Physical Therapy in the Winter

physical therapy in East Northport

Are you aware that the winter months are prone to back injuries, herniated discs, and compression fractures for patients? This can be secondary to poor conditioning, lousy shoveling habits, sudden falls, and accidents. Physical therapy plays a critical role in preventing injuries and improving fitness habits during the cold winter months. If you are contemplating physical therapy in East Northport, our clinic at Island Sports Physical Therapy offers geriatric rehabilitation, children’s injuries treatment, fitness programming, spinal rehabilitation, and orthopedic services. We believe that patients deserve the best chance to recover, and this features up-to-date equipment, education, and adequate time and services spent on each patient. When preparing for winter, a vulnerable time for many patients to be susceptible to falls and injuries, it is imperative that you keep in mind the many benefits of physical therapy.

Why Physical Therapy is Crucial in the Winter Months

Benefits of physical therapy during this time period can include some of the following:

  • Increases balance to avoid falls and accidents during icy conditions.
  • Builds strength for muscles, helping them to withstand conditions associated with colder months such as muscle sprain, muscle strain, and frostbite.
  • Physical therapy helps to strengthen bones, improving the bodies’ ability to prevent fractures and osteoarthritis.  
  • Participating in PT activities helps to increase vitamin D levels, alleviate stress, and increase confidence.
  • Increasing overall fitness decreases the rate of heart attack and heart failure in the cold months.  

Whether you are new to the practice or are looking for a prime location to start physical therapy in East Northport, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy today to set up an initial appointment.  Our patients not only see results but are provided with the tips and resources needed to increase fitness levels for the future.  

Tips to Avoid Injury During this Winter Season

Remember to incorporate the following tips to increase injury prevention:

  • Wear proper footwear, specifically those designed for withstanding icy and winter-related conditions.
  • Utilize safety techniques when shoveling snow, a prime stimulant for back pain.
  • Remember to always warm up prior to exercise and stay hydrated with sufficient amounts of water.
  • Integrate hip flexor stretches, planks, single-leg deadlifts, and squats to increase strength and range of motion for outdoor activities.

In the case of spontaneous injury, our clinic offers the proper evaluation and assessment to determine whether surgery is required. For non-surgical treatment, consider everything that physical therapy can provide you. With six convenient locations throughout Long Island, our reputation at Island Sports Physical Therapy is supported by the thousands of people we have assisted. We are here to help you feel your best this winter, so if you are looking for physical therapy in East Northport, be sure to reach out to us today!

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