rotator cuff physical therapy

rotator cuff physical therapy

Physical Therapy in Huntington

The shoulder is an essential joint for sports players. Used in overhead reaching motions, the shoulder is most used in tennis, baseball, and swimming. What makes the associated movements possible is the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a series of muscles and tendons that keep your arm in your shoulder socket. The most infamous injury associated with the shoulder is the rotator cuff tear. This tear occurs when force is placed on the rotator cuff muscles to accelerate the arms, such as the front stroke in swimming, or pitching in baseball, and then suddenly decelerated. If you are looking for rotator cuff physical therapy in Huntington, East Northport, Nesconset, East Meadow, Glen Cove, and Coram, contact us today!

To get back to playing your sport you must follow the stages of recovery:


  • During this phase, the shoulder must be immobilized. In some cases, a sling is used. Usually, this injury will require rotator cuff physical therapy. A licensed physical therapist in Huntington at Island Sports Physical Therapy will use ultrasound and other techniques to help start the healing process. After properly icing the shoulder, a physical therapist will begin teaching you mobility exercises and strengthening exercises.


  • Once your shoulder is operating at 3/4ths efficiency the recovery phase can begin. This phase focuses entirely on strengthening exercises that work the four main muscles in the rotator cuff. Exercises in this stage will focus on correcting the ranges of motion.


  • The functional phase is designed to facilitate your return to athletic competition and involves exercises designed to increase explosiveness and regain coordination. For a baseball player, these exercises will involve throwing light/small balls. Eventually, the exercises will increase in intensity and involve real baseballs.

After your recovery phases have been completed you should get back into practice by completing your standard practices and make not of any shoulder pain experienced. If you experience no pain your Huntington physical therapist will clear you for official participation. If you are in search of rotator cuff physical therapy to facilitate your recovery, contact Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington, East Northport, Nesconset, East Meadow, Glen Cove, and Coram today.