our lives fill more and more with different responsibilities making it increasingly difficult to remain active, which only puts further limitations on our free time. Once we do get older, it is recommended that we continue to stay active, and if you find that difficult, geriatric rehabilitation may be the perfect option.

To participate in geriatric rehabilitation doesn’t require you to be injured per se, but just requires you to have the regular wear-and-tear of a normal person. Everyone has a history, whether they suffered football injuries, a car accident, or just genetic predispositions; no two elderly people are the same. Geriatric rehabilitation is proven to restore or increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance, while simultaneously reducing pain. There is a story of a minister who suffered from a stroke and sought out geriatric rehabilitation. His right leg wouldn’t support him and his right arm just hung down in a limp fashion. When he first began rehabilitation, he could only sing, as it uses a different part of the brain than talking does. He eventually was able to speak and even use his right leg and right arm. This took many sessions, but it was with the help of geriatric rehabilitation that made it possible.

With medicine and life spans only expanding and becoming more effective, it’s important to help keep your body in the best shape it can be. The therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy specialize in geriatric rehabilitation. Come by Island Sports Physical Therapy, no job is too big or too small, and no person is too old or too young to be helped.  

Long Island Meniscal Repair


Long Island Meniscal Repair

Physical Therapy in Huntington

The knees are a very delicate and intriguing part of the body. We use our knees everyday for nearly every task as long as we aren’t sitting. Our knees give us the ability to walk, run, and jump the way we do. As sports and aging will do to a person, the knees take some damage and can begin to hurt over time. Sometimes, the worst happens and there can be an injury that may require surgery and/or physical therapy to fully repair and make you feel good as new. One major injury that happens to the knee is when there is a meniscus tear. The meniscus is 2 pieces of cartilage that provides cushion between the thigh and shin bones. The meniscus can be damaged in activities that put a lot of stress on the knees or involve sharp turning or twisting. Meniscus tears are a common injury in football.

When the meniscus is torn, there is general pain in the area and possible swelling. To repair the meniscal tear, there is traditionally arthroscopic knee surgery involved, although it isn’t always required. Meniscus repair surgery is usually successful, with 90% of patients being satisfied afterwards. After surgery, it is essential to get physical therapy. The physical therapy may involve small, easy exercises to get your leg muscles back to their original status. It involves exercises like quad sets, which require you to lay your leg straight on the floor and tighten the thigh muscles to get the back of the knee to touch the floor for about 5-10 seconds.

A physical therapist can be of great use for someone who needs to recover from meniscal surgery. Island Sports Physical Therapy has a total of four locations throughout Suffolk County and two locations throughout Nassau County. Give us a call to schedule your evaluation today.

Long Island Juvenile Arthritis

Long Island Juvenile Arthritis

National Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

July is here and it is National Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. It is important to recognize that although arthritis is more prevalent in older adults, it afflicts people of all ages including children. Understanding the disease and including its’ symptoms and treatment options can be beneficial to the child in the long term.

Taking the proper precautions to help prevent arthritic symptoms in children, will make their prognosis more manageable.  Keeping the child at a healthy weight by eating well and exercising will help reduce the intensity of flare-ups as well as promote overall health and well-being. Teaching your child safety when getting active and playing sports will help prevent potential injuries. Sports injuries are also a huge trigger of arthritis, so doing your best to prevent an injury will also help in reducing your chances of being symptomatic. For children who have not already been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, an injury in childhood may lead to arthritis down the line. This is why it is critical to visit a physical therapist if you have an injury.  A physical therapist will help optimally heal your injury that will help you avoid further complications down the line. In addition, a physical therapist will teach you exercises to relieve arthritic pain as well as strengthen the muscles around the afflicted area so that it takes the pressure off of that area.

The month of July is a great time to educate yourself on all things related to arthritis as well as help spread the word. Whether it’s due to an injury or genetic or environmental factors, Juvenile Arthritis is something to be concerned with. If you live in the Long Island area, Island Sports Physical Therapy has locations in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties to help you assuage arthritic pain as well the proper healing of various injuries. Call us today!