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Physical Therapy in Huntington Station

Physical Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

Whether it be affecting you or a loved one, Parkinson’s disease is a difficult disease to have to manage when it becomes a part of your life. Tight muscles, tremors, or difficulty balancing may be an everyday occurrence. At Island Sports Physical Therapy, our team of skilled physical therapists can help to improve the quality of life of those suffering from this condition. While it may not be the cure, our physical therapy in Huntington Station can help to manage any movement issues and face this disease head-on with a personalized plan of attack centered around the patient.     

How Can Physical Therapy in Huntington Station Help?

The main goal of physical therapy is to build strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Your physical therapist will execute an overall evaluation of your condition and determine the steps necessary to move forward for treatment. During your sessions, you may receive education on some of the following:

  • Avoid falls.
  • Get in and out of bed easier.
  • Go up and down stairs properly.
  • Stretch your muscles to improve range of motion.
  • Walk without shuffling.

Types of Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease:

At Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer many different types of physical therapy in Huntington Station that can help to better manage Parkinson’s disease, including:

  • Amplitude Training: Since Parkinson’s disease causes movements to become progressively smaller, amplitude training may be done to combat this symptom. Training will consist of putting the body through a variety of exaggerated movements to open up any range of motion that may have been diminished due to this disease.    
  • Balance Work: Balance and coordination are some other things that Parkinson’s disease may affect and make difficult. Our team will introduce a variety of exercises to help in regaining this balance and allowing you to move around with more confidence and ease.
  • Strength Training: Both age and Parkinson’s disease can lead to a deterioration of strength. Physical therapy can be used as a means to regain any strength that has been washed away by this condition.
  • Stretching: Parkinson’s disease can cause muscles to tighten, making it difficult to walk and move around. A physical therapist can introduce a stretching regimen to help loosen these muscles and make movement a bit easier.     

Schedule an Appointment For Physical Therapy in Huntington Station :

If you’re looking for help in managing Parkinson’s disease, the team at Island Sports Physical Therapy is here to help. Physical therapy is a great option when dealing with progressive disorders. By contacting us, you can take the first steps in managing this unfortunate condition today.  

Long Island Soccer

Long Island Soccer

Fall Sport Injury Prevention

Staying competitive in sports and not getting injured may seem like an oxymoron, while some join a sports team to feel like they are part of something, others genuinely enjoy the competitive aspects of sports. The conflict with wanting to remain competitive and trying to stay safe is apparent, since avoiding taking risks is not going to give anyone an edge over the competition. Even when avoiding risks there is still some probable chance of injury, so the question remains: is there any consistent way to prevent injuries?

The basic admonishment against over-training is in preventing “burn out”, or to put it in more understandable terms not allowing for recovery periods between training sessions. Not to promote mutiny within sports teams, but your coach is not you and cannot vouch for your physical well being better than you can. if you say nothing, your coach will assume that you can handle it. Being reliable is what most aspiring competitive athletes want, they want their position on the team to remain intact and refuse the notion of admitting pain, thus leading to degrading performance. In regards to training when you put a strain on your muscles they become damaged then reform as new proteins which increase in thickness, this is why people become stronger as they train. There is a recuperation period for the muscles to reform, however, if one continues to tear at their muscles relentlessly they could incur serious injury with no option of time for your body to properly form new muscles.

Plenty of fear mongering so far, right? American training ethos is primarily based on masking pain and stacking on heavier training, that’s what separates the great from the meek. Whining to your coach may get you time to recuperate, but it’s not earning you any favors. The sad reality is that if you are competitive you will probably sustain an injury. The best way to make sure an injury does not get the better of you is through physical therapy and if you live on Long Island,  New York and think you need to sift through red-tape to receive a referral from your physician you would be wrong.

There are sports orientated physical therapists in Long Island and Island Sports Physical Therapy has six locations in Nesconset, Glen Cove, Coram, Huntington, East Northport, and East Meadow. Island Sports Physical Therapy offers special training programs for injured athletes so that they may continue their training upkeep despite having injuries. Of course there are rehabilitation services offered for more severe injuries, but for those who cannot afford to let their game up the special training is certainly worth a look into.  

physical therapist in suffolk county physical therapist in nassau county physical therapist in east northport physical therapist in huntington physical therapist in smithtown physical therapist in nesconset physical therapist in east meadow physical therapist in glen cove physical therapist in coram

shutterstock_155601284Every parent in the world wants the best for their children. They want to keep their child safe and free from illness or injury. Like most things in life, things are completely out of anyone’s control, no matter how safe we try to be. Children encounter injuries from the time they take their first steps. It is not something parents can prevent. Injuries are a part of life for both adults and children. Some are caused by illnesses that are present from birth, others are through activities such as sports.

Children are curious creatures, they bravely decide to do things without really seeing a consequence. The most common cause of injury are from falls. Falls from playground equipment, windows, bikes, running, the potentials for falls are everywhere. Injuries from falls can be treated without medication with the help of a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help your child go back to physical activity, or treatment of physical disabilities. Island Sports Physical Therapy, offers many different forms of therapy that will provide the best care and rehabilitation for your child. Physical therapy professionals can implement treatment programs that are designed to treat the injury your child is experiencing. These treatments speed up the rehabilitation process,can ease pain and restore movement skills and proper functioning .

Therapist can guide them through strength/flexibility exercise routines and aerobic activities. They can also give your child balance training to improve standing, walking and sitting balance. Balance training will most importantly help prevent future injuries. Unfortunately some are born with illness and disorders, they can be treated through various methods. The method of treatment you decide to go with is important. Many different medical conditions can affect the mobility of young children. Common diseases or conditions that create movement problems include cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscle diseases, respiratory conditions, genetic disorders, and limb deficiencies. Sessions can aid children in overcoming these conditions. They can gain proper movement abilities that will allow them to safely and successfully perform daily tasks. Common techniques used include balance and coordination activities, heat and cold therapies, aquatic water therapies, and crawling or walking exercises.

Long Island Physical Therapy for facial nerve issues

Long Island Physical Therapy for facial nerve issues

Physical Therapy for Nerve Problems

Island Sports Physical Therapy has serviced Long Island since 1985 and offers a multitude of services to help treat your pain. One of the services offered is facial nerve problems. There are many different facial nerve conditions that cause facial pain that we can treats.

There are many reasons why someone would suffer from dull or acute facial pain. Some of the reasons might be trigeminal neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, tumors, bell’s palsy, or other underlying conditions. All of these conditions can limit the function of your facial nerves causing facial pain. Going and receiving treatment once you notice facial pain in important because damaged facial nerves can affect your facial movements. Physical Therapy can help you to regain facial muscle movement.

From your physical therapist you should expect an assessment of your facial pain to make sure they fully understand your symptoms and conditions. Next, they will start to discuss with you various treatment options and exercises that you can do daily at home to continue improving. Some of the exercises that you may do together are stretching, massages, and relearning of the basic facial movements. Not all exercises are acceptable for every condition so you must consult your PT before adding to any physical regimen.

With 6 convenient locations, Island Sports Physical Therapy and treats many conditions including facial nerve pain.

Long Island Spinal Rehab

Long Island Spinal Rehab

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy modality helps decrease pain, treat tightness, spasms, and stimulate blood flow to assist with the healing process. The types of treatments received is usually hot/cold packs, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis.  Next time you’re at the PT getting treatment, don’t be surprised when they use one more of of these modalities:

  • Applying Hot/Cold Packs
  1.       Applying a hot pack with a heated towel wrapped around the hot pack helps decrease tension or spasms and increases blood circulation which assist in the healing process.
  2.       Applying a cold pack with a damped towel causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels which helps decrease inflammation and also swelling.
  • Ultrasound
  1.       Transmits sound waves to tissue which penetrates the muscle causing deep tissue/muscle warming. Thus relaxing the muscles and allowing treatment of any tightness and spasms.
  2.       Increases the circulation of the blood within that area to assist with healing.
  • TENS
  1.       Also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used to decrease pain by using electrical transmission signals to disrupt the signal from the pain being sent from the affected area and nerves.
  • Electrical Stimulation
  1.       Is known to deliver electrodes on the skin in different locations to produce muscle stimulation. The settings can be changed by the physical therapist to be forceful or gentle.
  2.       Helps improve the contraction of affective muscle and cause the muscle to contact. Improves muscle strength, promotes blood supply to the area to help with healing.
  • Iontophoresis
  1.       Are electric currents that allow medication to penetrate to the affected muscles.
  2.       Helps treat inflammation.

With these treatments it is also suggest that daily exercise and stretching be done without over extension. Also, heat stimulation at home is suggested. For further understanding or if physical rehab is needed please contact Island Sports Physical Therapy at 631-462-9595 or visit our website at and make an appointment at any of our six convenient locations on Long Island.

Long Island Geriatric Rehabilitation

Long Island Geriatric Rehabilitation

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

As we get older, our minds and body’s age with us. As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to perform the everyday activities all of us take for granted, such as walking. With age, our lives fill more and more with different responsibilities making it increasingly difficult to remain active, which only puts further limitations on our free time. Once we do get older, it is recommended that we continue to stay active, and if you find that difficult, geriatric rehabilitation may be the perfect option.

To participate in geriatric rehabilitation doesn’t require you to be injured per se, but just requires you to have the regular wear-and-tear of a normal person. Everyone has a history, whether they suffered football injuries, a car accident, or just genetic predispositions; no two elderly people are the same. Geriatric rehabilitation is proven to restore or increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance, while simultaneously reducing pain. There is a story of a minister who suffered from a stroke and sought out geriatric rehabilitation. His right leg wouldn’t support him and his right arm just hung down in a limp fashion. When he first began rehabilitation, he could only sing, as it uses a different part of the brain than talking does. He eventually was able to speak and even use his right leg and right arm. This took many sessions, but it was with the help of geriatric rehabilitation that made it possible.

With medicine and life spans only expanding and becoming more effective, it’s important to help keep your body in the best shape it can be. The therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy specialize in geriatric rehabilitation. Come by Island Sports Physical Therapy, no job is too big or too small, and no person is too old or too young to be helped.  

Physical Therapist in Coram

Physical Therapist in Coram

Physical Therapy in Coram

If you are suffering from chronic pain or have suffered from an acute injury that you need to get back to full strength, then physical therapy is for you. The benefits of physical therapy are endless and will help you live your life pain-free as well as stress-free because you won’t have to worry about certain restrictions on daily activities. Physical therapy is one of the most important things you can do to get your life back on track. If you live in the Coram, New York area, Island Sports Physical Therapy is available to serve you.

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of physical therapy is the reduction and in some cases, elimination of pain. When you get to therapy, your therapist will evaluate and assess your bodily conditions and then determine what exercises will be necessary for you. The therapist will also use a variety of manual therapies that include joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation. The combination of exercise and these hands-on therapies will help bring back muscle and joint function as well as prevent pain.

Another great benefit is that physical therapy can help avoid surgery. Through various therapeutic treatments, a physical therapist may be able to promote pain and reduce inflammation in order to prevent the need for surgery. If you do require surgery though,  PT is helpful during the pre-surgery process in that your recovery time after surgery will be shortened as your supportive muscles and joints will be stronger. Physical therapy will also help improve mobility as well as increase balance and prevent falling. Also, as  you get older, mobility and balance become vital as one fall can alter your life. Physical therapy will help eliminate the fear of falling with exercises that strengthen your muscles so that in doing so, your confidence will be restored and you can continue with your daily life without as many restrictions.

Physical therapy in many cases is beneficial; it can help improve the pain you are feeling as well as teach you how to work around it. Our therapists will help give you advice on how to prevent other injuries. If you live near Coram in Suffolk County, New York, Island Sports Physical Therapy is available to help you with your physical therapy needs. Call us today!

East Meadow Physical Therapist

  East Meadow Physical Therapist

         If you are ever suffering from chronic pain or an acute injury and you’re not sure the best way to go about taking care of it, you should begin physical therapy. Physical therapy can do a variety of things for you like rehabilitate your injuries as well as teach you how to do things to help prevent other injuries. Physical therapy will give you the confidence you need to get your life back to how it was before you ever suffered any pain.

        When you get to physical therapy, they will take a full assessment of where you’re at and what the progression of rehabilitation should be for you. Then they will prescribe you exercises for you to perform to strengthen the muscles surrounding where the injury is or where you are feeling pain to help stabilize it and prevent further injury. They will also help your joints move more easily as well as increase flexibility, coordination, and balance. As you get older, you start to lose things like range of motion and balance, and that is why it is important to go and see a physical therapist and how they can help improve these things. When you are older and having good balance, your confidence will greatly increase because you won’t be worried about falling over and hurting yourself while doing daily tasks. A physical therapist will also use a variety of manual therapies to help you recover from whatever ailment you are suffering from. These manual therapies include things like massages for muscle relaxation and increased circulation, and mobilization to help increase the flexibility within the joint as well as to get it back in alignment. All of these techniques will help decrease pain as well as other techniques that help break up scar tissue and reduce inflammation.

        Physical therapy is one of the smartest things that you can do for yourself and make sure that your life is pain-free. Physical therapy is fun and will teach you a lot and will get you back on the right track. If you are in the area of East Meadow, Island Sports Physical Therapy is available to help you with any of your physical therapy needs. Call us today!


Long Island Meniscal Repair


Long Island Meniscal Repair

Physical Therapy in Huntington

The knees are a very delicate and intriguing part of the body. We use our knees everyday for nearly every task as long as we aren’t sitting. Our knees give us the ability to walk, run, and jump the way we do. As sports and aging will do to a person, the knees take some damage and can begin to hurt over time. Sometimes, the worst happens and there can be an injury that may require surgery and/or physical therapy to fully repair and make you feel good as new. One major injury that happens to the knee is when there is a meniscus tear. The meniscus is 2 pieces of cartilage that provides cushion between the thigh and shin bones. The meniscus can be damaged in activities that put a lot of stress on the knees or involve sharp turning or twisting. Meniscus tears are a common injury in football.

When the meniscus is torn, there is general pain in the area and possible swelling. To repair the meniscal tear, there is traditionally arthroscopic knee surgery involved, although it isn’t always required. Meniscus repair surgery is usually successful, with 90% of patients being satisfied afterwards. After surgery, it is essential to get physical therapy. The physical therapy may involve small, easy exercises to get your leg muscles back to their original status. It involves exercises like quad sets, which require you to lay your leg straight on the floor and tighten the thigh muscles to get the back of the knee to touch the floor for about 5-10 seconds.

A physical therapist can be of great use for someone who needs to recover from meniscal surgery. Island Sports Physical Therapy has a total of four locations throughout Suffolk County and two locations throughout Nassau County. Give us a call to schedule your evaluation today.

Long Island Body Conditioning for Track and Field

Long Island Body Conditioning for Track and Field

Although track and field is mainly running, it is important to keep the entire body conditioned during the off seasons. Strength and conditioning is important in track and field because the athlete that is in the best shape and most prepared should win. It is impossible to have a weak upper body and throw the shot put far, it is also impossible to be generally weak and undynamic and run the hurdles the fastest. When an athlete is lacking strength and conditioning, an athlete usually suffers technique. This is champions are made in the off-season.

Three important parts to keep in mind while training during the off season is strength training, training on the track, and thinking about your diet.

Muscular endurance is important for track for your body to get through intense training drills and practice in general. Since practices can be long and draining, it is hard to get in the weight room during season, so off-season is the perfect time to get in the weight room and put in extra work. Weight training can also improve your body for season to prevent aggravating injury during season. Weight training will make muscles stronger and less likely to be pulled. Squats and calf raises are advised for the lower body and bench press and upright rows are suggested to strengthen the upper body.

It is important to stay on the track even during off seasons. The ideal off-season track workout is starting with a low intensity run as a warm up.  After the warm-up move to interval drills. Interval drill would be jogging at a light speed for 30 seconds, build up the job to a 20 second moderate pace, finish up the minute with a 10 second full speed burst.  It is advised to repeat this interval drill for three to five minutes with a 45 second rest period in between each set.

One last key to maintaining your fitness for season is watching your diet. Plenty of protein, fish, fruits and vegetables along with staying hydrated will help you during and after your intense training sessions.

If you need any help coming up with an off-season training program, Island Sports Physical Therapy has fitness programming and would love to help you prepare for your upcoming season. For a fitness plan, or for any physical rehab, call 631-462-9595, or log onto our website and make an appointment for any of their 6 convenient locations across Long Island.