The Importance of Stretching in Winter Months

Winter Stretching

In cold weather, warming up your muscles is extremely important, as not being properly warmed-up can result in injury. Especially for winter sports, improper stretching or none for that matter will lead to cramps, pulled muscles, or possible tears. If you’ve experienced pain limiting your physical capabilities, Island Sports Physical Therapy and their talented physical therapists in Huntington, East Northport, Nesconset, Coram, East Meadow and Glen Cove can give you the right treatment to recover as soon as possible.

Why Stretching Helps

There are many reasons why stretching before working out is important for your health:

  • Stretching out muscles before your exercise is important because your muscles are cold and properly stretching pumps enough blood through your veins to literally warm up your body. Jogging or a brisk walk can be helpful pre-workout.
  • Taking part in some dynamic stretches not only keeps your body continuously warmed up, but allows your body to stretch out stiff muscles and joints at the same time.
  • Following dynamic stretches, taking part in static stretches, which usually involve holding a position for a 30 second period, can be helpful in targeting specific areas of the body to stretch out.
  • What most people forget to do after a workout is to cool down your body with a light walk or jog. This allows for the muscles to breathe and prevents tightness. If for some reason you injured yourself from a workout, physical therapy in Huntington can help you.

This winter, it’s important to properly prepare your body before working out in the cold weather. Taking a few minutes to warm up your muscles and joints will help prevent the chances of a torn or pulled muscle. If you’ve sustained an injury and are looking for treatment, Island Sports Physical Therapy in Huntington can help you get back to your daily life and eliminate your discomfort.


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