As an athlete, one of the best assets you can bring to your team is your strength. In order to have that strength, it is essential to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you risk the chance of injury, which can be detrimental to your season. Over the summer months, we may not be regularly exercising or working out as much as we would be during the year. This can lead to a greater chance of injury once it comes time to get back on the field this fall. Rather than taking the risk, why not build yourself up instead to be the best player possible come game time? Luckily, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can help you out with that. While many of us think of physical therapy as a way to recover from injury, we often forget that it is helpful too when you just want to stay healthy! 

Benefits of Physical Therapy:

Below are some of the ways athletes can benefit from physical therapy in Huntington to stay game-ready this fall sports season: 

  • Injury Prevention – Everyone knows that physical therapy can be used to treat pain and discomfort, but did you know physical therapy can be used for prevention as well? By going to physical therapy in Huntington we can get an idea of what your current physical capabilities are, notice some areas in which they may be lacking, and improve them. 
  • Works your core – Your core is responsible for so many of the movements we make daily, especially in sports. By having a strong core, you will be less likely to get injured, you’ll look great on the field. and you’ll have better balance. Which altogether will make you a better athlete.
  • Stretches – As an athlete, your body works pretty hard to help you defeat your opponents. For that reason, it’s important to stretch your body. Stretching will allow your body to recover faster and put your mind at ease. Plus, stretching can improve your range of motion.
  • Education – In order to stay in shape, you have to work out. Although some workouts may be fairly easy, there are others in which bad form can put your body out of shape. Luckily, physical therapy in Huntington will teach and provide you with specific sports exercises and training equipment, along with guidelines on what works best for you and your athletic needs.

Schedule an appointment: 

It is important to remember that injury is never 100% preventable, but with the help of physical therapy, you can become smarter when it comes to your sport. If you’re interested in injury prevention or recovery services, contact us to set up an appointment to get started today!

Are you looking to reduce fat, increase your muscle mass and efficiently burn calories? Well, you may want to begin looking into strength training. It can help you develop stronger bones, aid in weight management, enhance your quality of life, manage chronic conditions, and even sharpen your thinking skills. This form of training can become a primary factor in maintaining one’s overall health. 

If you have decided to begin your fitness journey with weight training exercises, you’ll be pleased to know that it requires minimal equipment. Meaning you could even do these exercises in the comfort of your own home! If you are interested in starting a strength training routine but need some assistance on how to start, visit Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington. Our team can get you started with some simple instructions as well as teach you the proper ways to execute your workout.

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Have you ever experienced knee pain that just doesn’t seem to go away? It might be time for you to consider knee debridement. When the body experiences a severe wound or a deeply torn tissue, the healing process is interrupted. In order to help the healing process along, medical professionals have to remove the ineffective tissue, which is known as debridement. There are a few different types of debridement that doctors can use:

  • Surgical– A surgeon cleans the wound, examines the debris or dead tissue, and removes it
  • Mechanical– using dressings or water techniques to clean the wound
  • Autolytic– using the body’s own enzymes and moisture
  • Enzymatic– using chemical enzymes in a topical ointment to remove the ineffective tissue or debris  

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Multiple sclerosis is defined as the immune system attacking myelin in your body, which covers your nerve fibers. Multiple sclerosis can potentially create permanent damage to the nerves, which can cause you to develop a tremor, experience numbness in limbs, or have double vision. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure the debilitating disease, but there are multiple treatments that can be used to manage recovery time from flare-ups and keep the symptoms under control. If you are seeking physical therapy in Huntington, NY, Island Sports Physical Therapy can allow you to explore a number of different treatment options.  

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