physical therapy in Glen Cove

physical therapy in Glen Cove

Hip pain can become debilitating, especially because the hips are a major joint in the body that allows us to move our legs freely. The hip joint itself is the body’s largest joint, supporting half of the body’s weight, making its functionality highly important. With the right physical therapy, it is very promising that your hip pain can be reduced. If you are looking for physical therapy in Glen Cove, contact us today to make an appointment so we can help resolve your discomfort.

When a patient complains of pain originating from the hip area, it is usually due to one of the following causes:

  • Arthritis: a painful condition involving joint inflammation and cartilage destruction.
  • Bursitis: inflammation of the bursae (sacs of fluid meant to decrease friction during movement) causing pain and restricting movement.
  • Fracture: a crack or fragmentation of the bone.
  • Cancer
  • Cartilage tear: cartilage can tear and break down over time especially when it is repeatedly twisted, this injury is common among athletes that engage in activities that involve a twisting motion in the leg.

Symptoms of hip pain

Oftentimes hip pain can accompany other symptoms such as the following:

  • Limping: this is often due to the pain you are experiencing on one side of the body, causing you to favor the other side when walking.
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Pain on the outside and/or inside of the hip
  • Sleep disturbances due to pain in the hip: sleeping on your side may prove difficult if you’re feeling pain and tenderness in one or both hips.
  • Groin pain
  • Reduced range of motion

If you think you may be suffering from hip pain due to one of the aforementioned causes, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Glen Cove could help you start your improvement process.

How can physical therapy improve my condition/lessen my hip pain?

Physical therapy employs a variety of techniques to treat injuries to soft tissues such as cartilage, tendons, and muscles. Certain treatments can improve your condition by increasing your range of motion and treating pain. Our physical therapists may use the following modes of treatment to help you:

  • Application of heat therapy.
  • Specific stretches can be used to improve flexibility and mobility.
  • Resistance training and low-impact exercises can increase strength and reduce pain.
  • Joint mobilization techniques can increase mobility in those with arthritis.

Physical therapy as a treatment method can be very helpful and effective for any hip pain you may be suffering from. If you are looking for physical therapy in Glen Cove, click here to make an appointment with our team at Island Sports Physical Therapy.