How Physical Therapy can help you with Flexibility

Physical Therapy in Glen Cove

When an injury occurs that requires the treatment of a physical therapist, there is almost always some loss of movement or motion in the affected area. A range of motion or complete loss of movement could stem from a number of injuries or conditions. A fractured bone or rehabilitation after surgery, for instance, will require weeks of rest where the muscles aren’t used at all. Your range of motion and muscle strength will be severely diminished and will need to be slowly retained through stretching techniques.

Stretching and good flexibility is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you get older. At this stage in life, your joints and muscles become stiff from either not being used or wear and tear, which could make everyday activities difficult to complete. If you have trouble standing, walking, or moving, stretching and strengthening exercises will increase your ability to move comfortably. This will also increase your balance and decrease your risk of falling and causing further injury.

Exercise is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both young and old patients. It helps to keep weight down, decrease your risk for disease, boost your energy throughout the day, and decrease stress, but stretching before and after ensures your muscles and tendons aren’t injured. Stretching lengthens the muscle fibers that attach to the bone and gives the muscle the potential to become stronger. Physical therapists can target specific muscle groups that feel tight or in pain, and help you slowly increase your flexibility so you can return to exercise safely.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just looking to increase your flexibility, Island Sports Physical Therapy offers state of the art stretching techniques to return your range of motion. We have six simple locations in Glen Cove, Huntington, East Meadow, Coram, Nesconset, and East Northport. Contact us to learn about our fitness program that aims to keep your body healthy by enhancing muscle strength and flexibility. We look forward to hearing from you!

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