What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

Long Island Geriatric Rehabilitation

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

As we get older, our minds and body’s age with us. As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to perform the everyday activities all of us take for granted, such as walking. With age, our lives fill more and more with different responsibilities making it increasingly difficult to remain active, which only puts further limitations on our free time. Once we do get older, it is recommended that we continue to stay active, and if you find that difficult, geriatric rehabilitation may be the perfect option.

To participate in geriatric rehabilitation doesn’t require you to be injured per se, but just requires you to have the regular wear-and-tear of a normal person. Everyone has a history, whether they suffered football injuries, a car accident, or just genetic predispositions; no two elderly people are the same. Geriatric rehabilitation is proven to restore or increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance, while simultaneously reducing pain. There is a story of a minister who suffered from a stroke and sought out geriatric rehabilitation. His right leg wouldn’t support him and his right arm just hung down in a limp fashion. When he first began rehabilitation, he could only sing, as it uses a different part of the brain than talking does. He eventually was able to speak and even use his right leg and right arm. This took many sessions, but it was with the help of geriatric rehabilitation that made it possible.

With medicine and life spans only expanding and becoming more effective, it’s important to help keep your body in the best shape it can be. The therapists at Island Sports Physical Therapy specialize in geriatric rehabilitation. Come by Island Sports Physical Therapy, no job is too big or too small, and no person is too old or too young to be helped.  

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