Preparing For Spring Sports, Can PT Help?

Running in Snow

Spring Sports

With winter upon us, several athletes may be looking to take a bit of a step back as they prepare for the upcoming spring sports season. Unfortunately, the cold weather limits an athletes’ ability to get outside and engage in outdoor activities, thus preventing them from staying in top-tier shape. While relaxation certainly has its own benefits, abstaining from training and preparation all together is proven to be more detrimental than beneficial. However, due to the frigid temperatures, training options may be limited. Fortunately, our physical therapy in East Northport specializes in sports specific therapy and can assist athletes in injury prevention along with recommended training regimens. As an added bonus, Island Sports PT’s indoor facilities will be sure to keep you warm as well.

Training In The Winter, The Benefits:

With the assistance of physical therapy in East Northport, athletes can be provided with unique training techniques to prepare them for their specific sport. Depending upon which athletes your physical therapist is dealing with (baseball, lacrosse, track, etc.), they’ll focus on what methods should benefit you in the long run. Commonly, most athletes pursue physical therapy with the intention of healing or preventing an injury. Depending upon your sport, here are some other benefits that physical therapy in East Northport can provide athletes:

  • Increased Balance/Mobility: Sports such as baseball focus on maintaining a lowered center of gravity while players are up at-bat. Coordination can be a strong emphasis on your indoor training regimen.
  • Sprained Ankle Prevention: For those of you who are track stars/lacrosse players, you’re likely susceptible to ankle sprains, shin splints, and other lower extremity injuries due to the constant running/sprinting you need to endure. Thankfully, with physical therapy in East Northport, you’ll be given stretching tips and other related advice to help prohibit these types of injuries.
  • Nutritional Advice: We’ve all fallen victim to relaxed notions of nutritional benefits during the winter seasons, whether it’s due to the holidays or boredom from being locked up inside. Consult with your physical therapist for nutritional tips, helping you stay in elite shape during this time of year.
  • Treatment From Fall Sports: For athletes who play sports in the fall as well, winter can be viewed as a time to rest and recuperate. Unfortunately, these athletes may have carried over injuries from the falls sports season and need immediate treatment with spring on the horizon. ISPT can work with these athletes, treat their conditions, and get them ready to re-enter the thick of competition.

Physical Therapy in East Northport

By contacting Island Sports Physical Therapy, you’ll be given the opportunity to seek out the various amount of benefits we can provide for athletes. If you seek physical therapy in East Northport, call us today and schedule an appointment for further information. Stay safe and warm this winter!  

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