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Are you aware that the winter months are prone to back injuries, herniated discs, and compression fractures for patients? This can be secondary to poor conditioning, lousy shoveling habits, sudden falls, and accidents. Physical therapy plays a critical role in preventing injuries and improving fitness habits during the cold winter months. If you are contemplating physical therapy in East Northport, our clinic at Island Sports Physical Therapy offers geriatric rehabilitation, children’s injuries treatment, fitness programming, spinal rehabilitation, and orthopedic services. We believe that patients deserve the best chance to recover, and this features up-to-date equipment, education, and adequate time and services spent on each patient. When preparing for winter, a vulnerable time for many patients to be susceptible to falls and injuries, it is imperative that you keep in mind the many benefits of physical therapy.

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Running in Snow

Running in Snow

Spring Sports

With winter upon us, several athletes may be looking to take a bit of a step back as they prepare for the upcoming spring sports season. Unfortunately, the cold weather limits an athletes’ ability to get outside and engage in outdoor activities, thus preventing them from staying in top-tier shape. While relaxation certainly has its own benefits, abstaining from training and preparation all together is proven to be more detrimental than beneficial. However, due to the frigid temperatures, training options may be limited. Fortunately, our physical therapy in East Northport specializes in sports specific therapy and can assist athletes in injury prevention along with recommended training regimens. As an added bonus, Island Sports PT’s indoor facilities will be sure to keep you warm as well.

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The Most Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a fun, competitive, and very popular sport for people of all ages. It is also a sport that carries with it many injuries that players constantly suffer from. Whether it may be youth league, to high school, college, or even the pros, basketball injuries linger anywhere the game is played. If you’re searching for physical therapy in Nesconset to help treat your basketball related injury, then Island Sports Physical Therapy is here to help you get back on the court.  

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physical therapist in Smithtown

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Keeping Your Body Healthy During The Wrestling Season

The wrestling season is long, grueling, and tiresome. But for those who are dedicated and passionate about this great sport, must keep their health in mind so they can sustain themselves throughout the year. Wrestlers often face various injuries as they power through their season, and it is important they seek prevention methods, as well as treatment if such an event occurs. If you’re a wrestler and you’re seeking the assistance of physical therapy in Huntington, NY, then Island Sports Physical Therapy is here to help you stay healthy this season.  

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Winter Stretching

In cold weather, warming up your muscles is extremely important, as not being properly warmed-up can result in injury. Especially for winter sports, improper stretching or none for that matter will lead to cramps, pulled muscles, or possible tears. If you’ve experienced pain limiting your physical capabilities, Island Sports Physical Therapy and their talented physical therapists in Huntington, East Northport, Nesconset, Coram, East Meadow and Glen Cove can give you the right treatment to recover as soon as possible.

Why Stretching Helps

There are many reasons why stretching before working out is important for your health:

  • Stretching out muscles before your exercise is important because your muscles are cold and properly stretching pumps enough blood through your veins to literally warm up your body. Jogging or a brisk walk can be helpful pre-workout.
  • Taking part in some dynamic stretches not only keeps your body continuously warmed up, but allows your body to stretch out stiff muscles and joints at the same time.
  • Following dynamic stretches, taking part in static stretches, which usually involve holding a position for a 30 second period, can be helpful in targeting specific areas of the body to stretch out.
  • What most people forget to do after a workout is to cool down your body with a light walk or jog. This allows for the muscles to breathe and prevents tightness. If for some reason you injured yourself from a workout, physical therapy in Huntington can help you.

This winter, it’s important to properly prepare your body before working out in the cold weather. Taking a few minutes to warm up your muscles and joints will help prevent the chances of a torn or pulled muscle. If you’ve sustained an injury and are looking for treatment, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can help you get back to your daily life and eliminate your discomfort.


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Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Physical Therapy in East Northport

Every winter, countless skiers and snowboarders embark on expeditions to conquer the mightiest slopes and highest peaks. Unfortunately, sometimes those skiers and snowboarders suffer a few bumps and bruises along the way due to how rigorous and physically demanding their respective activities are. According to the National Ski Area Association, an average of 40 catastrophic and 50 fatal injuries per year are related to skiing and snowboarding. In addition, EpiCenter injury data shows that over the course of five years the state of California had over 11,000 emergency department visits and 630 hospital admissions directly attributed to snow sports injuries. If you have suffered a recent injury from a snow sport, Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Northport, Huntington, Nesconset, Coram, East Meadow, and Glen Cove can help rehabilitate and heal any sustained damage you experience.

Safety Precautions

Before you take on the trails with your friends this season, it’s important to properly prepare yourself for the following precautions and tips.

  • Dress accordingly. Especially during the winter, it’s vital to layer up and stay warm to avoid frostbite and illnesses. Wearing breathable materials will allow you to stay warm, but not suffocate from the layers. Try the three-layer method that includes a wicking layer, insulating layer, and protection layer. The wicking layer will be the layer that touches your skin, wearing a thermal that will evaporate sweat to keep you dry and comfortable is recommended. Avoid cotton fabric that will stay moist and opt for synthetic or polyester fabric. For your insulating layer, you will want materials that will trap in heat such as fleece or wool sweaters that will keep you warm and keep out moisture. For your last protection layer, you should look for materials that will protect you from wind, snow, and water. Look for waterproof and breathable coats and pants that will protect without restraining movement.
  • Take your phone. You never know what situation you’re going to find yourself in, so be sure to take your cell phone. Before hitting the slopes, save the ski patrol’s phone number so that you can be assisted in case of emergency. The Burton Antifreeze Phone Case will allow you to take your phone with you without worry about damage.
  • Gear Up! One in six skiing or snowboarding injuries is head related, making it one of the riskier winter sports to play. A helmet can reduce the risk of an injury occurring as well as keep your head warm. Make sure to select a breathable helmet that will fit properly. Wearing goggles or sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from the weather as well.

Tips On the Slope

Now that you’re prepared and ready to hit the black diamond slopes, follow these tips to avoid serious injuries:

  • Stay in control. While going fast is a thrill and certainly is fun, it’s easy to lose your control and balance and end up falling and risking injury. Be sure that you can slow yourself down in the case of unexpected obstacles.
  • Treat skiing like driving. Driving and skiing do have something in common and it’s important to know the rules of the slope. While on the slopes make sure that you yield to skiers in front of you who have the right-of-way. Yield before merging onto a hill and always be aware of your surroundings. Other rules of thumb: do not block the way for other skiers and snowboarders, do not attempt to go on closed off trails and do not drink and ski.  
  • Have a buddy. Skiing and snowboarding with people is a safe decision, especially if one of you are injured. Be sure to stay in range of your partner and to not let them out of sight. Although going on a steeper slope that your friend refuses to go on may be tempting, you should try to avoid it unless you know many other skiers will be on the slope to help in the case of an accident.
  • Don’t get overconfident. If you’re not well groomed in backcountry skiing and haven’t skied in groomed slopes, it’s best to avoid conditions you’re not used to. Evading unfamiliar territory can reduce the chance of injury. Try to take on more difficult slopes with a friend who has experience in the conditions or a ski instructor.

Nothing is more thrilling than skiing at top speeds or snowboarding the highest mountain. However, staying on top of your safety and avoiding dangers can be the difference between you being healthy or coming home in a sling. If you suffer any injury that is winter sports related, Island Sports Physical Therapy in East Northport can help you recover from your discomfort and have you back on the slopes in no time.

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Physical Therapy in Glen Cove
Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

It’s that time of the year when we start breaking out the eggnog and building snowmen. Unfortunately, winter also comes with cold weather and snow, which contribute to injuries from activities like shoveling or possibly slipping on the ice. Colder temperatures also result in the weakening of your immune system, leading to the likelihood of getting a cold or the flu.
Thankfully, here are some different steps you can take to assuring your winter is merry and bright, and not sad and dull:
  • Prepare your home – activities including cleaning out gutters and roof leaks, insulating water lines and other options can ensure your home is warm and safe. Along with this, checking your heating system, fireplace and carbon monoxide alarms are also important for a safe winter.
  • Outdoor precautions – the most important thing to realize when doing an arduous activity, like shoveling or working on icy platforms, is to work slowly. Working too hard can result in stressing muscles or slipping and seriously injuring yourself. When working, it’s important to always carry your cell phone and to bring an emergency kit.
With the cold weather approaching, being safe this season not only makes your life easier but prevents the possibility of possible injury. If you’re in need of proper recovery from your injuries, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove is able to get you feeling good as new and can let you get back to building snowmen.