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Are you aware that the winter months are prone to back injuries, herniated discs, and compression fractures for patients? This can be secondary to poor conditioning, lousy shoveling habits, sudden falls, and accidents. Physical therapy plays a critical role in preventing injuries and improving fitness habits during the cold winter months. If you are contemplating physical therapy in East Northport, our clinic at Island Sports Physical Therapy offers geriatric rehabilitation, children’s injuries treatment, fitness programming, spinal rehabilitation, and orthopedic services. We believe that patients deserve the best chance to recover, and this features up-to-date equipment, education, and adequate time and services spent on each patient. When preparing for winter, a vulnerable time for many patients to be susceptible to falls and injuries, it is imperative that you keep in mind the many benefits of physical therapy.

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Staying Active During The Holidays

With the imminent holiday season fastly approaching upon us, plenty of people across the nation need to make preparations in order to ensure that this season is the best one to date. Commonly, several of us tend to gather copious amounts of stress during this time of year, due to the fast-paced nature and sudden necessity of completing the daunting tasks that have been added to our to-do lists.  Coordinating party planning, organizing holiday decorations, purchasing gifts for loved ones, the list essentially appears to be insurmountable. However, taking your time and developing a patient approach can be the key to formulating a plan for this upcoming season.  Our physical therapy in Huntington will get you feeling great this holiday season.

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physical therapy in Huntington

Staying Healthy This Winter

This winter, it’s important to take the necessary precautions and preparations to bracing the harsh conditions this season brings. Whether it’s ice or snow, this season brings many injuries that can seriously sideline you if you’re not being careful. One million Americans are victims of slip and fall accidents annually, injuring and incapacitating them. Staying healthy and safe this season can prevent the possibility of hurting yourself this winter. If you’ve been disabled by these winter conditions, you can get help from physical therapy in Huntington at Island Sports Physical Therapy, with locations also in East Northport, Nesconset, Coram, East Meadow, and Glen Cove.

If you’re looking to prevent injury and come out on top this winter, follow these tips:


Properly stretch before exercising

Because the winter offers a colder environment this time of the year, giving yourself a few minutes to stretch out your muscles can reduce the risk of tearing or pulling muscles.

Salt everything

Injuries related to slipping and falling are usually related to slipping on ice in your driveway. Salting ice-prone areas before and after snowfall will prevent the chances of an accident.

Use a helmet when playing winter sports

Sports like skiing and snowboarding are fast-paced activities that can result in falling. Wearing a helmet allows you to avoid any head injuries.

Change your route

If you’re running outdoors, be sure to study different routes and paths that you can take. Your usual path may be covered in ice, so it’s important to alternate your course to avoid slipping and falling.

A simple change in routine is all you need to properly avoid any injury this season. Ice and snow are obvious culprits for winter injuries, and whether it’s changing your exercise path or taking time to properly prepare yourself for the outdoors, simple precautions will help you for the long-term this winter. At Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, we can treat your discomfort if you’ve recently been injured.

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physical therapy in Nesconset

physical therapy in Nesconset

Fact or Fable?

It is common for people to experience changes in arthritis pain during changes in air pressure before a storm, but can colder temperatures affect your arthritis? According to a study by the American Journal of Medicine, colder temperatures affect the level of thickness in the body’s joint fluid. This increase in thickness is thought to possibly increase the stiffness felt in joints, increasing their sensitivities. The cold, wet season is when discomfort grows and people seek physical therapy in Nesconset.

It is important to pay attention to your body, especially when physical changes in your environment may be taking place. Although no studies yet prove that colder weather directly causes exacerbation of joint pain, there are notable correlations between the two. If you feel you are experiencing an increase in pain during these lower temperatures, it may be the season to take precautions and seek care from physical therapy in Nesconset. The following are additional measures you can take right now to minimize arthritis pain.

What You Should Do:

  • Bundle Up: Dressing in layers will help insulate your body with heat and minimize the cold’s effects on your joints
  • Added Heat: If layers are not enough to keep you warm, try an electrically heated blanket or wearing clothes straight out of the dryer.
  • Heat Therapy: Use a heating pad or hot stones directly on joints to relax muscles and soothe the pain.
  • Prevention: Before you enter the cold outside in the winter, stretch or do a few basic isometric exercises to loosen up beforehand.
  • Mental Hygiene: Keep up with breathing exercises, your sleep cycle, time spent in nature, mindfulness, affirmations, or any methods to improve mood. Physical pain from arthritis can be psychosomatic and can be alleviated or exacerbated by your state of mind.

Contact our staff for physical therapy in Nesconset. Here at Island Sports Physical Therapy, we offer various forms of orthopedic services to alleviate pain and help patients make progress.